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TANC Ministry Roundup: Sunday 10/30/16 @ 4PM Expanded with Program Prep

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on October 30, 2016


A lot has been happening with TANC Ministries in the past couple of weeks. Susan and I are very busy and bemoan the reality that we don’t have time to chime in on all of the exciting changes going on.

Therefore, we will be using this program to catch up on recent posts on blog and the encouragement we are receiving from new friends. There will also be an overview of our various ministries and an announcement regarding a new one.

Do call in and join the fun: (347) 855-8317

Live Link: Sunday 10/30/2016 @ 4pm 


Upcoming mission trip.

Present ministries and a new one.

The Weekend Gospel Challenge

Recent posts by Andy Young.

Recent Posts by Paul  We are to function according to love not “under law” but this does not exclude the practical responses to abuse, tyranny, and justice. Our focus is the positive outworking of love, not sin-sniffing.

Home fellowships are no longer an alternative, but a biblical mandate.


Daily Salvation

New friends and old ones. 

Comment from “John”:

“Well, I hope there is going to be a post-recording link/clip available.

This site has crept into my heart for many reasons: It promotes people to think for themselves, there are Andy’s intellectual yet perspicuous articles, and there are Paul’s unexpected angles. But, the biblical truth is found here too, in abundance; and the love for those who are lost is most obvious. And Jesus Christ is glorified, and that’s the clincher for me. And the true, uncomplicated, biblical gospel is presented all the time.

And I wonder how many people actually know the purpose of The Potter’s House. I was touched when I found out.

I always thought I was the only one in this universe (parallel or otherwise) who was not able to fit into the institutionalized church and all its diabolical traps; so, great was my joy when I stumbled across PPT and found there were others too. And not just that, but others who actually helped people escape the man-made shackles of “church” while encouraging one to be part of the body of Christ in a way that we are supposed to be.

I expect a signed copy of the “Institutes of the Christian Religion” by Calvin (peace be upon him) for my little comment. Or a bang on the ear.”

Why Hillary will win, and why the American people elect presidents of the baser sort.

The Road to Slavery

The future of Capitalism according to the Bible.

It’s a box, not a boat. A look at Ken Ham’s ark.

The ark was a huge floating box…period. So, is it any big deal if it is presented as an elaborate boat contrary to Scripture? What’s the big deal?


In the first place, the analogy with the Seven Wonders does not hold. Only one, the Great Pyramid of Cheops, comes within two thousand years of Noah’s day, and it is really the only one whose construction could conceivably approach the level of sophistication of the ark. But the Great Pyramid did not spring de novo from the desert sands; rather, it was the culmination of over a century of architectural evolution, beginning when the “experimenting genius,” Imhotep, inspired by the ziggurats of Babylon, built the Step Pyramid around 2680 BC, passing through some intermediate step pyramids to the Bent Pyramid of Snofru, then the first true pyramid, and finally the masterpiece at Cheop (Stewart, pp. 35-39).

On the other hand, in an era when hollowed-out logs and reed rafts were the extent of marine transport, a vessel so massive appeared that the likes of it would not be seen again until the mid-nineteenth century AD. Before he could even contemplate such a project, Noah would have needed a thorough education in naval architecture and in fields that would not arise for thousands of years such as physics, calculus, mechanics, and structural analysis. There was no shipbuilding tradition behind him, no experienced craftspeople to offer advice. Where did he learn the framing procedure for such a Brobdingnagian structure? How could he anticipate the effects of roll, pitch, yaw, and slamming in a rough sea? How did he solve the differential equations for bending moment, torque, and shear stress?

Ancient shipbuilding did achieve a considerable level of technological sophistication, so much so that marine archaeologists are divided over its history (Basch, p. 52). But this was for vessels that were dinghies compared to the ark, and this skill emerged slowly over many centuries: nearly a millennium passed while Egyptian boat lengths increase from 150 to 200 feet (Casson, p. 17). Despite this, the craft remained a prescientific art, acquired through long years of apprenticeship and experience, and disasters at sea due to faulty design were so persistent that the impetus was strong for a more scientific approach (Rawson and Tupper, p. 2). Obviously, the astronomical leap in size, safety, and skill required by Noah is far too vast for any naturalistic explanation.



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