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What is “Molochochurch”?

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on April 24, 2019

ppt-jpeg4It’s not a medication, nor is it a Mocha Latte served in the church lobby café. Another spelling of the word can be “Molcamochurch.” The first version could be mistaken for an antibiotic, while the second could be mistaken for a benzodiazepine. Some background information before I reveal the meaning of the word.

Many deem their children safe at church, but the statistics do not support such a rumination. The first consideration is the fact that, according to the Bible, church orthodoxy (more specifically, the doctrine of Justification by Faith) necessarily exacerbates sin. Andy Young and I go into this dynamic in-depth in “The Church Lie and the Biblical Alternative.” While the church poses itself as society’s moral compass and agent of change for the better to draw people in, the message inside is that of progressing salvation by realizing the depths of one’s total depravity.

Consider some statistics, though a cursory attention to the news makes such an observation void of necessity.

Abel Harlow Child Molestation Prevention Study:
This study found that pedophilia molesters average 12 child victims and 71 acts of molestation. An earlier study by Dr. Abel found that out of 561 sexual offenders there were over 291,000 incidents totaling over 195,000 total victims. These are enough victims to fill 2 ½ Superdomes! This same study found that only 3% of these sexual offenders have a chance of getting caught.

Russell Study:
This study revealed that up to 38% of women were molested before turning 18 years old. This same study found that up to 16% of boys are molested before they turn 18 years old. Dr. Russell also discovered that only 5% of child sexual abuse had been reported to law enforcement.

In her book, Dr. Salter revealed that her own interviews of sexual offenders found them admitting to having perpetrated between 10 and 1250 victims. She also writes that every offender she interviewed had been previously reported by children, and the reports were ignored.

“It is critical to note that this abuse is no less prevalent within the faith community. In fact, there are studies that demonstrate that the faith community is even more vulnerable to abuse than secular environments. The Abel and Harlow study revealed that 93% of sex offenders describe themselves as “religious” and that this category of offender may be the most dangerous. Other studies have found that sexual abusers within faith communities have more victims and younger victims.”

As late as 1952, the atrocities of the Catholic church were sport for Protestants exemplified by the book “House of Death and Gate of Hell” published by Evangelist L. J. King. But the immergence of the internet eventually revealed that Protestants were merely better at hiding the same behavior. In regard to both churches, they have displayed, from the beginning and until the end, an absolute refusal to deal with the problem.  No justice for any parishioner has been through the hand of either church ever. In fact, orthodoxy itself prevents it.

Regarding the Catholics, one must understand that its foundations are grounded in Platonism and Greco-Roman culture which embraced pedophilia. Plato considered man/boy love to be the deepest of all love. In biblical times, “paidagogos” was a servant who protected young boys from the wooing of men. Regarding Protestants, as stated prior, its very orthodoxy is a catalyst for evil behavior.

For the most part, the parents of molested children inside the church still support the church. Those who don’t are usually excommunicated. In several scandalous instances like the Bangladesh missionary children of ABWE, the often-heard chorus followed: “It’s truly a shame what happened to those children, but you can’t destroy the church over it, which will result in millions of people going to hell!”

Hence, our definition is at hand. In ancient times, in the same way that Catholics have a god for every element of life (the soft term is “patron saint”), Moloch was the god that you sacrificed your children to. Protestants don’t have patron saints, but rather celebrity pastors. In all religions, degree of altruism demonstrates one’s love for said god, whoever or whatever it is. To sacrifice one’s child is a pretty impressive display in that regard.

However, one could debate which sacrifice is more humane for the child. Moloch demanded instant death; the church demands that the child victims love the ones who stripped them of all their innocence and a chance to have normal relationships throughout the rest of their lives. Yes, Churchians must “forgive in the same way you were forgiven.” And of course, the more extreme the violation is, the greater display of grace results. Hence, church counselors often persuade the victims that the atrocity is really an “opportunity to display God’s grace to a greater degree.” Besides, no one is innocent including children anyway, right?

Find one Churchian who will admit that their children are at risk in church because of the plain-as-day evidence. You can’t. Why? Because church is supposedly the only bus going to heaven, it must be kept from the junkyard. This may require the ultimate sacrifice to protect and appease the church god.

It is “molochochurch.” Definition: It is the sacrifice of children to the god of the Western church.


To All of the Spiritually Abused: Please Grow Up and Stop Whining

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on April 22, 2019

ppt-jpeg4Since I don’t have a test tomorrow, and the test on Wednesday does not look exceedingly difficult, I will take some time to do something I miss very much; writing. When I decided to come out of retirement to do nursing, I wanted to work at something that would teach me more about life. Nursing, whether STNA, MAC, LPN, or RN, does that. This is important to me because half of my life was wasted on church which teaches you very little about life. Actually, nothing about life.

So, while studying Parkinson’s disease medications this morning, I stumbled upon a blog authored by someone who has Parkinson’s as an encouragement and information source for other victims of the disease. I read what was being shared in the comment sections of each article, and it occurred to me in a way that was as subtle as someone throwing a brick through a picture window…

…these are true victims.

In contrast, nothing is more annoying than any given spiritual abuse blog, also known as “discernment blogs,” which while reading, is like listening to 100 alley cats in heat screaming against a full moon at night. I have an exercise for you: go to Wartburg Watch .com and read the articles and comments there, and then run over to the aforementioned blog and do the same; if you have ever taken the WW seriously up to that point, take one gram of Shame (generic: pathetic) and call me in the morning.

I am a “spiritual abuse survivor.” And we are all the same. We are NOT victims. Some awful disease did not come to visit us uninvited. We are all guilty of the same things. We were not paying attention. We were not thinking for ourselves. While deeming ourselves more aware than the elderly who are often an easy target for scammers, our degree of un-self-awareness could not even hold a candle for Dementia.

And we are also guilty of the biggest thing at one time or another; thinking we could/can save the church. I wrote “The Truth About New Calvinism” in my personal effort towards that fool’s errand. The church cannot be saved. And by the way, there aren’t any victims among those that proudly proclaim they are totally depraved sinners saved by grace. There is no justice in that theology past going to hell. All justice stops at the door of hell in that reality.

So, please stop whining, grow up, own the fact that you are/were a lazy thinker, and stop wasting your life.




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