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Some Clarification on the “Love Story” Post

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on October 12, 2016

As someone running this ministry, working full time, and going to school fulltime, I really don’t have time to clarify ideas in my posts to the degree I would like. However, it’s not that big of a deal because my primary reason for writing is to provoke thinking anyway. Nevertheless, I would like to clarify the “Love Story” post a bit.

I think people are confused to some extent when I point to the fact that Protestantism is works salvation because it posits itself as the defender of grace throughout the ages. And this is what makes Protestantism so deceptive.

Here is the point of the post: when you live under law requiring a perpetual atonement because as a “Christian” you remain under law, the law’s condemnation is going to manifest itself in your life in spite of a constant drumbeat of “grace, mercy, forgiveness, grace mercy, forgiveness.” Even though that’s the life mantra, wherever one is still under law, an attitude of condemnation is going to manifest itself. This is what the post speaks to.

While Protestants decry living under law, let us remember that’s defined by Christ keeping the law for us. This enables churchians to have it both ways; they condemn when convenient, and they forgive when convenient instead of having a body attitude. When a part of our body annoys us, we don’t want to cut it off or punish it, we want to fix it. If our right hand annoys us in some way, we don’t hold it over a fire until our revenge lust is satisfied.

Because Protestant righteousness is defined by perfect law-keeping imputed to our lives via the perfect-law keeping of Christ by a perpetual return to the same gospel that saved us, a biblical new birth that ends the law in our lives is disqualified which negates a body-life mentality. Seeing ourselves as a literal member of one body is therefore excluded, and the law is not our standard for love, but is the terms for living in a perpetual ceasefire. So, we don’t live in a relaxed enjoyment of each other, we live in a soap opera. Living together isn’t free and relaxed; it’s a continual partaking in sin-sniffing.

The likes of Paul David Tripp define it this way: the Christian life is a “lifestyle of repentance.” Yikes! It’s a continual discussion about what’s wrong with everything and everybody. Our burden is not light, it’s heavy. “Marriage is hard work….marriage is two sinners living together” etc., etc., God help us.

Like the world, churchians live under condemnation; “loving congregations” and happy marriages are defined by lengthy ceasefires, but eventually the condemned must fall and fail.

And, the Love Story post describes what that sometimes looks like at ground level. The need for issue resolution and standing for what is right is by no means excluded in the post; rather, the post speaks to a single aspect of the overall subject.



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  1. John said, on October 12, 2016 at 2:45 PM

    Paul David Tripp and evil somehow fit into one sentence. Why? Because he and his ilk are teaching an ungodly, false gospel. Christian life a lifestyle of repentance? I can hear them shackles…


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