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A No-Brainer: God Is; But Who Is He? The TANC Journey

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on October 16, 2016

TANC M2If you want proof that there is a God, go to nursing school. There aren’t any atheists in nursing school, and if there are, you wouldn’t want them attending to you; that is, a person who denies obvious reality. If evangelicals want God taught in the public schools they should be more efficient about it and simply encourage good Physiology classes.

Is there a God? That question is resolved; the question is, who is He? Is He the person described by the Western church? And if He is, how does that affect our lives? Fact is, we are a culture that defines God through the traditions of the Western church. Documented orthodoxy defines God this way:

Sovereign. In total control. But why would He want to be in total control? Because if man has any free will at all—that subtracts from God’s glory. Unless God is in total control any ability of man shifts glory from God to man. God’s primary purpose for existence is to bring Himself glory for the sake of His self-love. This is stated Western orthodoxy.

Should we buy into that? TANC Ministries asked that question 5 years ago by starting with this fundamental question: what does orthodoxy say about justification in comparison to a historical-grammatical method of interpreting the Bible?

Plainly, orthodoxy is errant concerning a biblical interpretation of justification. The equation is almost too simple: it’s not a justification APART from the law via the new birth; rather, the new birth is defined by the imputation of perfect law-keeping. Supposedly, that’s ok because Christ is the perfect law-keeper and not us.

So, in other words, “no,” we shouldn’t accept orthodoxy’s definition of God because orthodoxy has the gospel wrong. And here we are; there are no extensive studies on who God is apart from orthodoxy which must be completely reevaluated because it teaches a blatant false gospel.

Orthodoxy itself answers the question of “how much” in regard to sovereignty through its incessant decrying of “semi-Pelagianism” which is a gargantuan strawman argument to begin with. Orthodoxy has always chosen who it will compete against as if there are no other arguments. Truthfully speaking, there is a diminished semi-orthodoxy that has been confused by integrating the historical-grammatical method of interpretation with orthodoxy. In contrast, orthodoxy has always been predicated on a reality that is a prewritten metaphysical narrative by God for His own glory. Everyone in all of history are simply characters written into the script for God’s glory whether heaven bound or hell bound.

This is why it can be said that we are in a Protestant Dark Age. TANC Ministries is dedicated to mining the real truths about who God is from the Bible and through the collective efforts of the priesthood of believers.

We invite you to join our cause.

Paul Dohse on behalf of TANC Ministries.


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  1. John said, on October 16, 2016 at 1:30 PM

    A very Dark Age; a frighteningly Dark Age, and it is being made even darker by anyone who believes the so-called reformation was an “act of God.” I can’t recall Jesus telling us that His work was not done and that He would bless us with someone who was going to come along some 1500 years later to tell us how to understand His Word (how to be saved; how to exclude others; how to be elitist snobs; how to rape and twist scripture; that we were actually wrong for 1500 years; that we are actually all just actors in a script over which we have zero control, etc.).

    Calvinism is true Christianity’s biggest enemy; not Islam (you can spot its dangers a mile away), not other sects (you can spot them two miles away), but Calvinism/Reformed “theology” in all its colors, shapes, and poisonous tentacles (ACBC, for example), because it has crept in, mingled, destroyed, and has lead so many astray. And all the while, Satan is laughing as souls are being pulled into the despicable darkness from where Calvinism’s advocates are spewing forth its doctrines of damnation. “Doctrines of grace”? That is being sadistic.

    On a brighter note (phew!), I have noticed that many are becoming aware of this cult and its dangers the more others (like TANC Ministries and others) are beginning to point out these dangers and this movement’s false teachers and preachers (all of them). Many have come to see that MacArthur, Sproul, White, Washer, etc., are not who and what they pretend to be. It’s a beginning, at least.


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