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Deb, Dee, and Wade; Partying Like It’s 1999

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on June 15, 2016

PPT Blocked has become so indicative of what the Bible says to be aware of in the last days. Let me clarify how the Bible defines the “last days.” It is the last age among ages. It is a period of time marked by the death and resurrection of Christ in its beginning, and an ending that is marked by the imminent return of Christ to redeem all believers dead and alive who belong to this age.

The Bible is clear: this age or what the Bible calls the “last days” will be marked by deception and lust-driven ideology—mostly in the name of God. While Deb and Dee constantly present themselves as bastions of apostolic truth, what they believe is at times bizarre and often pontificated by their in-house prophet Wade Burleson.

Recently, a blogger asked me to review his research on and post it. That’s not going to happen, but on the other hand, I find some of his research to be…well, it is what it is. What said blogger writes about is just too far from the TANC/PPT theme, but again, a lot of his research speaks for itself and that’s what this post is about.

It’s about institutional authority as truth. It’s true because Wade Burleson is an ordained Southern Baptist philosopher king. I have said it before and frankly I remain resolute: if Al Mohler, Wade Burleson, or any other evangelical philosopher king proclaimed salvation by eating green frogs, the Protestant herd would buy it while Catholics would object to green frogs having preeminence over the Pope. Burleson can proclaim anything he wants to via Deb and Dee’s E-Church—the Kool-Aid drinking Wade-watchers will buy into it.

Burleson vigorously endorses a long list of eccentric Christian mystics including Jon Zens, Dallas Willard, and William Paul Young. Zens is one of the core-four that founded the present-day New Calvinist movement which purports to be its primary nemeses. This is but one example of the prevailing cognitive dissonance taking place at

Burleson teaches that God is both male and female, and per his custom, takes liberties with the languages to make his point:

 According to Wade Burleson, “In the Old Testament, El Shaddai is given as one of the names for God. El Shaddai means ‘The God with breasts’ or even more precisely ‘The God with many breasts.’ (L)  El Shaddai actually means God Almighty.

“Pronounced el-shadY, this is the best-known of the “EL” compound names. It means The All-Sufficient One, and in English bibles as “God Almighy,” “the Almighty,” or “Almighty God.” (L)

Wade Burleson cites a perversion of Genesis 49:25 to make his case:

“God possesses all the wonderful and good attributes of men and women.  For example:

“I am God, your father, who supports you, the Shaddai who blesses you with blessings from the skies above and from the deep sea below, blessings from breasts (shadayim) and the womb (Genesis 49:25).” (L)

Wade Burleson teaches that Jesus Christ Is Michael, the Archangel.

The following quotes have been taken from Wade Burleson’s post, “At That Time Michael … Shall Arise:” The Basis for Your Trust of the Gospel:

“Michael, the Son of God and Savior of the world, has come.” (L)

“Michael is the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Savior and Defender of His People.” (L)

The following quotes have been taken from Wade Burleson’s, Michael Is a Name for the Son of God Himself, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ:

“‘Michael’ is another name for the Lord Jesus Christ, the eternal second Person of the Trinity…”

“We have thus a proof, drawn from Scripture, that Michael is a name for the Son of God himself.”

“From all this it is evident, that Michael is a name for our Lord himself…”

“We observe, further, that the very name, Michael, is an appropriate name for our Lord, and for him alone.”

Of course, this parallels the doctrines of the Jehovah Witnesses which are often aped by Jon Zens as well. And again, don’t let this escape you: Burleson claims Zens as his mentor while he is the Pastor of Deb and Dee’s E-Church who claim to be the number one apologists against New Calvinism; Zens is one of the founding fathers of New Calvinism.

Burleson holds to all of the fundamental Reformed doctrines from which spiritual abuse flows. While Deb and Dee fancy themselves as advocates for the spiritually abused, their pastor endorses every fundamental Reformed doctrine that creates abuse in the institutional church. His eccentric teachings are just the icing on the party cake.

Yet, the following at is pretty much off the chart; it is indicative of this age, and that party is just getting started. I predict things there in the future that one cannot even make up in their wildest imaginations.

When authority is truth, there is no end to the party favors.



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  1. Ken said, on June 21, 2016 at 8:48 AM

    You are aware, I hope, that Wartburg have recently done a piece criticising Wayne Grudem’s thesis of the eternal subordination of the Son? The complaint is that this might lead to Arianism and Jehovah’s Witness theology permeating evangelicalism.

    The real reason for complaint is that the persons of the Godhead bieng equal, if the Son were subordinate in role to the Father this is deadly to their doctrine that men and women are ‘equal’, and therefore there can be no submission of wife to husband or restriction on teaching authority for women because this would undo the equality. Claiming equality and differentiation of role are seen as ‘cognitive dissonance’. Personally, I think equality is something of a modern idol, and the NT writers are not really interested in it either way.

    The irony meter goes of the scale at their very own Wade having such a strange theology of the Trinity. I don’t think I have heard of the notion that Jesus Christ Is Michael, the Archangel before, just reading the bible over the years I’ve never remotely considered this a possibility. It’s certainly not obvious.

    I know some have put this forward as a possibility, and doing so does not necessarily mean they are unorthodox as regards the Trinity in every other respect, so I think it unfair to cast Wade as some sort of ‘oneness’ believer. He denies that. But it does seem a rather strange doctrine. His attempt at a half-feminine God is worse, by far.

    If he endorses Willard, that is enough for me!


  2. Ken said, on June 21, 2016 at 11:27 AM

    Incidentally, if you want a laugh, I visited Burleson for the first and probably last time today. He gives the origin of the word totalitarianism as totalwholeariansuperiorismpolitical ideology. The ideology of the whole is superior.

    You couldn’t make it up – except of course he just has!!


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