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Christianity Has a Serious Law Problem

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on June 16, 2016

TANC M2In 1983, primarily because of the investment in my life by a professing Christian, I decided that I wanted to be with God and walk with God. There was a strong sense in which I wanted to exchange the life I had for a new life—one that had hope. Even in my confusion, I think God honored my desire for this new life in Him; I think I was truly born again.

However, my relationship with the church was always an uneasy one. I always knew something wasn’t right. When I presented the evangelical canned gospel about “original sin,” I was never entirely comfortable with it. I did my duty and shared the “gospel,” but I really didn’t feel at ease with the presentation. Why? I think the video below offers a few suggestions to think about.

This whole idea that Adam broke a covenant with God and Christ came to restore the covenant doesn’t hold water and worse yet, the foundation of church is predicated on this idea. As Western followers of God, I think we know very, very little about the truth of the gospel, and for the most part only know what others want us to know for errant agendas. I think most truly born again Christians were/are confused enough to be saved by the skin of their teeth.

This is the mission focus of TANC ministries; we are striving for the laity to rise up and seize their calling to be learned disciples. It is a calling to freely pursue our individual priesthood and life more abundant. It is a call to break free from the shackles of the institutional church and its elitist scholarship. It is a call to stop funding a lie with hard earned money. It is a call to aggressive love that doesn’t wait for permission. It is a call to see God glorified in living out real truth. It is a call to a life of power without the feigning of human manipulation and slick multi-media propaganda.

I think TANC ministries has pointed out some very basic fundamentals, but there is much more work to be done; this work must be done by the collective efforts of Spirit-filled born again Christians.

Our starting point begins with a contention: justification/righteousness/salvation is by new birth—NOT law. Jesus did not come to restore a covenant; He came to make a way for man to escape his present life of death and find new life as a literal child of God. Protestantism has redefined the new birth and exchanged it with a quadity: the Father, Son, Holy Spirit, and the Law. It is a religion that has Jesus bowing before a throne and offering His perfect works to the Law. It is a religion that crucifies Jesus again and again at the church temple when we “offer the perfect work of Jesus in the empty hand of faith” instead of our own living sacrifice of love flowing from new creaturehood. Salvation is not a mere legal declaration; it is a state of being.

I am confident that the laity will arise in these last days and seize their true calling. And I am confident that many like the skeptic in the below video will see a truth that makes logical sense. They will inquire when they see our obedient love as living sacrifice to God Almighty; not the sharing of His glory with the law-god of manmade tradition.

We invite you to join us in this journey; an exodus from law to life.

Paul Dohse

TANC Ministries

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  1. Andy Young, PPT contributing editor said, on June 16, 2016 at 10:49 AM

    I think Richard Dawkins presents some very valid questions, and as exemplified in the video, christianity has no rational answer to them other than an appeal to some authority, to which Dawkins keeps pointing out, christianity offers no rational reason why one should choose the Bible over any other “holy” book.

    What is clear to me from the video is that christianity has created a god that is irrational to the rest of the world. That is not to diminish the reality that unregenerate man is at enmity (hostile towards) with God, and that because of guilt produced by their own conscience. Nevertheless, what I see is a world almost BEGGING to christians, saying PLEASE I want an answer! I really want to believe! Please give me some reason why I should believe in this God! And they mock it because they have no rational answer.


    • Paul M. Dohse Sr. said, on June 16, 2016 at 4:53 PM

      “Nevertheless, what I see is a world almost BEGGING to Christians, saying PLEASE I want an answer! I really want to believe! Please give me some reason why I should believe in this God! And they mock it because they have no rational answer.” My thoughts exactly.


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