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It’s Official: There is Nothing More Mindless Than a Protestant

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on September 21, 2014

You can’t make this stuff up. RC Sproul’s Ligonier ministry is sponsoring a Caribbean study cruise and guess what the theme is?

Our theme will be “Christ’s call to endure persecution and suffering faithfully.”

That is, according to emails I have received, before Julie Anne Smith of Spiritual Sounding and others began mocking Sproul et al on Twitter. The post was then changed to…

Our theme will be “Persevering in the Christian Life,”


If one signs up for the cruise in which the depths of suffering will be plunged, admission to the 2015 Ligonier National Conference is free and features the usual who’s who of the Neo-Calvinist movement. The theme there is…

We live in a day of darkness, when the gospel and the church are under attack on every front.

I sent my own tweet to one of the speakers in regard to that theme.

Tweet 1

And when are these guys ever home pasturing their own churches? Let me get this straight: you can pastor a church, be a conference superstar, and supply the spiritual needs of your own family as well? Wow, I guess that’s why they make the big bucks.

I can only compare the mass mindlessness that we are witnessing today to Germany during the rise of Adolf Hitler. It’s the same kind of mindless following on a mass scale.


Pedestrian Christian Weighs In on More New Calvinist Vomit

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on July 18, 2013

In the following article, Alex Guggenheim documents the shameless pandering to liberal race politics by the New Calvinists and why they do it. Also telling is his documentation of Al Mohler’s continuing struggle with speaking truth.

But let me throw in my two-cents worth before you read Alex’s astute observations: New Calvinism is Socialism dressed up in Bible verses. The historical process is always the same: religions founded on The Republic playbook always support totalitarian parties, and then once they help them obtain control, they bid for their piece of the pie; ie., “We can offer you control over this much of the population on a silver platter—we just need a little help with enforcing “truth.’” And if it happens, they might even let Julie Anne Smith pick out the color of her guillotine. I presume pink would be her preference.

This is how it always happens, and is behind the huge ecumenical movement of New Calvinism. People express surprise that a lot of these guys vote for liberal politics. It doesn’t surprise me in the least, but without further comment, here is Alex’s post:

The Pedestrian Christian: Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Doing Church Like Steubenville: Paul’s Interview with Alexandria Goddard

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on July 10, 2013

Church doesn’t sanctify bad ideas. Elitism, caste, and collectivism  will lead to the same bad behavior and a religion of tyrants worshiped by cowards. 

~ Paul Dohse

When antinomianism rules the church, refuge will only be found in common sense wherever it may exist by God’s grace. 

~ Paul Dohse 

alexandriagoddard1Alexandria Goddard is the creator and editor of Prinnified.

She has a 20+ year career as a legal assistant with experience in fraud analysis and risk management as well as being a former volunteerguardian ad litem-court appointed special advocate for the juvenile court system. Goddard is also a business owner, providing social media profile analysis to parents, as well as offering training seminars to parents and educators to enable the monitoring of children’s social media.

She is on Twitter @prinniedidit.

The Jared Mellinger Tweet: I Don’t Think We Get It Yet; They Think All Healing is Christocentric

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Rush Limbaugh says he knows liberals like every inch of his glorious naked body. I am not ready to claim such in regard to Calvinists, but there are some things that have become evident to me.

First, as we have learned from John Immel here at TANC, all behavior is driven by logic.

All people act logically from their assumptions. It does not matter how inconsistent the idea is or insane the rationale. They will act until that logic is fulfilled. Therefore, when you see masses of people taking the same destructive actions, find the assumptions and you will find the cause. We’re here in this specific session discussing – we are going to ultimately discuss the issue of Calvinism, New Calvinism, and the question is why within this emergent movement do we see such consistent actions, such consistent outcomes, such consistent stories of oppression and domination and coercion? Why from one congregation to the next do you see the exact same outcomes? This is it. But first to find the assumptions, we’re going to have to do this: We’re going to have to take on our ideas. Ideas, it takes enormous effort to dissect one’s thinking (John Immel: TANC 2012; session one, lines 180-195).

As far as the SGM sex scandal and SGM in general, are any bells ringing? Once again, Christians are scratching their heads in regard to the cold blooded statements made New Calvinists regarding the SGM victims. Julie Anne Smith, the blogosphere diva who continually makes the lives of New Calvinists miserable, has once again called out a Calvinist Brown Shirt for some outrageous statement that demeans the victims of SGM’s house of horrors. You can read the post here. Smith’s new target, Jared Mellinger, is just another little snot-nosed mindless follower of the New Calvinist philosopher kings. This is a cult following that rivals none.

But what is the logic that drives the tweet? What is the logic that drives the insanity seeking a vindicating result? Pure and simple: Calvinism. The logic doesn’t produce a massive group that is equally evil from the leaders to the hanger-on; it doesn’t exclude followers who misunderstand the logic and function on the soundbites, but the basic logic drives the movement and its direction.

Calvinism gets a pass because it has followers who disagree with people ovens; by the same logic, we should allow the marketing of Pepsi-Cola with just a pinch of arsenic. The product will be defended because only some die, and there are some nice people who work at the Pepsi plant. It’s the same sublogic that drives the cozy relationship between the Wartburg Watch and Wade Burleson. The Pepsi doesn’t kill everybody, and it tastes really, really good. But our calling is to rage against those who are indifferent to the victims of Pepsi. For those who take their Bible seriously: “A little leaven leavens the whole lump.”

Why is the little Brown Shirt’s tweet pure Calvinism? Let’s discuss that. Calvin got his theology from Augustine, Gregory, and Luther. However, Luther best defines Calvin’s philosophy. Luther interpreted all reality through the gospel. Every event in human history is preordained to show forth the cross story. Reality is divided into two categories: our evil and God’s holiness. Historic events preordained by God help us to see both, and a deeper and deeper understanding of our evil and a deeper and deeper understanding of God’s holiness results in the cross being uplifted before the world.

Misery and deprivation only serves to reveal our true standing before God. Comfort and happiness only serves to jade the true reality of the vast gulf (reality) between our depravity and God’s holiness. Self must be emptied and eradicated; anything associated with an inward consideration is the glory story. Happiness is a gift from God as we partake in meditating on, “our sinfulness as set against God’s holiness” (the theological term is: mortification and vivification).

Therefore, according to Luther, people only live by the cross story or the glory story, and each yields its own results. Hence, John Piper’s commentary on the Oklahoma tornadoes should not perplex anybody, but unfortunately such is not the case. He meant well, he only wanted the victims to see the tragedy through the cross. He is sincere—so was Hitler.

So, justice isn’t the answer for victims, but only the seeking of a Christocentric contemplation that heals. A meditation on our deserved misery lifts up the cross of Christ and shows forth His holiness as opposed to our wretched existence. Those who seek justice are destructive to the cross’ glory because it presupposes that man deserves  justice instead of eternity in hell. Justice implies that man’s life has merit. Hence, the tweet:

Wisdom discerns between the cries of the innocent victim seeking help and hope and the cries of the vindictive spirit seeking destruction.

You can replace “help and hope” with the cross story and anything else but that is “destruction.”

It’s high time that Christians stop focusing on the metaphysical disconnects and focus instead on the logic that drives the behavior. Immel is right; these people will never deal with their ideology in the face of results while insisting that the ideology has never been done right by the right people. It is my understanding, if I was properly informed, that Wartburg Watch stated this same idea, in essence; Calvinism in and of itself is not all bad, it’s those damn Calvinists that are to blame. But the dirty little secret is that these people have been running the show in the American church for the past twenty years.

Are we better off?


It’s Time for the Laity to Fish or Cut Bait, and Happy Anniversary Julie Anne

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ppt-jpeg4“Calvin believed the Reformers were given a mandate by God to rule the world; hence, the out-of-control tyranny in the American church.”

I will take this opportunity to wish Julie Anne Smith a happy anniversary. I received an email stating that she opened her blogshop one year ago today. She sent me a tweet from The Gospel According to Calvin blog (TGC). As Charles Surgeon said,

There is no such thing as preaching Christ and Him crucified, unless we preach what nowadays is called Calvinism. It is a nickname to call it Calvinism; Calvinism is the gospel, and nothing else.

Wow. Really? Progressive justification is the gospel? Don’t think so. Otherwise known as The Gospel Coalition, the tweet promoted a new book. Books written by New Calvinists are the neo-orthodoxy of the day. And there are people in the world who insist that Hitler was really a good guy. They are called Neo-Nazis. Today, we have Neo-Calvinists. It’s really time for the laity to fish or cut bait; how much longer are we going to continue to allow the philosopher kings to treat us like idiots? After reading the link that Julie sent me, it begs the question: How stupid do these guys think we are?

For some time they have been trying to rewrite Reformed history. That’s what the Resolved conferences were all about. And now there is a new book out attempting to cover Calvin’s bloody tracks leading from the Geneva theocracy. TGC is promoting the work via a review by heretic Michael Horton who like Tim Keller, constantly gets a pass on promoting naked mysticism.

Calvin believed the Reformers were given a mandate by God to rule the world; hence, the out-of-control tyranny in the American church. I will keep saying it: I lay the present-day spiritual abuse tsunami at the feet of Calvinism. The arrogance that follows their delusional vision is seen in how stupid they think the average parishioner is, and Horton’s review is a typical example. He states the following in the review:

Manetsch sets the context by noting the early reformation of the Genevan church reduced the city’s clerics (including monks and nuns) from 500 to 15, turning the convent and two monasteries into a public hospital and school. He observes the Ecclesiastical Ordinances, drafted by Calvin in 1541, established a rotation of ministers in all the churches to avoid the impression the ministers were preachers, not pastors…. Few historical figures have suffered more in terms of rumors passing for fact. It’s long been observed by specialists (Roman Catholic as well as Protestant) that Calvin was far from the Ayatollah one typically finds in the paragraph devoted to him in high school textbooks. Manetsch dispels these rumors with close attention to primary sources.

Does Horton really think that we are not going to consult the Googleberg press on this? Literally fifteen seconds later, here is what I was reading from Calvin’s Ecclesiastical Ordinances written for Geneva:

Here follows the third order, or elders

Their duty is to supervise every  person’s conduct. In friendly fashion they  should  warn backsliders and those of disorderly life. After that, where necessary, they should report to the Company [of pastors] who will arrange for fraternal correction…As our Church is now arranged, it would be most suitable to have two elected from the ‘council of 24’, four from the ‘council of 60,’  and six from the ‘council of 200’. They should be men of good repute and conduct…They should be chosen from each quarter of the city so that they can keep an eye on the whole of it.

And let there be no doubt about it: this is the vision that the New Calvinists have for the American church. As Southern Baptists, we call it, “aggressive Calvinism.”

I just call it Calvinism. Shorter, more to the point, and truer.