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What to do if you are being Held Hostage at a New Calvinist Church

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project-2016-logo-4In keeping with cultic doublespeak for purposes of gradual doctrinal assimilation, “heart change” does not mean…“people change.” People will filter out what they don’t assume until the indoctrination is complete.

The idea that Christians still need to be saved may initially arouse some mental ire, but use of the term “heart change” will quickly reassure the victim that somehow they are misunderstanding what is being said. At least for the time being. Again, by necessity, the church has honed these doublespeak skills because they can no longer compel people to believe by force, at least not in our day. However, we find in the book of Revelation that the church-state will return with a vengeance and wreak havoc on the earth as never before in all of human history.1 If you need proof that the marriage of faith and earthly authority can only produce evil, you only need to read the book of Revelation. And one may well remember: today’s church is not whole; from its conception it courted state force, and was widowed by Americanism. Therefore, its statist heart will always seek to control others by alternative means. It’s simply what church does—always.

1Matthew 24:21, Mark 13:19, Luke 21:26

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God is NOT in Control

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Camp on This: The Problem with Church

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Steve Camp is a Reformed leader and contemporary Christian music icon. In fact, while still blinded by the ways of Protestantism, I was a huge fan of Camp and have probably purchased every CD he ever recorded. He recently posted a comment on his Facebook page that is an almost perfect thumbnail of Protestant heresy and churchianity in general.

Steve Camp

Let’s unravel this invitation to go to hell in a handbasket one idea at a time:

As I read FB and Twitter each day, it saddens me to read Christians posting for help with basic needs in their lives. When you see this, it’s proof positive that they are not part of a local church.

Oh really? Home fellowships are in a much better position to help people because of expendable income not going to the Protestant temple tax. As a former Reformed elder, I can tell you what percentage of tithe goes to infrastructure and it ain’t pretty. Not only that, there are always strings attached to any help you get from a Protestant institutional church. One such church offered to pay for my education in fire safety engineering. I said no because I knew it was a control move. In fact, because of what was going on at the time, their motives were so obvious I was embarrassed for them. Home fellowships accomplish EVERYTHING we are called to do at a fraction of the cost.

May I encourage you today to get plugged into a gospel-centered church.

Being interpreted: a church that continually “shows forth” the same gospel that saved us. That’s Protestantism: a return to the same gospel to maintain forgiveness for “present sin.” Calvin taught that sin in the Christian life “removes us…from grace” (“grace,” ie., justification) and reforgiveness of such sin can only be found in formal Protestant church membership.

Be taught God’s Word; worship the Lord Jesus; celebrate the Lord’s supper; fellowship with other believers; pray; serve; give; help meet the needs and bear the burdens of another; develop and use your Spirit given gifts; grow in grace; share your faith; glorify God.

In this list are the Protestant, and don’t miss this, “means of grace.” Stripping this term of its nuance, it is better stated “means of justification.” Notice towards the end of the list we read, “grow[ing] in grace” which is more truthfully rendered “growing in justification.”

Sitting under the teaching of seminary certified philosopher kings, taking the Lord’s Table, being faithful to the church, tithing, etc., “imparts grace” (justification) and are the “means of grace” (justification).

Also notice that instead of worshiping God in spirit and in truth wherever we are because our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit and not some “local church,” “worship” only takes place when we meet corporately in the local expression of the “holy mother Church” as Calvin enjoyed calling it.