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Saving the Sheep with Doctrine

Posted in Uncategorized by Andy Young, PPT contributing editor on September 1, 2016

J.I. Packer would probably be one of those who would fall under the “confused Protestant” or “sanctified Calvinist” camp.  Such would be the conclusion reading the quote below since it requires the reader to assume a different meaning than what he is clearly saying.

J.I. Packer save the sheep with doctrine

  – Believers (Christ’s sheep) need saving

  – Believers are saved listening to doctrinal preaching (one of the “means of grace”)

  – The distinction between saved and unsaved (if any) is ambiguous.

  – There is the implication of Calvin’s doctrine of the three classes of “elect”.

No, don’t ask any questions.  That just proves your pride and arrogance.  Just continue to humbly submit to your elders, show up on time when the doors of church are open, put your tithe in the offering plate, and join us all in uttering a deep and hearty “AAAaaaa-men!” at the profound wisdom of these men of God!