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PPT Response to Accusation by Alpha & Omega Ministries

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on January 10, 2014


Your false blog title from December 6 was just brought to my attention. I am the one who answered your debate request and Dr. White never saw it. I explained why and was polite about it. I also left the door open for something in the future if your situation changes. To claim that “Dr. James White Backs Down From Public Debate’ is dishonest. I call on you to correct your article to reflect the truth of our exchange as well as my explanation for your lack of qualifications as well as my explanation for the need for having such standards.


Rich Pierce

Alpha and Omega Ministries


Words mean things. You are an authorized spokesperson for James White. You backed down from the debate in his stead. Let me demonstrate that: who did I offend? Who did I supposedly misrepresent? But yet, who is contacting me? See what I mean?

And in regard to dishonesty, let’s talk about that. Rich, we both know why James won’t debate me; there are things in the Calvin Institutes that he can’t defend in public. Calvin would be exposed for the heretic that he truly was. My lack of Hebrew and Greek isn’t the issue, the fact that I don’t get into all of the election/freewill nonsense and focus on the theological math of Calvin’s gospel is the issue. Dr. White defending Calvin’s well documented Gnosticism would also be interesting.

Calvinism is a false gospel.

Paul Dohse

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