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Victims and Discernment Bloggers: Let’s Ask the Right Questions

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on October 30, 2014

“So, they would say to the young ladies and boys who have been molested in the church, ‘So what?’ The same sin that indwells the pedophile is in the victim as well. Can we not survey the past and present abuse and see this worldview plainly?”       

Even though we hate to think commonsense is important in understanding spiritual issues, the fact remains that such is the case. We struggle with this because of our notion that material is evil and spiritual is good. This notion is deep-seated in the Western psyche. Consequently, we are often willing to throw math out the window for something spiritual. Also, the spiritual get out of commonsense free card comes in handy when we have invested too much of our own self-esteem in a bad idea. If we humble ourselves and admit we were wrong, our intellect labeled as “humbleness” (lest it have no credibility) seems to lose its credibility.

Frankly, I find admission of wrong freeing. Yes, it may make you feel stupid for a while, but the problem with being wrong is that you can’t get anything done with bad information, and not getting anything done leads to hopelessness. Ultimately, even if you are stupid, people will judge you by what you get done, and even if they don’t, God will. Christ is documented throughout the New Testament as being annoyed by verbal assent to righteousness rather than actual doing, and bad information does not lead to right doing. This would seem evident.

But what if you can’t really know anything? And what if you can’t really do anything good? What would the results of that be? Well, look at the blogosphere spiritual discernment and victim “healing” ministries. In full force since 2009, matters continue to get worse, not better, and to date, justice for the victims is found nowhere. Why? Why doesn’t discernment ministry work? In the analysis of Herman Cain’s acronym, W-A-R, discernment bloggers are not working on the right problem, asking the right questions, nor removing the necessary obstacles.

What is the right question? It follows: “Why doesn’t discernment ministry accomplish anything?” Need proof? Anybody remember the outrageous ABWE scandal? Thought so. A secular media producer just cancelled “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” because of the mere potential of a smidgen element of the ABWE scandal, yet, ABWE continues to thrive unabated. How can this be? is another right question.

No, that is THE right question. And what is the obvious answer? It follows: people keep supporting ABWE financially. In case it escapes anyone, ABWE cannot continue unless it receives money. That raises another question: “Why do people keep sending such an organization money despite their deplorable behavior?”

Um, I can only tell you why the people who keep sending ABWE money say they keep sending ABWE money. Would that suffice? The reasons follow:

  1. Because ABWE, and institutions like it are God’s anointed, preordained vessels to take the gospel to a dying world, they are the only ones qualified to do so. If ABWE fails, thousands and thousands of souls will go to hell for eternity. ABWE must survive.
  1. ABWE must operate with people, and where there are people, there is sin, this is unavoidable.
  1. ABWE should be forgiven as Christ forgave us.

These are the reasons that no justice can be found in the institutional church. These are the reasons that religious institutions continue to spiritually abuse unabated. That’s the problem that must be worked on. Those answers assume the following: spiritual hierarchy, moral equivalency, and individual value defined by contribution to the group; i.e., no justice for the individual is what’s best for the many.

Note: the institution in and of itself is not the problem, people in and of themselves within the institution are not the problem, and money in and of itself is not the problem: the logic is the problem. The threefold logic clearly gives license to the behavior. The threefold logic insists that nothing can be done, or that nothing should be done. In fact, the threefold logic insists that there really isn’t a problem to be worked on in the first place—this is clearly ascertained by the normative results of all of these scandals.

So, how do discernment blogs work on the problem? By exposing the problem, “properly” identifying the problem, and assuming that the institutions will respond and seek justice for the victims. How’s that working for us so far?

So let’s ask another right question: “Why isn’t that approach working?” One reason is the identification of a particular problem that discernment bloggers like to call “cognitive dissonance.” This is the study of how people believe contradictory propositions and their attempts to reconcile the contradictions. But this is where discernment bloggers totally miss it: spiritual hierarchy is more times than not predicated on the idea that the masses cannot properly interpret reality itself. How many times have we heard the following?

No matter what it looks like, you need to trust the leaders who have been working close to the situation and know all of the details.

Though we would not agree with a naked verbalization of the idea that only spiritual leaders can properly interpret reality, we by all means function that way. However, more and more in Reformed circles, this concept is being openly stated in the following way:

All of reality, or what is truly reality, is interpreted through redemption, and only the gifted are able to do so. Meanwhile, it is acceptable to obtain worldly knowledge, and some of it is good, but a good thing is not always the best thing.

Elder AuthorityTherefore, when it comes to spiritual matters, trust God’s anointed regardless of the obvious. In cognitive dissonance, the thing used in an attempt to reconcile two contradictions as much as possible is called the “buffer.” In this case, the buffer is the belief that spiritual leaders must be obeyed because they are the ones who can see reality and we can’t. Sure, we can understand worldly things that have no eternal value, but when it comes to eternal matters the leaders must be trusted at all cost. The right problem to address is the buffer, not the symptom of being comfortable with contradictions. Discernment bloggers wrongly identify the real problem and work on the wrong one. They fail completely on Cain’s “W.”

And by the way, if you want to read a sermon by a conservative evangelical that exemplifies this dualist approach to reality, you can read it here, and listen to it here.

In addition, this author can give firsthand evidence of this mentality via  correspondence from someone upset by what this ministry publishes.

Deep down you know that it is true.  Turning logic on its head, twisting words, pseudo-scholarship, and outright attacking people for things that both you and I know they do not believe does no one any good.

Another misunderstanding is that I somehow knew and stood behind any improper things you may have experienced at Clear Creek.

These statements were made in light of the fact that citations/quotations make-up approximately 30% of what our ministry writes, and improper things “you may have” experienced is set against a website that thoroughly documents what exactly happened. The individual wrote these statements in the face of undeniable documentation. How can he do that? Because only those with authority can properly interpret reality despite the evidence presented to the contrary. That’s why. The individual also accused our ministry of “pseudo-scholarship.” Why is it such according to him? Because it doesn’t have the authority of Reformed institutional scholarship—they are the ones who really know the truth. Discernment bloggers seem to miss the point that institutional tyrants do not interpret reality in the normative sense.

Another point missed by discernment bloggers is: tyrants who interpret reality differently will not always act out in the same way. However, if the same ideology does not produce shameful behavior, it will at least produce tolerance for it. And the right question here is, “why is this so?” Answer: moral equivalence. If everyone is Adolf Hitler at heart, who is anyone to judge anybody for anything? We are ALL just sinners saved by grace after all. “Justice,” you say? What justice? We ALL deserve hell! Again, this is also seen in the aforementioned correspondence:

I truly grieve for the things that you have shared have happened with your family, but all either of us can do from here is look to faithful God and away from the sin that is in our heart and other men who will always ultimately disappoint because none of us are sinless.

Notice that he grieves for the things “that you have shared happened with your family,” i.e., how I interpret their actions, not what they actually did. And notice that the sin these men may have committed against me is also in my heart as well. So, they would say to the young ladies and boys who have been molested in the church, “So what?” The same sin that indwells the pedophile is in the victim as well. Can we not survey the past and present abuse and see this worldview plainly?

So, if there is no moral unequivalence necessitating a need for justice, all that is left is unity and peace for the sake of unity and peace which can only be obtained by blindly following those preordained to lead the great unwashed masses. We must also understand that this logic gave rise to institutions in general and the institutional church in particular.

Let’s work on the right problem: the worldview of the institutional church. Let’s ask the right question: “What should we do about it?” And finally, let’s remove obstacles to what works.

The obstacle that needs to be removed is fellowship with the institutional church. Again, the institution in and of itself is not the problem, but its caste worldview is the problem. Christians en masse must stop giving their money to the institutional church and must warn all people that they involve themselves with the institutional church at their own risk. It looks something like this:

Mark, likewise, I don’t care to debate with you because we see reality differently. I interpret reality grammatically, and you interpret reality redemptively like the Neo-Platonist “Christians” that you follow. Even John Street has bought into this latter-day antinomian nonsense. All I want to hear is that you stay clear of my family, and let’s be clear, it is not a wish—it is a demand, and I will protect my family at all cost—be sure of it.

Keep your family away from the institutional church. What else needs to happen in order to demonstrate that its fundamental worldview is horribly distorted? Husbands need to step up and take over their responsibility before Christ to lead their own families spiritually. You need to join a fellowship and be encouraged by men of God who can think for themselves and fear the Holy Spirit more than puffed-up control freaks. If you cannot find such a fellowship, do so in your own home.


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The Case for Caste

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on October 3, 2012

Is the American church a religious caste system? Consider: seminary students do not teach what they learn in seminary to congregants. In fact, those who do are ridiculed for doing so. Secondly, why are American parishioners so dumbed down theologically? Are the first two questions answered in regard to a higher knowledge that only pastors can understand? In Reformed circles, elders state openly that they are gifted to understand things that parishioners are unable to. Point in case: New Calvinist Dr. Devon Berry: Elder Preaching is Infallible .

Academic degrees have become the primary qualification for a pastor in our culture. Who would deny that? In pulpit committees, any resume that states less than a Masters degree gets file 13 immediately. But yet, academic qualifications are nowhere listed in the biblical qualifications for an elder. Also consider: how can the laity obtain degrees while supporting a family, serving their local church, and working full time? While 90% of all doctrinal error is coming from seminaries, the laity is deemed less qualified. The salaries being paid to heretical sheep abusers is 80,000 per year on the low side. And I might mention that what I have learned in the past five years through independent study would have never been taught to me in a seminary, No way. Not even close. Seminaries are maintaining the status quo.

Parishioners are living from a steady diet of materials published by the academics and not their own Bibles. Who would deny this? Why? Because they are supposedly critical to understanding the higher knowledge that the laity cannot understand. They interpret for us. What is more obvious?

Why do well-known leaders turn a blind eye to the abused laity? Why is John MacArthur Jr. completely indifferent to what his pal CJ Mahaney has done to people? Simple, the value of the laity and where they are in the caste system strata.

Why is getting justice for the sexually abused ABWE missionary children like pulling teeth from a leopard? Easy, Donn Ketcham is high on the strata; the missionary children are low, and of less value to the organization. The caste system protects the organization that cannot be destroyed over justice for the lowly. Besides, the lowly are expendable for the pleasures of the upper crust. Absurd notion?  Then why do GARB churches continue to support ABWE en masse? Where is the outcry for justice? Why does the money continue to pour in?

Though the Bible instructs the church to publically rebuke elders that sin, this is NEVER done. Pastors get a pass while parishioners are disciplined and excommunicated routinely. Again, value is the issue.

The New Testament is replete with examples of Christ and the apostles contending against religious caste systems—formal and informal.

Following is my pictorial thesis:


Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on September 7, 2012

For many years now, Christian scientists have been searching for spiritual life on planet GARB (General Association of Regular Baptists) and its moon, ABWE (Association of Baptist for World Evangelism).

After funding ran out in search for doctrinal integrity, scientists started turning their attention towards looking for some form of life regarding integrity in general—the research has been long and hard. The search for doctrinal integrity included a warning to a former ABWE president, and the board, concerning the viral effects of Gospel Sanctification on GARB and ABWE. The letter was ignored. Recently, scientists observed a prominent Professor from Cedarville University, another GARB moon, preaching a message at a Baptist church that was blatant Gnosticism flavored with Marxist ideas. A transcript of the sermon is available by emailing the PPT Institute for Scientific Studies at

GARB’s surface is covered with flat rocks, and after 20 years of turning them over, the Institute of Abused Missionary Children discovered that certain forms come to life if you shine light on them. In other words, the forms have no life of their own; they must be stimulated by a process known as confrontationalstimuli.

Congratulations to the IAMS for this historic scientific breakthrough—their report can be found here:



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“Patricia” Speaks Out on the “Separation” Issue

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on May 31, 2012

Reposted comment with permission:

“Redeeming the time, because the days are evil” As a child and through the years, I remember hearing so many sermons on this subject. As I have read these blogs for over a year now, I have finally realized the issue that has been tugging at my heart. TIME! If only we could go back in time, if only different men had been in leadership and these girls could have back their childhood and the pain they have gone through all these years, but what I have just realized is the issue that tugs at my heart now is still TIME as in THIS IS THE TIME TO ACT!

How much more TIME has to be added to their pain, why won’t God’s people act now!

The days are evil! This blog would not even be necessary if that were not true. I realize the only reason ABWE still exists is because there are still God loving and God honoring missionaries, and possibly even staff members that love the Lord still associated with the org. And maybe, although knowing what they now know, I kind of am doubtful, but maybe even a board member or two that truly does love the Lord and hates sin, and realizes the importance of “redeeming the time.”

God wants no part of sin, you can not serve two masters, you either hate sin or you hate God.

This is a call to action to all those associated on any level with ABWE.

I am going to ask a very shocking question: HOW MUCH MORE TIME HAS TO PASS BEFORE YOU CUT ALL TIES WITH THIS ORGANIZATION? If you are a missionary, then you well know some of your support goes to ABWE. If you are a staff member than in some part you are part of this problem, every day you stand up and walk through the door of that building you are standing with evil, and certainly if you are a board member you have written the time that has passed. The org. you support on any level, continues to drain TIME etched in pain, from the lives of these brave ladies of the blog. Why won’t YOU take a stand!


If every God fearing missionary, staff member, and board member, walked away from this org.,/ ABWE today, TIME WOULD STAND STILL and SOMETHING would happen IMMEDIATELY!

Can you imagine a press release like this: Missionaries and Staff leave ABWE in support of victims! Do you know how many AMENS and PTL’s would be voiced around this nation!

Maybe you should choose to do it because it is the right thing to do. Read Psalms 1

It would speak volumes to GRACE! What are you waiting for, what is holding you back, you sing songs like “I’d rather have Jesus than silver or gold” I’d rather have Jesus than men’s applause, and “He’s all I need, He’s all I need, Jesus is all I need, really, or are those just words?

If the people that are carrying the water for this org. took a stand, and walked away, something would happen, and something would happen NOW!

There is work to do, souls need to be saved, the days are evil, but our loving Heavenly Father also knows that victims need to be healed, stop aiding the delay.

By your fruits ye shall know them, redeem the time!

Examine the alter call in your hearts, you have enabled this org., to take more TIME from these ladies lives by your lack of action. Redeem the time, the days are evil, and you either are part of the solution or part of the problem!

The TIME to act is NOW!