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For many years now, Christian scientists have been searching for spiritual life on planet GARB (General Association of Regular Baptists) and its moon, ABWE (Association of Baptist for World Evangelism).

After funding ran out in search for doctrinal integrity, scientists started turning their attention towards looking for some form of life regarding integrity in general—the research has been long and hard. The search for doctrinal integrity included a warning to a former ABWE president, and the board, concerning the viral effects of Gospel Sanctification on GARB and ABWE. The letter was ignored. Recently, scientists observed a prominent Professor from Cedarville University, another GARB moon, preaching a message at a Baptist church that was blatant Gnosticism flavored with Marxist ideas. A transcript of the sermon is available by emailing the PPT Institute for Scientific Studies at

GARB’s surface is covered with flat rocks, and after 20 years of turning them over, the Institute of Abused Missionary Children discovered that certain forms come to life if you shine light on them. In other words, the forms have no life of their own; they must be stimulated by a process known as confrontationalstimuli.

Congratulations to the IAMS for this historic scientific breakthrough—their report can be found here:


ABWE Scandal: Commentary on Dr. David Bennet’s “Remember Paterno’s Statue”

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Dr. Bennet’s essay will be copied on this post with permission immediately after my commentary on it. I received an email on this same subtopic roughly two weeks ago; namely, the outrage over those who covered up the Donn Ketcham scandal being honored with high profile jobs and multimillion dollar projects named after them. One Christian college, apparently hell-bent on paying homage to one of these cowards, forged ahead with such a project while laying off employees of the college.

Thank God for those who are outraged by this and refuse to shut up until something is done about it. Others are so perplexed by the indifference accompanied by tone deafness regarding justice that they ignore the situation all together. Their minds can’t grasp it, and therefore assume what is  happening couldn’t really be happening.

Then there are others like myself that wonder how this comes about, and endeavor to find out. And I think I have found answers to that question. Let’s start with the obvious. First, the victims are expendable. Second: GARB parishioners in general have no sense of justice. That’s why Susan and I, while recently being on the verge of joining a GARB church, declined in doing so. No, we won’t worship with those who have no righteous indignation—we can’t respect that. Thirdly, the secular world now has more righteous indignation than the church. That fact is further agitating the few in GARB circles that care. The grand comparison that makes the case is the Penn State /Jerry Sandusky affair. The Penn State icon Joe Paterno  looked the other way, and Penn State disposed of his legacy with the morning trash. Not only will Penn State not be honoring him in the future, they are removing any honor that has been paid to him in the past, and sports commentators will be just as likely to mention OJ Simpson’s name when discussing sports folklore.

However, these realities in today’s church don’t happen by accident—there are specific reasons. And I think the crux of the cause was the major theme of our 2012 Conference on Gospel Discernment and Spiritual Tyranny. The brand of gospel preached in the American church for the past 62 years has landed us where we are today and breeds the aforementioned results.  Fix the false gospel, and you begin to fix the problem. And, I am concerned that some who claim to be in the process of resolving the ABWE sandal are in fact proponents of that gospel. That is why I am skeptical.

But without further commentary, Dr, Bennet’s essay:


Proverbs 22:1 “A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches…”

Almost anyone who follows American football or surfs the internet knows the name Joe Paterno. Paterno, now deceased, was accused of burying child sex abuse allegations against the retired assistant coach , Jerry Sandusky. It is unthinkable the sexual abuse Sandusky committed against at least ten young boys over fifteen years .

According to one report at least two times Sandusky was seen by others; once having anal sex with a young boy and another time he was seen performing oral sex on another young boy. Both of these instances were reported but nothing happened. That is where Paterno comes in; there was a cover-up!

In spite of the evidence against him Paterno does have his supporters who say “He was a good man. It wasn’t that he was an evil person. He made a mistake.” This is the Balance Theory which says if a person’s good deeds outweighs their bad deeds (or mistakes) then forget the bad no matter who was hurt.

However, in spite of his great sporting legacy and some continued support Paterno’s statue has been removed from the Penn State football stadium. This may only be a save face act for Penn State but at least they are aware others are looking on.

So what can Christian organizations learn from the Paterno affair and the removal of Paterno’s statute? The first is, in spite of the evidence some Christians whose sins are found out will still have their supporters. These supporters generally work on the Balance Theory. The second thing Christian organizations can learn is not to build statues or name buildings after anyone within the organization who has been involved in the cover-up of a pedophile. Of whom may this be referring to, Wendell Kempton of course. REMEMBER PATERNO’S STATUE.

Wendell Kempton was the president of the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism (ABWE) during the time missionary doctor Donn Ketcham was having adulterous relationships with nurses and then turned his eye to a twelve year old girl.   Did the churches know any of this? Ketcham’s pedophilia was his demise for it wasn’t an adult who reported Ketcham’s sin but the girl herself.  REMEMBER PATERNO’S STATUE!

Let it be known that nothing occurred in ABWE land without Wendell Kempton’s knowledge or approval and Donn Ketcham’s adultery, pedophilia and cover-up was no exception! Wendell Kempton had to know! Nevertheless, in spite of this cover-up during Kempton’s presidency, ABWE is asking for funds (5.5 million) to build the Wendell Kempton Medical and Ministry Center.   Now, this is not to say a medical center is not needed but it is to say it should not bear the name of a man who was complicit in the cover-up of a pedophile under his leadership. There should be a name change in this medical center! REMEMBER PATERNO’S STATUE!

The honoring of Wendell Kempton with concrete memorials doesn’t stop with ABWE. Wendell Kempton was involved for many many years with Baptist Bible College (BBC) of Pennsylvania. Kempton was an “alumnus, athletic director, administrator and trustee” of BBC.  He graduated from BBC in 1957 and returned in 1961 where he continued until 1971 when he accepted the presidency of ABWE.

However, he may have left BBC but he was not forgotten and in 1976 he was elected as a trustee. It was during Kempton’s time as president of ABWE (1971 – 2001) and that as a BBC trustee that ABWE missionary Donn Ketcham had several adulterous relationships with nurses. For one of these he was sent home for counseling and for the other he was moved temporarily to another location in Bangladesh. Did any of the churches know about this? STOP AND THINK, ALL of this occurred under the leadership or lack of leadership of Wendell Kempton.

Undoubtedly Wendell Kempton and BBC had a long amicable history and therefore it is not a strange thing that BBC would name a new structure, “Kempton Athletic Center”  in his honor. As the web site for the Kempton Athletic Center says BBC believes Wendell Kempton left “…a legacy of service and leadership” .  But did he? Did he leave a fine legacy of leadership?  Do those in the high places of BBC really believe this or will Wendell Kempton’s name bring in the money? REMEMBER PATERNO’S STATUE.

Surely those in high places at BBC would know of the Donn Ketcham pedophilia affair by now! Those in leadership at BBC are not so cloistered they have not read or heard somewhere concerning this terrible travesty. Wendell Kempton was the Boss over Russ Ebersole and it was Ebersole who with counselor Russ Lloyd who physically so mishandled the sad saga of Donn Ketcham’s pedophilia. In fact it would have been Russ Ebersole along with Wendell Kempton’s advice or knowledge that allowed Ketcham to have at least two adulterous relationships while on the mission field and continue as a missionary before his pedophilia! Remember we are talking about a Christian organization here. REMEMBER PATERNO’S STATUE!

It was Ebersole who was the field administrator over Bangladesh but he was always answerable to Kempton. There was a chain of command in ABWE and Kempton was at the top. One would have to be very very naïve to think Ebersole was dealing with a pedophile incident in Bangladesh and Kempton not know it!!

What kind of leadership covers up a missionary having at least two adulterous relationships with missionary nurses? What kind of leadership covers up a fifty some year old man having sex with a twelve year old girl? What kind of leadership allows a fifty some year old man to sexually abuse a twelve year old and then allows him to return back to the states to begin a new medical career? How many others may have been abused by this man after his departure from Bangladesh because of the lack of Christian honesty, character and leadership in ABWE under Kempton! REMEMBER PATERNO’S STATUE!

It should go without question that those in authority at BBC and ABWE must recognize they are a Christian institution whereas Penn State is not and doesn’t claim to be. THEREFORE THE BBC AND ABWE LEADERSHIP MUST REMEMBER PATERNO’S STATUE and do the Christian thing!

Spiritual and Sexual Abuse in the Church: I Can See Clearly Now

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In preparation for the second volume of The Truth About New Calvinism and The Reformation Myth, I am reading a hefty amount of material written by Socrates and Plato. Though Socrates was obviously a very annoying person, reading his writings is a real eye-opener in regard to how the first philosophical academy of the western world shapes our present-day thinking from some twenty-five hundred years ago. His very same bases of thought, attitude, and communication techniques that can be seen today are eerily exact—not just similar—exact.

Volume one of TTANC focused on the roots and doctrine of the present-day New Calvinist movement. In preparation for volume two, I dined with church historian John Immel who pointed me to the fact that New Calvinists hold to true Reformation doctrine. Immel then suggested that I research the connections between the Reformers and Augustine, and then Augustine’s connections to Plato. He also provided some clues as to what he believes the connections are. Immel is not one who desires to put ideas in people’s minds; he is more or less a modern-day herald of the need for people to think for themselves.

Mark that. It’s an element that contributes greatly to spiritual and sexual abuse in the church. People thinking for themselves = abuse. That’s the first part of the equation, we will add to it later. Lest you think that I am alone in seeing hefty significance and a direct relationship between the Soc./Plato Academy and modern-day behavior, consider what others say. In Harper Magazine’s endorsement of “The Wisdom And Ideas Of Plato” by Eugene Freeman and David Appel, they stated the following: “Now anybody can understand and appreciate the basic thoughts that support our modern life.”  Though true, not everybody “appreciate[s]” them. Renowned philosopher Karl Popper blamed 20th century totalitarianism on Plato specifically:

Karl Popper blamed Plato for the rise of totalitarianism in the 20th century, seeing Plato’s philosopher kings, with their dreams of ‘social engineering’ and ‘idealism’, as leading directly to Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler (via Georg Wilhelm, Friedrich Hegel, and Karl Marx). In addition, Ayatollah Khomeini is said to have been inspired by the Platonic vision of the philosopher king while in Qum in the 1920s when he became interested in Islamic mysticism and Plato’s Republic. As such, it has been speculated that he was inspired by Plato’s philosopher king, and subsequently based elements of his Islamic Republic on it (Wikipedia: online source:

Volume 2 of TTANC will trace New Calvinism from its contemporary birth (the Australian Forum:1970), and back to its Reformed roots. It will also lightly survey the Reformation’s philosophical underpinnings that came from the Soc./Plato Academy. However, The Reformation Myth will address these same things in much deeper detail. Both books will address this from three perspectives: history; doctrine; and character.

Immel’s primary concern is spiritual tyranny, but an understanding of church history is critical to understanding what makes spiritual tyranny tick. In my research for TRM, the subject of abuse has become so entangled in the results that I have decided abuse will dominate the “Character” section of the book. The fact that Plato’s philosopher king concept dominates today’s church is inescapable—with the same results following that have always marked this philosophy’s existence throughout history.

Socrates believed that true knowledge could not be obtained through observation of the material. He also believed that truth was eternal, and immutable, and a higher good than the gods. One could only access truth through the mind, or ideas; ie, the nonmaterial. The mind was the conduit to the realm of truth which in essence was god, and like the real God, cannot be fully known. To Socrates, the first step to wisdom was realizing that definitive truth cannot be known, but yet, man had a duty to orchestrate life by the best truth that could be ascertained from the mind. In other words, truth was already in each person, and true education was a rediscovering of information already known. It is unclear to me at this point whether Socrates believed that truth indwells us all in the fullness of the truth cosmos, or indwells each of us to varying degrees.

The method for discovering the truth that is in us, according to Socratism, is to ask ourselves questions. When Socrates taught, the teaching began with a question concerning life, and through a lengthy dialogue of questions and answers, the best solution was drawn from the mind’s connection to pure truth. This entailed three things: hard, certified work; the recognition that we cannot know anything definitively; the belief that truth cannot be known through observation of solid matter; and the belief that the only measure of moralism was in regard to what best served the masses verses the few. His understudy, Plato, later identified these characteristics as belonging to philosopher kings, and believed such should rule over the masses for the betterment of society’s whole. In regard to the moral fitness (which cannot be definitively ascertained anyway) of the philosopher king, it was irrelevant because his knowledge was essential to the society as a whole and his personal life only affected him—not society. Hence, in societies that function by philosopher kings (knowingly [rare] unwittingly, or by default [most often]), the written law is not much more than a strong suggestion in most cases.

Plato divided the ideal society into three parts: philosopher king, soldier, and producer. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out where this all ends up; the soldiers serve the king, and the producers do not understand the basic fundamentals of truth. All–knowing kings + soldiers = you had better know your place + keep your ideas to yourself because you don’t know that you don’t know.

Now enter St. Augustine. Patron saint of the Catholic Church, father of Reformation philosophy/doctrine, and a follower of Plato. Luther was a member of the Augustinian Order, and Calvin quoted him on every (on average) 2.5 pages of his institutes. Augustine was a dyed in the wool Catholic till the end, and revered as its “Doctor of Grace.” No less credit was given to him among the Reformers. Basic Platonist philosophy drawn from Augustine is really what made the Catholic Church and the Reformation tick, with the same results following. The Reformation was really a spat between Rome and the Reformers about who was going to control the ideas.

For all practical purposes, they were two different camps of philosopher kings at war for control of the producers. The primary crux of the argument, if any, was the idea that the Reformers were moral despot philosopher kings verses the decadence of the popish sort. At any rate, this side of the Reformation, the indifferent attitude towards justice, mercy, and freedom of thought is abundantly evident. By and large in today’s church, we don’t have pastors, we have philosopher kings. They are supposedly so paramount to the wellbeing of the church city-state, that concerns over their outrageous behavior should be overlooked for the Platonist good of the whole. Besides, morals, according to Socrates, are not definitive anyway.

Excellent studies that expound on how Augustine integrated Platonism into theology are not difficult to obtain. To cite just a few examples, Socrates’ “truth” became “gospel “; Plato’s two worlds became Spirit and flesh; and much later, Historicism, which was a product of Platonism, became the hermeneutic for interpretation. But in regard to human carnage, Popper’s complaint has become the same in the church. Whether a philosophy is dressed up in Bible verses or not, the results are the same.

In my mind, nothing else can explain the indifference among church leaders regarding the spiritual and sexual abuse now rampant in the church. And what better example than the ABWE/ Donn Ketchum scandal. The ABWE/GARB brain trust first covered for Ketchum for some twenty years and were part of a massive cover-up. Now the same men who perpetrated the cover-up and were directly responsible for putting additional children in harm’s way are honored continuously in GARB circles. One is being honored via a multi-million dollar athletic center that is being named after him. The infamous Jack Hyles was honored with a Bible college that bears his name. Even the formally laudable John MacArthur Jr. is covering for serial sheep abuser CJ Mahaney.

Why? Because they are the philosopher kings. Their higher knowledge leads us through the maze of what’s best for the church as a whole. After all, thousands of souls would be lost without them; so, best that the sexually abused go away quietly for the sake of the bigger picture. And besides, we are all “sinners saved by grace” anyway. In the Platonist vernacular: we are all those who “neither know nor think that [we] know” (Socrates: The Apology).

I’m convinced that the key to getting rid of sexual/spiritual abuse in the church is to totally rethink the organized church that is the breeding ground for the church’s philosopher kings. What is left that is good about the organized church will not stand up against the philosopher kings posing as pastors; so, who needs them?

And let me remind you of who really makes the organized church possible: the producers. I am confident that eventually the producers are going to figure out that they are paying the salaries of those who expect us to offer up our children to the sexual cravings of the philosopher kings.

I have to believe that the whole, “Who are you to judge? Put your money in the plate, buy our books, and keep your mouth shut” routine cannot go on for much longer.


ABWE Bangladesh MK’s Fighting On for Allusive Justice and Protection of Others

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“When the sheep figure out that the shepherd only defends against the wolf because he wants the same wool and mutton. When it dawns on his herd animal mind that he will be eaten either way, he finally stands up like a man and argues against the definition of “God’s Glory” equaling being served up for dinner. In that moment, the howl from the wolves and the shepherds is the same.”

~John Immel

Latest Post by the Bangladesh Mks:  “Keeping On”




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When Gospel Seperated From Law Becomes Bad News For Our Children

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“….but with my whole heart I keep your precepts; their heart is unfeeling like fat,

but I delight in your law.”

~ Psalm 119:69,70

Don’t mess with the world’s children. If you do, they don’t care who you are. Retribution and justice will be swift and severe. At Penn State University, they quickly dispensed of Joe Paterno, a Penn State icon/legend because he did the right thing, but didn’t follow-up. He reported a child rape to his superior that he did not witness and named the one who had reported it to him. But when his boss did nothing, Paterno didn’t call him on the carpet and threaten to go public. The university could have defended him based on the fact that he reported it, and then could have left the minority outcries to their eventual certain death. But instead,  Paterno was unceremoniously fired and his long iconic life went down in flames. The university president was also fired for good measure. Once thought to be a leader’s leader, a reputation that took at least fifty years to earn, he was specifically fired for “failure of leadership.”

There is the secular world with the law of God written on their hearts, Christianity, and religion. Religion has always been a child’s worst nightmare—the monster in the closet going back to the days of Molech who burned children alive on the altar of bad theology. Nazism did the same to unproductive Jewish children while faithful Christians living in Germany never missed a Sunday. Discussions of rich worship and praise could be heard everywhere while Nazi atrocities were routinely published in the German press and presented as heroic.

The Penn State antithesis was projected in my mind as I sat in a church worship service two weeks ago. During a presentation by a ministry director, it was proudly announced that Dr. Michael Loftis  would be the featured speaker at an upcoming conference sponsored by their ministry. Really? Loftis  was recently let go by ABWE which  is still dealing with the Donn Ketcham pedophile scandal. No formal reason was ever given for Loftis’ dismissal, but everybody knows the timing was no accident. This is different from Penn State who left nothing to the imagination and showed no pity. Paterno wasn’t asked to resign, they outright fired him. And if you put the secular persona scale next to the GARB persona scale—Loftis and Ketchum are no Joe Peternos. Not even close.

Loftis knew. He not only knew, he cooperated with the cover up. The results? Well, let me quote from the promotional material proudly issued by the ministry sponsoring the upcoming conference:

Speaker : Dr. Michael Loftis

Executive director of DNA Global Network & former director of The Association of Baptists for World Evangelism.

Where is the shame? In the Penn State incident, those who knew and didn’t speak up are facing criminal charges. Ok, so the fact that Loftis has an executive position is one thing, but mentioning that he was formally the director of ABWE clearly shows that the GARB church in general lacks remorse in this affair. Why in the world would this be added to his credentials? Obviously, his tenure there is not seen as tarnished in any way. But you might say: “Yes Paul, but he accomplished many good things there.” Right, and likewise, Paterno accomplished many good things. Bottom line: he didn’t mess with the ones who were messing with the children, and the secular world found that to be completely unacceptable. Loftis also knew of  how ABWE reframed one of  the incidents as an extra marital affair and invoked a confession from the fourteen year old victim. This is because the sex was supposedly consensual. Therefore, Ketcham was suspended from the mission field for misconduct rather than pedophilia. And, the proper authorities were not contacted in Michigan to boot.

What would the world say about that? Come now, must I recite all of the news accounts of public school teachers who have had truly consensual sex with under-aged students? They are in prison for rape. And they are done, they will never teach again. In fact, they will be forever on a national list that prevents them from coming within a thousand feet of a school that teaches children. My wife works with a secular company that supplies services for disabled children. If she fails to report abuse—it’s a criminal act, that is constantly made clear to those who are in her profession.

Clearly, worldly standards, not only for protecting children, but in general, are becoming higher than the bar set by Christians. Why is that? Basically, as Jesus and the apostles predicted, the last days will bring a focused devaluing of  God’s law. Most lost people see law as a good thing (the apostle Paul said the law of God is written on the hearts of every living being and utilized by the conscience). But theologies that place law in another realm, and separate from God’s power imparted to us are becoming more and more prevalent in our day. Some of today’s premier evangelical teachers constantly advocate the supposed necessity of “separating law and gospel.” Yes, more and more, Christians are learning to “live by grace alone apart from the law.” Or, as the mantra so goes: “living by the gospel.” And on the other hand, the law is separate from the gospel. Is this a good thing?

I had a wonderful lunch with an author last week who I consider to be an authority on Reformation history. I posed a question to him: “If the works of the law are written on the hearts of all, can humanity really be “totally depraved.” His reply: “That’s a good question, isn’t it?” (I thought it was, but I am probably biased). I understand that we are not saved by the law, but in salvation, it would seem to me that the law of God that is already there should be set on fire and greatly expanded. We won’t keep it perfectly, but it will certainly be the direction of our changed heart and the standard for our lives. We are declared righteous apart from the law, but only truth sanctifies. The law is not only that which was written on tablets of stone, but “every word that proceeds from the mouth of God” (Matthew 4:4).

If the law is devalued among Christians for living life, it only makes sense that eventually the world will have more law than we do. And in the Bible, especially Psalms 119:70, lack of attention to the law leads to cold-heartedness. And that’s when the world has more compassion than us, and uses the law to protect the focus of that compassion. It is a day when the lost world has more law than we do.

And I contend that this is not “good news” for our children.