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On Furries and Good Works

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on January 23, 2020

Cover 2From chapter one draft:

As noted in the introduction of this book, the core ideology of a group should always define it because the ideology determines behavior that will always be present in some capacity. Even though the best example of this principle is Nazism, it is one of the few examples where the principle is consistently applied. That’s unfortunate. Nazism is universally condemned, not because every Nazi worked in a concentration camp, but because people realize that the core ideology is what drives the movement. Hitler invented the Volkswagen; many people love Volkswagens, but you will be hard pressed to find anyone who will use that fact to defend Hitler.

The Furry Fandom was conceived by an ideology several years ago that produced certain outcomes, and consequently, those same outcomes are prevalent in the movement today. Like a tree, ideology will always bear the same fruit to various degrees. If a movement survives, it remains predicated by the core ideology because the ideology is its life blood. Thankfully, we have labels that are quick references to ideologies. Ultimately, this book will make the case for keeping children away from the Fandom because the core ideology puts children at grave risk on several different levels psychologically, emotionally, and physically. The movement threatens a child’s total state of being.

Ironically, Furries will often refer to themselves as a “subculture,” while also referring to themselves as a “fandom” or “hobby.” Supposedly, this is merely a group of people who have an interest in anthropomorphic art. The idea that a subculture and anthropomorphic art are synonymous with the concept of “hobby” or fandom is an oxymoron. The Corvette club is hardly a subculture. An interest in Corvettes is not a lifestyle. A culture is obviously a lifestyle. A philosophy of life is not found in Corvette-ism. A Husky club centers on a love and interest for Huskies, not a desire to be one or an attempt to find one’s true identity in a Husky.

Furthermore, anthropomorphism itself has a historical religious foundation that goes back thousands of years. We would think it curious that a person has an interest in Hindu art while having no interest in Hinduism whatsoever. In short, the comfort level people have in the face of these illogical defenses is stunning.

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