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Dr. Nicole Baldwin, Vaccines, and Medical Elitism

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on January 22, 2020

ppt-jpeg4“And I might mention the following: her video reeks of an adult putting a subject in cartoonish terms so the great unwashed children of the world can understand it. The motif of the video alone exposes her elitist mentality.”

Folks, the pro/anti-vax controversy is a brutal arena. In the arena of discussion, neither side is taking prisoners. Why is this issue so volatile? Answer: for the same reason present-day politics is volatile.

People in general, want to be free to exercise commonsense. Unfortunately, elitism has a strong tendency to dismiss commonsense based on a person’s cultural status. This goes past a person’s educational status and flirts with the idea that commoners are unable to discern reality itself. In other words, commonsense is rejected as an intrinsic ability within humanity to know things.

On the one hand, elitist presuppositions grounded in Platonist ideology underpinning much of Western thought has little patience with serfs not accepting elitist unction. How strongly do the elitists feel about this? Look at history; no pain of death has been spared those who dare question the ruling class. On the other hand, the common folks have little patience with freedom to apply commonsense being hindered, and the suggestion that intrinsic commonsense is not an epistemological reality.

If a peasant’s child goes into convulsions right after receiving vaccinations, and those peasants who know of it are getting their children taken away for refusing to get their children vaccinated, that’s when pitchforks are used for things other than throwing hay.

The internet is a potent tool for sharing the experiences of people worldwide, and when people see a recurring trend, they take note of it. The internet enables the public at large to connect dots.

Let’s talk about some commonsense stuff regarding medicine. Even though I am only a MAC (state tested medication aide), I can apply some commonsense to what I know about the administration of medicine in nursing facilities. It is evident, in my field, that one size doesn’t fit all. There are these things called, allergic reactions, intolerance, adverse effects, right dose, right time, right drug, right route, and I could state more. A lot of drugs are substitutes for other drugs that target the same medical problem because a medication for the same condition may, well, kill the resident. These standards apply to vitamins, minerals, antibiotics, OTC, and every other kind of drug.

But regarding vaccines, one size fits all? Sorry Doc, I may be a lowly MAC compared to your medical degree, but you are obviously full of it. And, if you and your elitist buddies are behind legislation that abducts children of people who question that logic, I might even state my opinion in stronger terms.

Locally,  a pediatrician  named Nicole Baldwin attempted to debunk concerns about vaccinations with a short video on Tik Tock. The blowback was significant enough to make her the latest martyr in efforts to calm the great unwashed herd of commoners. Her great struggle was reported on CBS This Morning, a bastion of liberal elitist wisdom. Curiously, the same kind of red herrings, straw men, and doublespeak are used in political venues against those who dare believe in man’s ability to self-rule.

For example, “There is no link between vaccines and Autism.” First, the so-called “antivaxx” crowd is not saying Autism is the only issue or it is Autism per se, but Autism-like symptoms and other symptoms such as convulsions. Secondly, there are no links between the two; so what? There are no direct biological or physiological links between allergic reactions to medications and unique physiology of the individual. For the most part, adverse and allergic reactions to medicines can only be determined by observation. This is why MACs are not allowed to give the first dose of a medication, but are responsible for observing the resident for a period of time after the administration of the drug by an RN or LPN.

Here is my point: the dialogue used by the medical community in this debate is disingenuous and endowed with truth as authority. It’s the same verbiage and deceptive forms of communication used by elitists in the political realm. And it’s like the police saying a traffic accident never occurred because there is no direct link between a cause for the accident and the mangled car with the injured driver inside. Furthermore, the injured person sitting in the car wasn’t necessarily injured by the accident. Really? Even though harm is taking place at the time of some vaccinations, the two are unrelated. A person begins choking while eating a sandwich, but the sandwich is dismissed as the cause. It’s nonsense.

And I might mention the following: her video reeks of an adult putting a subject in cartoonish terms so the great unwashed children of the world can understand it. The motif of the video alone exposes her elitist mentality.

I will summarize and conclude this post with the comment I left on her FaceBook page:

As a STNA and MAC attending nursing school I find the medical community’s collectivist attitude towards this problem very sad. The experience of many parents tells us that something is going wrong with a small percentage of children who get vaccinated. When parents experience their children suddenly becoming cognitively disabled or going into convulsions within hours of receiving vaccines, you can bet they are going to be skeptical of vaccines.

And by the way, 46% of parents are not skeptical of vaccines because they are uneducated serfs, they are skeptical because of what parents are experiencing, and that is what they are finding on the internet, NOT the mere beliefs of dumb hillbillies. I find the attitude that a few children are expendable for the collective good of most children detestable [viz, “The benefits outweigh the risks.” I suppose, if it isn’t your child!].

EVERY child matters. Again, the notion that the internet is a conduit for misinformation by the great unwashed and uneducated is an excuse for not addressing what is actually happening.

What people are experiencing is the issue, not superstition. I think it a little arrogant to tell people their experiences are invalid because of research. I am no doctor, but you only need to be an STNA to know doctors are wrong often and don’t know everything. Trust me, I have many firsthand testimonies.




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  1. lisaadams211 said, on January 22, 2020 at 1:42 PM

    Thank you for speaking up. You’re right about the medical/political/pharma elitism. I’ve been investigating the vaccine issue since 1989 when my first child was a toddler, and the more data that becomes available, the more people will hopefully push back on having themselves and their kids forcibly injected. Even soldiers have begun speaking up about the horrific effects their military shots had on them. Ingredients/excipients include aluminum, mercury, polysorbate 80 (opens blood-brain-barrier), aborted fetal cells/DNA, monkey kidney cells, … the list goes on). It’s a rabbit hole many of us have been down, and it’s deep. Check out the film Vaxxed and Vaxxed II, or Robert F Kennedy Jr.’s advocacy group


  2. Republican mother said, on January 22, 2020 at 3:28 PM

    This last baby got me a bit of a talking to when I declined the HepB. Instead of going to autism, I brought up the peanut oil used as an excipient in the vaccine. It is not listed as an ingredient because it’s not supposed to be in the final product. I told her about the explosion of peanut allergy corresponds with the more aggressive schedule. She said they’re recommending you give a 4 month old a taste of peanut butter. I said yes, they want it sensitized via the digestive tract vs bloodstream. You just proved my point. Nervous gulp. In my chart it just said I declined and mentioned my chemical degree. The facts aren’t important, just that appeal to authority. I guess writing that down kept her overlords from hounding her.


    • Paul M. Dohse Sr. said, on January 22, 2020 at 6:58 PM

      So, I will ask all of you mothers; are there any standard precautions with these vaccines at all? You just go in, they give the baby the shots and that’s that?


      • Republican mother said, on January 23, 2020 at 8:05 AM

        They make the kid wait for 30 minutes in the waiting room afterwards to see if they have a anaphylactic reaction. But there are virtually no contradictions for them officially. They give them to premature babies even.


      • Paul M. Dohse Sr. said, on January 23, 2020 at 9:42 AM

        Soooo, there is no standard precaution protocol for vaccines like the administration of drugs. Well, that’s interesting.


  3. Republican mother said, on January 23, 2020 at 11:16 AM

    Vaccines are not pharmaceuticals, they are biologics and are under different regulations. The vaccine manufacturers were getting sued to the the point of unprofitability over lifetime damages and said they would have to stop manufacturing them. The US government then came up with the vaccine court in 1986, making vaccine manufacturers immune from all liabilty. That’s when we had an explosion of vaccines added to the schedule. Under this agreement, there was supposed to be routine safety testing done. RFK Jr was spearheading a lawsuit to show those tests haven’t been run in over 30 years.


    • Paul M. Dohse Sr. said, on January 23, 2020 at 11:48 AM

      So would hormone therapy via pills be considered a biologic?


      • republican mother said, on January 23, 2020 at 2:43 PM

        Depends on how its manufactured. A biologic is derived from living tissue. Some hormones, like estrogen, can be chemically derived, in which case it would be a pharmaceutical and under different regulations. Virus-based vaccines are cultured in living cells, thus they are biologics.


    • lydia00 said, on January 26, 2020 at 8:01 PM

      “The US government then came up with the vaccine court in 1986, making vaccine manufacturers immune from all liabilty. That’s when we had an explosion of vaccines added to the schedule. ”

      This explains a lot! I have been wondering about the explosion of vaccines.

      On another note, the dirty Little secret in many public schools is that they do not force illegals to bring an immunization proof for their children. it’s not because they are exempt but because nobody wants to be on the nightly News. They just sort of ignore it and hope they aren’t audited. it usually doesn’t make a difference because illegals to have a tendency to take their kids in and out of school a lot as they move them around to different schools and districts. I think it’s important to note that the millions and millions of immigrants who have been pouring into this country over the last 40 years don’t bring proof of immunization with them. And yet people who live on the grid will be tracked down they refuse a vaccine for their kid.


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