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The World According to Marvin, American Salvation, and the Political Nurse Aide

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on May 9, 2019

ppt-jpeg4Meet Marvin. Not his real name. He is a resident in a Dementia/behavioral unit somewhere in the United States. The following is what Marvin’s life looks like. He awakes early and begins his daily routine. As he wheels down to breakfast he enjoys observing the various activities of the nursing unit and expressing his opinions about them. These opinions create much needed moments of humor for the nurses and aides as Marvin’s unfiltered opinions lack the kind of honesty that is better veiled to some degree if it could get you fired otherwise. They can’t fire Marvin.

Marvin enjoys eating and expresses his opinion about the quality of the dinning room meals. The reviews are usually very positive. Marvin is a big hit with the kitchen employees. Marvin is dearly loved. Marvin is usually taken to physical therapy after breakfast. His ability to walk long distances with a walker gives him a great sense of accomplishment. This is known because he makes it known verbally.

“Nobody in this place can walk as well as I can, isn’t that right?”

The physical therapists smile and agree. Marvin makes everyone smile. We could all use a little of Marvin’s confidence as well. Next, Marvin goes to work. It’s a hobby, but he considers it his job. Marvin builds and paints model kits. Not his real hobby, the details here are also modified to protect his privacy. By any standard, the articulation and skill of the construction is very impressive. Marvin then offers the completed models as gifts. Though accepted, they never leave the facility and are on display everywhere. Laws prohibit nurses and aides from accepting any kind of gifts from residents.  However, all of them would love to display one of Marvin’s completed models in their homes as a reminder of how much they love caring for him.

Marvin eventually leaves work and retires to his room, and will often apologize for being snippy with an aide because he had a “rough day at work” while adding that he “got a lot done.” Marvin takes much pride in his work and reminds the aides of the just recognition accordingly; and of course, they are in full agreement. Marvin’s work speaks for itself.

Here, I must ask a question: what makes our life better then Marvin’s life? You may not like psychology, but Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is a commonsense thing when rating happiness and wellbeing. If your physiological needs are met; you have safety; you belong; you are loved; you have self-esteem; and self-actualization; you are happy. If you have all of those things; well, Marvin has them too, only in a different world.

In Marvin’s world, he is totally convinced that he is safe, but in our world we know Marvin is in grave danger from those promising a different kind of hierarchy of needs.  They would say the Marvin(s) of the world deserve free healthcare. All those who care for Marvin might even think that would be wonderful for Marvin, but the devil is in the details. While socialists pontificate from the rooftops loudly about their penchant for supplying free goods for all, they talk little about the paramount qualifier: all those able to support the state; Marvin can’t support the state. Marvin is a drain on the state. In Socialism, one’s value depends on what they contribute to others. It sounds virtuous; after all, we are talking about selflessness. Just remember that “others” always means, “state.” Because, after all, the “others” need the state to survive.

Healthcare as we see it today in America is the child of Americanism. The American idea is a government by the people and for the people; that includes Marvin. It guarantees life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. In other words, as aides and nurses, we suit up everyday to deliver those rights to the Marvin(s) of the world. We do it because it’s Marvin’s right. We do it because it also gives us joy. And if you think those we care for can be unthankful at times, try devoting the sum and substance of your life to the state; you then plunge the depths of unthankfulness. And in regard to things that make you smile, trust me, the state cannot even hold a candle for Marvin.

Yes, I deliberately put “American Salvation” in the title to get the attention of people who do church. It’s fun, because I know it invokes whining about “eclipsing Jesus.” This goes hand in glove with the socialist wave consuming secular America and the American church. Hence, in both venues, “nationalism” has become a dirty word. But with all merchants of death, they vie in the skill of word exchange. Americanism is exchanged for “nationalism,” but we aren’t talking about just any nation, we are talking about America. How sad that especially among Millennials, America is thought of as just another nation among many. Here is a fact: America stands alone in world history as the only defender of the individual, and the individual’s right to pursue life, liberty, and happiness, even if their world might be different from ours.

Ironically, and I wish there was a stronger word, many nurses and nurse aides will vote for Bernie Sanders et al in the next election. Even if some of the candidates are confused socialists, their math doesn’t add up and care will be rationed according to “priority.” Trust me, in Socialism, Marvin isn’t a priority. This is already happening in Canada and the UK. In fact, these systems are such an abject failure that those able to contribute to the state aren’t even being cared for, which is the real goal of socialized medicine. The goal of socialized medicine is a lean, mean, state-supporting machine. In all cases, like Venezuela, socialized medicine even fails to do that; the math just doesn’t add up. And even if it did, the core value is survival of the fittest according to determinism.

And by the way, the Bible makes it pretty clear that the Marvin(s) of the world are near and dear to God’s heart. God demands that societies take up the cause of the weak and helpless. America does that better than any other nation ever has for one reason and one reason only: its core value of individualism. In a recent conversation with a typical churchgoer, he shared an attitude with me becoming more and more common among evangelicals: he doesn’t bother voting anymore because America is under judgement for rejecting church rule and moralism in general. Indeed, among those of the secular venue and church venue alike, there seems to be an ever-increasing desire for well-behaved, dignified socialists who have always been the primary landlords of mass graves. This man is indicative of stunning ignorance.

If he ever becomes like Marvin, I will proclaim him healed and the purveyor of a much better world.



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  1. lydia00 said, on May 12, 2019 at 8:30 PM

    I read not long ago, the UK is letting seniors go blind because of rationing surgery. Socialists don’t care about quality of life either but they sure pay the bureaucrats who run the government medical machine nice salaries including a guaranteed government pension! Can you imagine just how innovative and lean a free market would be? We know it works. Cosmetic surgery became affordable for the middle classes due to the Fred market and innovation.


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