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ACCC Typical of Protestants Who Don’t Know What Protestantism Is, But New Calvinists Do Know What a Protestant Is; Part 3

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on March 25, 2019

Front Cover TCLEvery now and then, I surf through the 4,000 or so articles that have been written here on Protestantism and philosophy not including book publications, videos, and conferences. When something happens to me, and it will, there is enough material to keep TANC ministries going until the second coming. That’s important for a couple of reasons. First, we are not the first ones to realize that Protestantism is built on a flimsy foundation of elementary error. We are not the first to realize that it is a biblically overt false gospel.

However, we are one of the few to discover this in the information age which is critical. All we have to do is not go away and keep growing. Sure, when you are calling out a religious culture that has enjoyed deeply engrained presuppositions for over 500 years, don’t expect a revival overnight. But stay the course; trust me, it is going to be worth it.

Furthermore, I believe there are other ministries like ours, and we haven’t discovered each other yet. The internet has not made the world as small as we think. Susan and I bump shoulders with church people who haven’t even heard of the New Calvinist movement. People will contact us about a “strange doctrine” being introduced in their church by the new pastor and when we tell them it’s New Calvinism, they often ask, “What’s that?” Eventually, if we stay the course, we will discover other ministries that are of the same mind and we will join in with them.

And along the way we will have lots of fun. An example is my discourse with John Piper in front of hundreds of youth at a conference when he contradicted himself like three times in five minutes. That was fun. Another example is the conference where Susan and I interviewed Calvinists and asked them seven questions about Calvinism, and in every case they answered wrongly. That was also fun. Most Calvinists don’t know what Calvinism is, and to see that on full display is indeed a good time.

Our online conferences will also grow, and this year is our ten-year anniversary and we plan to make a big deal of it. We hope you can join us.

As someone who works, maintains three properties, goes to school, and does ministry, I sometimes let things slip through the cracks. The third part of this series is an example. Parts one and two can be read here and here. In regard to the subject of what the third part was going to be, Chapter 6 of the Church Lie serves that purpose very well, and is posted below.

The Church Lie Chapter 6


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