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Church Doublespeak Replacement Link

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on July 22, 2018

Live @ 7/22/2018 7pm

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  1. republican mother said, on July 23, 2018 at 10:21 AM

    Gospel Partners Media (the organization that funds Wretched)

    Their mission statement:

    Reach the Lost through Gospel-Centered Media!
    We are passionate about reaching the lost through electronic media. Gospel Partners Media looks forward to the day when the world no longer laughs at Christian media. We also look forward to sharing the healing message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with lost and hurting people. We invite you to partner with us to proclaim the glorious Gospel to an increasingly confused world.

    What’s hilarious is that young people are craving something “real”, not slick productions. The rise of Youtube and other streaming platforms is really changing media. People will ignore a messy bedroom backdrop if the information they are hearing is real. Young people are aware that slick-looking productions are just a function of better cameras, mixing and editing equipment and know those things are separate from quality content. My oldest daughter would love to have some of the expensive editing software, but we are stuck with open source Blender and the like.

    Also the takeaway from that mission statement is that they think shiny production value can somehow do the work of the Holy Spirit. Trying not to get the world to laugh at Christianity? That’s a fools errand. Scripture is pretty clear that it’s a sure bet they will always think it’s foolishness.

    Speaking of young people taking on Loadship Damnation, check out this guy:

    Not sure if he is home fellowship, but I do enjoy seeing the LSers exposed!


    • John said, on July 23, 2018 at 11:07 AM

      RM, the guy has some sound reasoning on certain points about free will and about not being a puppet. What does the Bible (Galatians1:8) say about a different gospel? Let the bearer, even if it’s an angel or a redneck or Washer or MacArthur be under God’s curse if he/she brings a different gospel. That’s pretty much straightforward, yes?

      I had a friend, a Calvinist, who said she HAD to “volunteer” at all sorts of places (animal shelters, etc.) because that’s what God had wanted and had commanded her (she never said how or by which institution) to do and not doing those things would threaten her salvation. So, I asked her when was she got saved, and she could never give me a date, time, year. Why not? She was a puppet of the devil MacArthur, who also has no date in his foolish and pathetic repertoire.

      The whiner and showman Washer also has “missions” on the continent of Africa, where you can also “sponsor” a child blah blah blah. How evil, as that child never gets to hear the true gospel of Christ (John 3:16 et al). Washer is a huge proponent of Lordship salvation (you need a church to be saved or you’re not in God’s will). He won’t get a nickel or a dime from me.

      Yes, I also rejoice when people speak out against these false prophets and devils. It’s one or the other, and that’s why I’m not hesitant in calling Washer, MacArthur and others devils. It’s either the biblical gospel of the New Birth or it is not. Light has no business with darkness (Calvinism, Reformed Fables, Lutheranism, Presbyterianism, Protestantism, Rock-Away-The-Nightism, Motivational Speakerism, etc.).

      Nice comment, RM. I dig it like a happy meal.


      • John said, on July 23, 2018 at 11:12 AM

        RM, yeah, Wretched is Reformed (closet Calvinist, or maybe by now Friel has stepped out of the closet; I don’t care) thru and thru, and so the latest and greatest technology will go with the “hipster brigade” image they have. I agree with you: The truth of God is like that sword; it doesn’t have to be delivered by someone who’s been hoodwinked by Toastmasters (oh my word). His truth is pure and does not need gadgets at all.

        Roll me a Swiss!


  2. republican mother said, on July 23, 2018 at 10:44 AM


    The Wretched site has a way for you to find the best church:

    You get to choose: 9 Marks, Founders, or Master Seminary graduates. Pick your poison.

    Also Phil Johnson is on the board of Wretched, so it could be they push the local church so their guys coming out of the Reformed seminaries have jobs waiting for them. Home fellowship and people fleeing these churches has got to do a number on their profit model.


    • John said, on July 23, 2018 at 2:44 PM

      Say “brain dead sheep.” I can’t call it sick (that’s an excuse), but I can call the poisons you mentioned evil; what a darn cheek to send people to those places. Its akin to my telling you where the nearest branch/church of Scientology or an underground cell of Heavens-R-Us is.

      Phil Johnson…MacArthur’s little spin doctor, figuratively speaking, of course.


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