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Home Fellowship Distinctives Will Continue to Develop

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on September 3, 2017

As TANC ministries launches into a focus on alternatives to the church this year, a major one was brought to the forefront this week. Andy Young, our contributing author, gave permission to address the attached letter sent to him recently. Andy himself will have much more to say about this letter in the coming days.

Before I address the letter, let’s review some developing distinctives. First, the fact that we meet in homes is a statement of our gospel. It says we are a literal “household of God,” and not an institution. We are a literal family; that is important.

Meeting in homes with an intentional avoidance of institutional religion proclaims the new birth. Institutions function by law and top-down authority. Home fellowships proclaim justification by new birth and not perfect law-keeping. We deny the supposed double atonement of Christ which is not an atonement to begin with; Christ came to end sin, not merely cover it up. The true gospel is not a cover-up.

Hence, home fellowships function as a cooperative body and not a top down authority. In contrast, those who meet in purpose build sanctuaries deny that individual members of Christ’s body are God’s temple in and of themselves.

Furthermore, the denial of individual bodies as God’s temple also denies the ability of the true saints to use their bodies to offer living sacrifices to God in all matters of life.

We deny, with extreme prejudice, that men appointed by virtue of buying seminary degrees have authority over our salvation. This is another home fellowship distinctive; the authority of Christ alone as the head of His one body. One authority, and one body.

In the attached letter, it is clear that these men believe they have authority over Andy’s salvation. This is a Protestant distinctive whether Baptist, Methodist, Charismatic, or any other stripe that came out of the Protestant Reformation.

In home fellowships, body members do not wait for permission to use their holy temples to offer living sacrifices to God in all matters of life, and the love we perform is from our own temples and not a substitution.

Keep in mind, by virtue of stated orthodoxy, a love performed by the “saints” themselves would deny the Protestant doctrine of double imputation.



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  1. John said, on September 7, 2017 at 8:07 AM

    Truthseeker, I believe what you wrote here: “You are no doubt aware that at least a segment of this ‘back to historical Protestantism’ movement involves Reconstructionist Reformed Presbyterians who desire to recreate the Theocracy of Geneva in America. It may be far bigger than most realize, as they keep their goals and agenda very close to the vest. Wouldn’t that be something scary, if these guys regained the power of the sword they so eagerly desire? Calvin’s Geneva 2.0.”

    If these oafs try to control Andy (who is not even a member of that EVIL place anymore), I can imagine how they ‘d like to control those they don’t know by selling them their complete and utter bull droppings. I, too, have seen the true Calvinism (aka the Geneva-style joke) breathing and rattling its scary bones behind the scenes, in car parks, and via subtle indoctrination that slowly but surely became not so subtle . . . all in the name of the sovereign gawttt.


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