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The Christian Counseling Wars: INS, PAM, and ACBC; Who is Right?

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on February 18, 2017

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The Association of Certified Biblical Counselors is the largest Christian counseling organization in the world. Its staunchest critic is PsychoHeresy Awareness Ministries and its second staunchest critic is the organization that founded it, the Institute of Nouthetic Studies. Who is right, and why does it matter?

Program prep: pdf file link newsletter.

Live Program link: Sunday 2.19.2017 @ 7pm     


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  1. John said, on February 20, 2017 at 12:01 PM

    Great podcast.

    Concerning the ungodly and unbiblical ACBC, you have summarized their dark deeds and dishonest agenda perfectly: ACBC is creating its own supply and demand.

    I do see where PAM gets it wrong, but at least they are warning about these ACBC wolves.

    I checked out ACBC’s sickening website (it screams me, me, me; worm, worm, worm; men worship, men worship, men worship and….MONEY!) Oh, and the promotional video did feature, of course, a coffee shop and some hipsters, who tried to look intelligent, and one ugly church building, and lie upon lie upon lie. Always the hip, coffee angle, right? They know their target market well, as you have suggested. Yes, their lies won’t work that well in the impoverished stricken places of the world, would it? (But isn’t that the sawrinnn God’s will too? His pleasure and all that?)

    Here’s a link to all the false teachers who would be poisoning minds in October:

    Something that has become the norm with this lot is their preoccupation (fetish) with all things sexual abnormal, and that’s why it is NO surprise to see SEX at the top of their “outbreak” sessions list. Perverts, much? Well…
    Please have a careful look through the names, the heretical Martha Peace will be there as well. Have these people no shame? No, they don’t. Not one inch.

    At the end of the nauseating promotional video, it is said that not only do they (ACBC) want to celebrate the Reformation, but they want to continue it. Good idea. Let’s celebrate spiritual death. Let’s celebrate NOT having the peace of God. Let’s celebrate NOT KNOWING the Jesus of the Bible. Let’s celebrate the doctrines of disgrace.

    Sounds like a con idea to me. Count me out, for God’s sake.


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