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The Horrible Protestant Doctrine of Mortification and Vivification

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on January 23, 2017

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  1. John said, on January 23, 2017 at 10:03 AM

    This Protestant perversion is worse than a horrible doctrine; it’s a real-life Dr-Jekyll-and-Mr-Hyde, self-inflicted mental sickness. It’s Dissociative Identity Disorder (DIE) caused by one’s own propensity towards wanting to feel like a worm while simultaneously having questionable episodes in which one imagines all kinds of “joyful” but dissociative things.

    Really, how can the false teacher Washer even speak of “joy unspeakable” in the same sentence as mortification? Anyone who has ever seen this charlatan in action (when last did the real “men” in your church watch/idolize this actor Washer by wasting time in watching and learning—as determined by the Sawvrin’ Gawd—his emotive cry-scream-spit-yell-cry DVDs?) knows he follows the Calvinist hallmark of laying on the guilt before presenting a Calvinist “solution” (usually known as the “only truth.” Spell cult, someone). Okay… “C A L V I N”? That’s it; well done! Here’s an ESV Study Bible for you…

    See Lydia’s great comment here:

    It’s always one or the other in Reformed/Calvinist/Protestant/Cult/Elitist circles. If you’re not a Calvinist (or a worshiper of the “Doctrines of Disgrace”) then you are automatically an Arminian, they tell you. And they believe that. Also, if you’re not pro-Clinton, then you are automatically anti-women, anti-freedom, anti-hope. Really? Says who?

    Back to the article. The more we see our sin, the more joy we have? That sounds sick, very, very sick. Because it is. That’s not the gospel; that’s not Christian living; that does not even make sense (not grammatical, emotional, physical, philosophical, coincidental). This doctrine simply means dying, the Calvinist way…daily. And enjoying it.

    Paul, your closing paragraph in the article says it all. Here it is: “In summary, this dastardly, vile doctrine claims that present sin removes us from grace, denies the new birth, empowers the institutional church to forgive sins on earth, reinterprets reality itself, makes the Christian life experience oriented, redefines biblical faith, circumvents Christian love towards God and others, violates the principle of one baptism, circumvents peace, and delights in evil.”

    It’s time to chase Satan and his willing co-workers to where they belong, but in doing so, we should grab from their hands those that these workers of iniquity have blinded and infected.


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