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Rethinking Election Day Dread from a Biblical Perspective

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on November 8, 2016

ppt-jpeg4As written in several articles this week concerning today’s election, the usual suspects will vote for Hillary Clinton because of fear; that is, fear of the populous having too much freedom leading to chaos. Lack of social engineering by the experts could lead to a shortfall in basic human needs. How’s it working for us?

Ignorance regarding true world history and philosophy has resulted in an unreasonable fear of self-governing en masse. The roots of this massive politic run deep from the beginning of civilization and was eventually articulated by Plato circa 400 BC. Its conception was in the garden of Eden when the concept of mediator was introduced coupled with a Dualism epistemology.

Democrats play a lot of cards, but the fundamental card is fear of chaos leading to the supposed unfulfillment of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs which is an apt description of man’s physiological makeup. And, could any candidate be played into that fear more than Donald Trump? I doubt it.

Also, we looked at why the evangelical vote, for the most part, will lean Hillary due to the resurgence of authentic Protestantism via the New Calvinism movement. The Protestant Reformation was clearly predicated on a church-state which is directly antithetical to Americanism. Before the church can return to the glory days of John Calvin’s Geneva, Americanism must be eliminated. The only way that is going to happen is through socialism; so evangelicals are willing to engage in scorched earth voting in hopes of finding opportunity in the ashes of capitalism. If you doubt this, read any one of many anti-American articles written by mainline evangelicals like James MacDonald, John Piper, and John MacArthur Jr. while considering their known propensity to vote for Democrats.

The Republican Party emerged more from Enlightenment ideas that place faith in the individual and his right to pursue happiness. Government is supposed to be a primary support for the individual’s endeavor; a government by the people and for the people. It is still a caste system, but upward mobility is not only allowed, but encouraged.

Unfortunately, in the scheme of social strata within the caste system, the Republican Party has come to place fellow politicians on a higher level than the taxpayer. Hence, there is a revolt; so Donald Trump’s character and quirks are totally irrelevant—they think he will wreck the present system and something better will come from the rubble. Individualist voters see Trump as their last ditch opportunity to rebuild the present system with the priorities of authentic Americanism.

Therefore, the dynamic is threefold: it’s business as usual for those who vote according to fear (traditional Democrats) while evangelicals want to use Hillary to get rid of capitalism which makes a return to “godly authority” (think “church-state”) impossible. Obama didn’t get the job done so Hillary is next in line. Then, on the other side, Trump voters want to use Trump to demolish the present system altogether. They are fed up with business as usual, and as a result, are willing to gamble on the results.

Now, with all of this said, let’s focus on the rampant dread associated with this election cycle. This necessarily involves a principle that I often promote here at PPT: bad feelings are not a good thing, so, let’s not have them unnecessarily. When you feel dread, life is presently experienced as dreadful; this would seem evident. Therefore, when we feel bad, or guilty, what do we do? Right, we take an inventory of the thinking that is producing those feelings. ALWAYS. And what we find is most of the time we feel bad unnecessarily due to errant thinking.

Let’s take worry for example. If you write down everything you ever worried about you will find that worry is the biggest liar to found anywhere in the universe. Yet, because worry makes such a strong case with subjective feelings we believe a lie constantly. We are to dwell on the truth in order to have peace (Phil. Chapter 4), and worry rarely tells the truth.

Dread over this election is all but totally unfounded and based on low information if not outright ignorance, and per the usual, evangelicals lead the way in the ignorance parade.

First, the founders of Americanism were other-worldly brilliant and their insight timeless. Trust me; they were not outsmarted by the likes of Hillary Clinton. They saw the likes of her coming in their sleep. This is why America has survived big-league socialist presidents over and over again. Hillary is a little league socialist. In fact, America probably survived socialism’s best shot during the 1920s.

Secondly, Trumpism is a MOVEMENT that is loooooong overdue. If he loses, and he probably will, this movement does not go away. Look, something this radical does not take root the first time around. It might, but I doubt it. But if he loses, it will more than likely, result in a third party with an adjusted version of Trump. The Republican rank and file has been exposed by Trump; they view politics as a social strata that trumps the taxpayer in every instance. Ultimately, this will not stand because capitalism has been around long enough to establish sacred tradition. Trumpism is a working idea, so if Trump loses, the movement will find a new and improved version of Trump. Also, more than likely, his children, who are deemed impressive by all camps will be entering politics.

Thirdly, history shows that socialism cannot defeat capitalism. Everywhere socialism exists—it was there from the beginning. Socialism will never replace the cradle of capitalism: America. In every case where it could be argued that socialism replaced capitalism the populous of those countries will risk life and limb to get into America. And as stated in the several political posts written last week here on PPT, the Bible foretells a form of capitalism as the predominant economic system of the last days. It will take a pseudo-capitalism to set a slavery trap for mankind in the end. We will see a capitalist revival in the near future. Overall, life worldwide will become almost utopic, and then the end will come suddenly.

Fourthly, election angst is most prevalent among Christians because they are ill-informed in regard to kingdom theology. Because the institutional church is predicated on control and authority by virtue of being an institution, it is believed that God’s kingdom is just another kingdom in the Wrestling Mania ring vying for control of the world…for the good of mankind of course.

But no, this is not our kingdom. We should vote for practical here-and-now reasons and not act like we have a dog in the dogfighting ring. No, no, no, our mission, I repeat, our mission is NOT to take over the world for Christ’s glory. Good grief, please get a grip. We are God’s “ambassadors.” What’s an “ambassador”? When our brother king comes down and sets up our kingdom, it will be a 1000-year clinic on politics done right.

Stop acting like our kingdom is presently competing with the world’s kingdoms. Our kingdom is not here; we are ambassadors on a mission. When our brother king comes, he is going to completely uproot every political system and establish ours. It is my understanding that some churchians are on prescription medication to deal with the stress of this election cycle. Yep, bad institutional church theology will do that; it’s called, “orthodoxy.” And what does it produce? Fearful Christians on medication chanting, “God is in control, God is in control, God is in control.” Have you convinced yourself yet? Well bless your heart; keep up the chanting, maybe you will be heard because of your many words.

Lastly, the Trump movement has ushered in an anti-institution sentiment similar to the American colonialist spirit that gave birth to America. Do a careful study of American colonialism; it was far less pretty than the Trump movement. Far less. The colonials were not nice people and had serious anger issues. The path to freedom is often very messy, but we must remember that the essence of sin is a lust to control others (Genesis 4:6,7).

But the point I am leading to here is the opportunity to return to authentic biblical fellowship that is mutually exclusive from any form of institution. We are God’s royal family working for God as ambassadors in a foreign land, and when we meet together it is a family affair, not enslavement to an institution. That’s why our royal family meets in homes, not purpose buildings. The institutions of our kingdom reside in heaven where the kingdom is located, not here on earth. As royal family members here on assignment, we meet as a family. Furthermore, our brother the king is presently in heaven as well and will return at an unknown time; there are no Lords other than him when we meet together. It is a body with members that fulfill roles that edify the body as a whole, not any who arrogantly usurp our brother’s Lordship.

What I am saying is that Trumpism has ushered in an era that rejects expertism as the only legitimate path to wellbeing. It also follows that Christians are open to something other than traditional church and something that really works. In regard to the home fellowship movement and a return to authentic assembly—this is our time.

Look, those of you who have your emotional undergarments in a bundle, what would you prefer this time around, business as usual? How’s that been working for us since Ronald Reagan? That was a revolution, and so is this. But please thou evangelicals, stop annoying me with your “God is in control, God is in control, God is in control” mantra. God will intervene to guarantee the results that he wants in His overall scheme of things, but stop being a lazy thinker by letting others think for you and blaming God for it. That’s just lame. You are in dread because those who think for you want you to be in dread because that’s how they control you.

That’s how the Democrats control their followers, and that’s how the church controls its congregants…with fear flowing from the thoughts they want you to think and misinformation. It’s one thing to not have the freedom to think for yourself, but it is quite another to have that freedom and relegate it to others for no good reason whatsoever other than their agenda-driven purposes. And clearly, church is not about all members doing their part to edify the rest of the body, it is rather about thinking the thoughts the religious elitists want you to think for the express purpose of controlling you with fear.

Be advised: you need something other than the “God is in control” mantra and medication to silence your dread…

…you need to think with the brain and freedom God gave you. He didn’t die on the cross to enslave you, he died on the cross to set you free.


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  1. John said, on November 8, 2016 at 1:08 PM

    Countries all over are keeping an eye on this election in case disaster strikes (meaning a Trump victory). And people are pacifying themselves with the “God is in control” mantra, similar to the “sacred” Om mantra in Hinduism, in case disaster strikes (a Trump victory; they’re not even thinking Republican). People did the same thing and had similar fears when Obama got elected and when GWB was re-elected: “Om…God is in control.” Yes, it does sound similar after about 72 hours nonstop.

    Fear is strong, like twelve teabags in one little teacup. And the right people know how to use fear (and propaganda) to their advantage, and nothing controls people as fear does. Pointing a gun to the head arouses more fear than pointing two guns to a toe. And Protestants use it, all the time; and politicians use it, all the time, and bullies use it, all the time; and molesters of all sorts use it all the time.


    As I alluded to yesterday (no matter the circumstances)…we belong to God; we are His, and we are just strangers passing through this no man’s land (despite Protestantism’s rotten existence; despite veiled socialism.) And I’ve also said it before (as you often do too, Paul): God has given us intelligence, lots of it, and we must use it (or we’ll lose it). And He has given us freedom (ditto).

    And Jesus is waiting patiently, and we should not try to hurry Him (as the unbiblical Kingdom Now theology, found in all sorts of “Christian” circles, proposes) and we, as born-again believers, should be involved in the things of our God, living as though we are born-again, as though we are co-heirs, we should love as He has commanded us clearly…because we are all those things. And yes,a return to the Biblical assembly (home fellowship) should be high on our agenda, and we should move that way now, away from the rotten institutionalised “church” and its deathly lies, so that we can do what we’re supposed to do.

    After all, we live by faith, not by sight. Let’s do it.


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