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Tomorrow Will Feature Scorched Earth Voting

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on November 7, 2016

ppt-jpeg4Americanism had a two-fold impact on history after the American Revolution. For the first time in history, it effectively ended the church-state. Prior to the 4th century AD and from the beginning of human civilization, the pagan-state dominated world governments. Shortly after the passing of Peter and Paul, the two most formidable apostles of the Apostolic Church, the church fathers moved to replace the pagan-state with the church-state. For more than 200 years these two competed against each other to be Rome’s mistress and thereby have their orthodoxies enforced with legislation and the sword if necessary. The church finally won in the 4th century and the Catholic Church was born.

But contrary to the “Apostolic Church” motif, the assemblies of Christ led by the Apostles were never “church” and never called such in the Bible. The word “church” was inserted into the Bible as a replacement word for “assembly.” The assemblies were held in private homes without exception because the followers of Christ are literally God’s family and not an institution. Hence, the Bible often refers to the “household of faith.” It’s a household, not an institution.

Therefore, “church history” is truly just that; church history and not the history of Christ’s assemblies. That history would be very obscure and for the most part undocumented. Church history is vast and well documented because it’s an institution that has always vied for power and world domination through various means. Upon close examination of world history, we find that church martyrs were really political refugees, spies, and captured combatants. The Pilgrims were really political refugees that were really Puritans who were really Calvinists who also brought their new and improved church-state politics with them. The Pilgrims are a part of American heritage alright—the American Revolution was a pushback against the theocracy they brought with them.

When Americanism ended the church-state, Communism filled the void. Until then, the Church was the primary propagator of The Republic which was Plato’s socialist opus. The Republic proffered the following societal model: the masses cannot know reality and must be ruled over by mediators. Social justice is defined by unity around whatever the mediators dictate. Societal roles are predetermined and upward mobility threatens the purity of humankind which functions best when everyone is content within their predetermined societal roles. This was always the primary doctrine of the pagan-state and church-state alike.

In the 13th century, the Catholic Church began to be “corrupted” by Thomas Aquinas’ integration of Aristotle’s ideas with the Platonist theology that had dominated world thought until then. This “corruption” continued until the 16th century and ignited the Protestant Reformation. In contrast to Reformation propaganda, the Reformation was about one thing and one thing only; Plato versus Aristotle. The revival of Aristotle’s empiricism eventually led to the Age of Enlightenment which gave birth to Americanism.

After the American Revolution, the church in America was integrated with Enlightenment ideas. This led to a confused Platonist Lite theology that characterized the American church from 1776 to 1971 or almost 200 years. Unbeknown to most political strategists, the evangelical vote is shifting from Republican to Democrat because the church is returning to its Platonist roots that are foundational to Protestantism. As written about often here at TANC and PPT, the Democratic Party is driven by Platonist presuppositions concerning mankind with a socialist expression and application. Clearly, though the Republican Party has its caste issues, it is primarily driven by the idea of upward mobility and empiricism.

Though Neo-Protestantism has little in common with Hillary Clinton other than presuppositions concerning mankind, the church knows that any return to the glory days of John Calvin’s Geneva must be preceded by the toppling of Americanism. That means voting for Hillary Clinton. The goal is scorched earth with opportunity emerging from the ashes. While the debate among evangelicals concerning Donald Trump is the focus, the following is a triple wide jumbo jet reality flying under the radar: Neo-Protestants who now comprise the vast majority of evangelicals will be voting for Hillary as their best effort to get capitalism out of the way. Capitalism is the economic expression and application of Americanism. Regardless of what they may think of Hillary, capitalism must go if the glory days of church-state will ever return. This is scorched earth voting regardless of any character issues. The fact that Hillary is a career criminal is not the point; her socialism is the point.

Likewise, this is why Bernie Sanders is supporting her after she rigged the primaries to exclude any prayer that he would be nominated. Notice that the very undermining of our representative republic via election fraud isn’t even a concern; her socialism trumps any and all character issues.

With all of this said, the Republican Party still possesses its share of aristocratic snobbery. The Republican Party machine has come to relate more with fellow politicians than the common taxpayer whether other politicians are socialist or not. Aristotle’s empirical reason is much better than Platonism, but it still possesses a caste system. Yes, it is a better caste because one’s place in the social strata can be earned, but it still has a tendency towards class snobbery. However, the problem follows: fellow politicians; ie., Democrats, are higher on the caste strata than the common people. And the people are fed up with it.

Therefore, likewise, Trump’s character is entirely irrelevant. They will also vote for Trump in order to destroy the political system. It’s the same scorched earth voting. Sure, Trump may end up being a horrible president, but at any rate, the system must go! People believe he will burn down the entire system and start from scratch—this is what they want.

This is why character is completely irrelevant in this election cycle; ideas are being voted against, and voting is not for a particular person. The goal is to vote against a system.



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  1. John said, on November 7, 2016 at 4:35 PM

    Paul, your article…

    Scary. Post-apocalyptic. I see rubble. And heaps of dead bodies. I see ashes. And a big, ugly old bird is trying to rise from it. It has a deformed head and a stupid flower in its beak. A rose? A lily, or carnation? No, an unsightly tulip. And this ugly bird spits and hisses while it is struggling to get up; there are some people on its back; they are clutching ESV Study Bibles as though their lives depend on it. And with their free arms, they are doing Nazi salutes…proudly, arrogantly, mockingly. Then, at last, this bird is erect, waggling slightly; the world trembles (the world around it, anyway, which is mostly desert). The tulip falls to the dust and sprouts immediately. Spooky. And both bird and flower and new sprouts stink to high heaven and back. And those Nazi salutes continue and increase in intensity. “Heil the new king!” Over and over.

    And then it speaks with self-appointed, puffed-up, imaginary authority. “I’m Calvin,” the fat bird says, its breath rotten, smelling like the corpses of the good, innocent people lying between its sharp talons.
    “Klein?” a youngster asks, snapping the spectacle with his iPhone. “Freakin’ awesome! This is gonna go viiiiral; it’s gonna-be-a-trending! Calvin Klein?”
    “Non, mon frère. Calvin…Jean…uh…John. John Calvin, Double O Zero. Say, boy man, Is this Geneva?” the silly bird asks.
    “Nope, it’s not. This is Arizona, John double O Zero,” the boy answers, not longer so much interested in this abomination. In fact, close up, this bird and the silly people on its back are rather repulsive.

    And somewhere, from afar, He is watching; the One to Whom we belong…our Redeemer who is alive, the One who saved us. On Calvary. And this bird knows it, and ugly bird is angry. But Jesus is patient, and He is lovingly feeding his beautiful white horse…it’s almost time.

    And then this song plays (because it’s the only one I could find that contained the name of this scene; of this disaster).

    God bless you all!


  2. Timothy Smith said, on November 7, 2016 at 5:46 PM

    Paul, I see the need for ‘the church system’ to be realigned, as we know it. In fact, I see you to ‘religion’ what Trump is to ‘politics’ in many ways. And see both you and Trump on the side of restoration that is good. Maybe not perfect, but with right movitives. So I question whether bringing down said systems is all bad—though I understand the point of your article. I think the movtives of both movements are generally righteous in both my examples. 🙂


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