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Why Hillary Will Win and the Future of Capitalism, Part 4

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on October 27, 2016


Maslow believed that humans are motivated by basic needs. I think he was right, and these are needs that flow from how we are created. Adam was created incomplete. Companionship is therefore a basic need that God fulfilled through the creation of Eve.

And I would like to add this aside: I learn a lot from Susan’s massive book reading. One author points out that although soil is seen as representing the lowliness of creation and all things evil, it is really representative of something that produces life when it is attended to. Trees and life-giving plants come from the ground as Adam and Eve did so soil should be seen more as something that produces life and not mere dirt or for that matter representative of evil.

Now it begs the question of trust; what will man trust to be complete, and who will he trust to inform himself of such? Man, or God?

Church has ALWAYS shared two fundamental “truths” with every bloodlust tyrant who ever lived: determinism and the total inability of mankind. The tyrant calls it “destiny,” the theologian calls it “sovereignty.” The tyrant calls it “greed,” the theologian calls it “total depravity.” Either way, the equation is the same: man does not have the ability within himself to participate in the fulfillment of his needs that lead to wholeness. He cannot fulfill his own basic needs unless it is at the expense of others, and he cannot choose God for his most important needs and wellbeing. From the secular point of view, man is unable to choose government as his savior, he must me compelled, and from the theologian’s view, man is unable to choose God as his helper. And historically, both have chosen to compel man to choose correctly by force…and of course…for his own good and the saving of mankind. Yes, whether the theologian or the dictator, man must be saved from himself.

And because he is unable, he cannot consult God face to face for life’s answers, he is unable. Therefore, God, or Destiny, or the Universe, or choose another one of many, appoints mediators to fulfill the prewritten metaphysical narrative that brings glory to the god or gods claimed. Once a god is chosen, the authority of the appointed mediators is truth. All bets are off and anything goes. Do you doubt that? Look at what uber intelligent cultures have bought into over the ages.

The economics of the contrary view of man is capitalism. The opposition claims that successful capitalists, being unable, can only be successful at the expense of others while manipulating the good intentions of government unthankfully. Point in case: “You didn’t build that.” This goes back to the aforementioned definitions of capitalism and socialism in this series. America was founded by people who deemed food and water as irrelevant without liberty. This is why they were opposed to heavy taxation and taxation without representation which effectively puts people’s money in the hands of government. That’s socialism, not capitalism.

Two things fundamentally empower the people: money and knowledge. The more of your money government controls enables them to control you. The government’s ability to hijack knowledge enables them to brainwash the public according to their own gospel. And of course if they oversee your health care that is an additional issue as well.

Yes, socialism can only fool people for so long until they figure out that government has no real vested interest in self-actualizing anyone. Eventually, the populous stops long enough to look around and figure out that socialism has made them Hebrew slaves making bricks day and night without straw. Sooner or later, socialists will figure out that they cannot obtain their goals with a path of socialism because socialism simply does not work. Consequently, there is always a day of reckoning because people outnumber government officials. In the face of collective rebellion governments are powerless and without remedy unless they kill everyone which defeats the purpose of government in the first place. This is what’s behind population control in general and abortion in particular; a larger than normal populous puts government power at risk. Too many people to control; too many ideas, too much thinking going on; too many people to brainwash, and too many people to kill.

This is why socialist governments depend on limited murder to instill fear and propaganda/brainwashing for the most part, but don’t forget the benefits of religion’s role in all of this. If both government and church share the same propositions concerning mankind, and they do, and the church claims to administer eternal salvation by proxy, and they do claim that, and the church tells its parishioners to obey the government no matter what because it is ordained of God, well then, the benefits of the two being married together is apparent.

But, in this Information Age coupled with the American experience being around for more than 200 years, a socialist road will not be successful in paving the way to socialism. More than likely, socialists will use some form of capitalism to bring things to a certain point where they can ambush the masses and seize control of the world before anything can be done about it.

What makes me think this? According to Bible prophesy, the world is in a state of peace and prosperity prior to Armageddon. What comes upon the world during that time is “sudden destruction.” This sudden destruction comes upon the world when the world is saying, “peace and safety” and then “peace” is taken away from the world. You have to have something before it is taken away. Also, churches will be saying, “We are rich and have need of nothing.” Revelation also predicts the sudden destruction of a fabulous mercantile world economy. We see technology as capitalism’s brainchild, but computer technology also makes a plenary and sudden takeover of the world’s economy possible.

In spite of the fact that Hillary Clinton will probably win in November, look for capitalism to make a comeback. I believe the antichrist will be a pseudo capitalist; I believe this because socialism cannot bring the world to the point described in the Bible. I believe capitalism will be used to destroy capitalism. This has never been tried before, but it will work. If successful capitalism results in a computerized world economy, it’s a simple matter of taking over the system.

One may also note a simple truth in the book of Revelation that can be easily missed because of its simplicity: the antichrist will oversee the mother of all church-states. America eradicated the church-state worldwide because Americanism and its capitalism works and socialism doesn’t work. But, the church-state will come back with a vengeance and make up for lost time.

The socialist mega church-state of Revelation will not come about via the socialist road because of two things: the Information Age (tyranny cannot function unless it controls information), and the 200-year-plus American experience that strongly contrasts socialism. History tells us that American capitalism has survived socialist insurgency from within time and time again, and we are talking about strains of socialism that makes Hillary Clinton look tame.

Capitalism cannot be overcome by socialism at this point in history.

So, look for better times. If Hillary Clinton is elected for the aforementioned reasons her socialist agenda will not succeed. In contrast, capitalism will usher in an age of unprecedented freedom and prosperity. However, unfortunately, this prosperity will be used to exalt an individualism that dismisses God’s role in reality.

This is where the unlikely election of Donald Trump may play into this scenario or someone like Trump will challenge Hillary in the next election that doesn’t have all of Trump’s baggage. Nevertheless, Hillary is a socialist lightweight because she thinks a socialist road will lead to socialism—it will not. Only a pseudo capitalist road leading to a sudden takeover will work, and this theory best fits Bible prophecy.

But meanwhile, the hybrid version of socialism and capitalism enables a lot of free stuff while maintaining access to some measure of self-actualization. In other words, short cuts to self-esteem without working for it. People are getting their cake and eating too, and this is why Hillary will win; the Democrats are presently supplying a feasible short-cut to self-actualization. Said yet another way; they are offering free stuff and freedom both. But free stuff eventually takes away freedom and moves the scales to an intolerable balance.

The present socialism/capitalism hybrid is a contra reality built on a foundation of sand. Maslow was spot on: a truthful and favorable self-assessment is efficacious to happiness. Man will NEVER find happiness in labors that ONLY benefit something outside of him.

We are simply not created that way.



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  1. John said, on October 27, 2016 at 10:39 AM

    Paul, what worries me (or maybe not that much anymore) is that many live in “socialist” countries already without realizing it (New Zealand, Canada; what? Surprised?). When talking with some of its citizens, one finds their allegiance lies with the state (no matter what silly laws their governments pass, as with Canada’s proposed bestiality pervertedness, among other absurdities); their salvation lies in the “church” (gulp, gulp, Protestant, of course), and their common sense lies in the gutter, dead and ready to be washed away by the first stream of dirty water to come along.

    There is indeed going to be a “false” peace and prosperity period; and yes, capitalism of mass proportions (as no one can have a Hummer, a Mercedes-Benz, a swimming pool, prime real estate, and be able to travel the world (because it’s your right!) while a socialist/communist world political system exists.

    However, Antichrist (whose forerunners are already laying the groundwork for him, of that I’m sure) has a surprise waiting for him though…one he is not going to enjoy, private plane or not.


    • Paul M. Dohse Sr. said, on October 27, 2016 at 12:16 PM

      Agreed, there are a hundred different ways in which this coming peace and prosperity could be defined. Since it will depend on “merchandise” (the buying and selling of goods rather than a doling out by government) to a great degree, it will be some kind of capitalism. But yes, it could be a capitalism predicated on some kind of level playing field so-to-speak.


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