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Why Hillary Will Win and the Future of Capitalism, Part 3

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on October 22, 2016


“State welfare’s wage of death is always determined by the degree of the public’s lost dignity and self-confidence…State funded self-actuation is a temporary deception and the Pied Piper of tyranny.”

In parts one and two we looked at what drives people according to their basic needs and the relationship of such to politics. The thesis is deliberately simplistic: even though most Americans do not realize it or ponder it, they will seek to have their basic needs met through methods that either trust government or self. It all boils down to the basic ability of mankind in general and the individual in particular. This is the ability/inability of man question.

Socialism depends on the state to rule over the affairs of men and the sole purpose of one’s existence is to support the state. Capitalism, uniquely American, depends on the individual resulting in the self-actualization of man. In capitalism, the government’s sole purpose is to facilitate man’s freedom to obtain the upper strata of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. It is a government BY the people and FOR the people. These are the economic applications for questions concerning the true wellbeing of man.

We looked at how this plays out in some contemporary examples. ISIS has no chance of ever bringing America down through terror, so socialists are not going to invest large sums of state money to protect individuals or satisfy justice. Protecting against terror puts emphasis on individual lives and not the state. Hence, the relaxed attitude towards border security etc. Little is more obvious; Democrats are willing to sacrifice a small percentage of people to increase their voting block because their goal is to save America from itself. Said another way, like all of the socialists before them they seek to save mankind from itself. One’s self-actualization is defined by contribution to the group overseen by the state.

“Justice” is a process that defends the sanctity of life. It punishes all acts that disrespect life. This is why justice will always be lacking where individual life is devalued except for its contribution to the state. Therefore, acts against the state will bring swift judgment while crimes against individuals will be all but relegated to the basement closet. Is this not what we see constantly in socialist countries and in America under the Obama administration?

To many in America, socialism seems “stupid” because few understand the logic that drives it. At any rate, Donald Trump is a voice for those who are frustrated by what seems to be illogical, but socialism is NOT illogical, it possesses a logic that drives it. And, the logic addresses the ability/inability of man question.

Is there enough frustration to elect Trump? I doubt it, at least not yet. But that would be quite amazing given the centuries of re-education by socialists since the American Revolution. Regardless of socialists being in total control of education and the media from the beginning, a little less than half of the American people still get it and possess the spirit of Americanism.* In my mind there is only one way this is possible: mankind is wired for freedom and freewill. America is a result of men finally discovering that God creates truth within man that is “self-evident.” God created man with certain laws written on his heart and administered by the human conscience. This is what the framers of the American Constitution hit upon.

Ironically, the Puritans who transported European socialism to the new land are seen as the principle proponents of Americanism and nothing could be further from the truth. The American Revolution was all but a direct pushback against Puritanism. However, America has always been a hybrid of European presuppositions concerning mankind and true Americanism predicated on man’s God-given abilities.

Until America, and from the beginning, religion and state tyranny have always been codependent colaborers in warfare against man’s freedom and his ability. Instead of man being free to choose the God of his conscience, the state has always claimed to own truth according to the religion it’s married to. This mode of operation has dominated world history since the day God closed the Garden of Eden. This is the cardinal principle of Americanism’s separation of church and state. NO, in fact, a devout Christian as President of the United States would NOT necessarily be a good thing. This world kingdom functions best when it is free because that is how God created man. Americanism has proven that this is our best life now until Christ establishes the kingdom of heaven on earth and rules from David’s throne in Jerusalem. Less econocide,** genocide, and democide, and more justice that upholds life is a good thing until the best comes to bear.

If socialism tips the balances of American power completely in its favor, those deceived by the present allowance of pseudo self-actualization will be awakened to a crude reality—they will no longer have their cake and the ability to eat it also. As socialism weaves its deceptive web, it will allow its unwitting advocates to be taken care of in exchange for dignity while playing in the backyard sandbox of freedom. They will awaken to the sandbox being taken away and replaced with all self-actuation being defined by the complete eradication of self for the state’s purposes. This is the age-old tyranny that has always defined world history.The pleasures and freedoms they experience while on the state’s dole will rudely disappear. State funded self-actuation is a temporary deception and the Pied Piper of tyranny.***

Accordingly, as the American institutional church moves back to its Puritan roots via the New Calvinist movement, the confused evangelical capitalists of our day will continue to dwindle. Consequently, you will see a marked increase of anti-Americanism and lack of justice in the church. The rhetoric you will hear is the bemoaning of America-worship versus Jesus-worship, and “man worship versus God worship” proven by a penchant for justice, etc., etc., etc. In fact, this kind of rhetoric is now commonplace in American pulpits.

So, overall, how will the war between capitalism and socialism play out in the future? This will be the subject of our fourth and final part.


*State welfare’s wage of death is always determined by the degree of the public’s lost dignity and self-confidence.

**The economy is no less a weapon against the people than weapons of warfare that take life. Historically, socialism has always used famine to execute suspected capitalists.

***The founders of Americanism deemed Maslow’s lower strata of food and water irrelevant without the freedom to pursue self-actualization.

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  1. John said, on October 22, 2016 at 8:53 AM

    We do know what follows socialism, don’t we? If we were thinking people, we would and should know.

    Great, and now I’m waiting for Part 4 in this most remarkable yet easy-to-understand series (if one’s willing to think, that is).


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