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Why Hillary Will Win and the Future of Capitalism, Part 1

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on October 19, 2016


Why in the world would the American people elect a known criminal for president of the United States? As you know, here at TANC Ministries, we are big on reminding people that the accusation of “stupidity” is an analytical shortcut; people ALWAYS do what they do for some reason driven by logic.

In this case, the logic is probably driven by Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Anyone who has followed our ministry for a while knows that I am a proponent of this theory because its truths are evident for those who pay attention to what they experience in life; especially for those in the caregiver industry.

Colonial Americans were unique to human history because their logic was driven by the top of Maslow’s pyramid. Of course, their philosophy founded on Enlightenment ideas resulted in this emphasis. One’s basic logic, and in this case, presuppositions about mankind will determine the emphasis people put on basic human needs. For the Colonials, “Give me liberty or give me death” clearly reverses the order of Maslow’s pyramid.

By the way, the lynchpin, or windsock, is always FEAR which the Colonials lacked because mere human existence for the sake of existence was unacceptable to them. In this case, existence for the sake of the state in exchange for food and water was completely unacceptable to them. One element of this is high taxation.

Be sure of this: the only reason the Democratic political party exists is due to lack of education about these things. It’s a kind of “The only thing we need to know is Jesus died for our sins” mentality. It results in the whole consideration being twiddled down to who we trust to get our needed food and water: the individual, or the state. Is the state’s purpose to free the individual to pursue the top of Maslow’s pyramid or is the top of the pyramid purely defined by one’s contribution to the state’s ability to rule over the affairs of men?

The lie told by the Democratic Party while they slowly dismember Americanism is that trusting the state for food and water will not cost people the top of the pyramid still experienced by Americans. But it will, and it always has. Until America came along self-actuation was only found in one’s contribution to the state to rule over the great unwashed, and invariably, this is always found desperately wanting.

This November, a majority will trust Hillary for their food and water because right now Americans are getting their cake and eating it as well. Even hardworking Americans, via lack of truthful education, see the state as their safety net in case they fail which is likely because after all, we are all totally depraved. Even Billy Graham says so.

Therefore, yes, Hillary has her flaws, but at least she supposedly understands that we all need food and water. But what about Donald Trump? He’s despicable and immature? Well, sure he is, but more than that he represents pick yourself up by the bootstraps and do your job or you’re fired! And if I get fired, how will I eat? If I fail, Hillary will understand and make sure I still have my needs fulfilled by the nanny state. But under Trump, if I fail, he thinks I deserve to starve. It’s cold-blooded survival of the fittest.

Hence, Hillary’s ethics are completely irrelevant. Let me repeat that: this is why Hillary’s ethics are TOTALLY irrelevant. She understands that we are weak and may need help with food and water one day. But that is the lie of the ages. Sooner or later, self-actualization is totally defined by one’s contribution to the state for purposes of saving humanity from itself. Eventually, it becomes an existence totally defined by the state in exchange for food and water. History bears out the results of this miserable existence time and time again.

The antithesis is liberty. In the next part we will further examine this theory and then move on to the likely future of liberty economics: Capitalism.



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  1. John said, on October 19, 2016 at 8:37 AM

    Fear is a huge factor in elections. The masses fear they may lose something (anything, whether it’s something real or simply imagined), and due to clever indoctrination and well-organized propaganda, the masses are lead to believe by the Clintons of this world (anywhere in the world, especially in Marxist-Leninist countries, it seems) that the Clintons are indeed capable of taking away those things the masses fear of losing (imaginary or not).

    What is interesting to observe is to have a face-to-face with someone who is pro-Clinton because of the fear factor. It would take only a minute for that person to admit, that she/he would vote the other way if not for the fear aspect. Given, in many countries, fear by the ruling party/government, is accompanied by physical danger to its opponents’ followers, hence mass murders, etc. (Think most of Africa, North Korea, China, etc.)

    In this particular USA case, I feel that the physical danger (intimidation) is present and presented to the masses in a most ingenious, fiendish way: at the basic level, just as Paul is saying.

    Let’s start a Thinking Party. Well, five members are better than none.

    Now this whole principle is alive and well and wreaking havoc in the spiritual sphere of things too (think Reformed/Calvinist feculent and the fear these false belief system puts into the hearts of its opponents). Yes, that is pretty darn scary stuff.

    Great article, Paul. Now shall we start our party? (I’m just finishing off a quick Mensa quiz; no problem).


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