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An Open Letter to Rob Turner; Former Lead Teacher of APEX Church

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on August 8, 2016

TANC M2Paul M. Dohse on behalf of TANC Ministries:

Dear Rob,

I will begin my open letter to you by reminding everyone that your recent “fall” has become a commonplace event among well-known Protestant leaders. Almost weekly now, we hear of another Protestant personality being “disqualified” for ministry. Sadly, these events will continue to be handled the same way: damage control rather than a pause for hard questions.

Our message to you follows: there is an immense silver lining in the dark clouds now hanging over your life. You may consider this silver lining because of numerous contradictions that mark Protestantism; e.g., while Protestant ministers such as yourself continually emphasize what amounts to the total depravity of the saints, you must step down when you fall. What other behavior should be expected? It makes no sense.

Another reality we think you should consider follows: the preference given to leaders such as yourself when these episodes arise. As set against the egregious testimonies that we hear from people ravaged by the biblical counseling movement that you have endorsed, the elders had a discussion with you and a course of action was decided on together. Also, your wife mentioned in her letter that you and she have decided to remain at APEX.

Truly, the reading of those words dumbfounded us. The average hardworking layperson that has been paying your salary all of these years has no such options. This ministry continues to aid people who are brought up on church discipline for merely attempting to leave a church without the permission of the elders. You have had close associations with churches who practice this kind of control. In fact, APEX is presently instructing its members on how to think about what has transpired, and guidelines for discussing it with others. An official announcement was withheld until these publications were prepared. Sorry, but this reeks of cultism.

So what is the silver lining that we suggest you consider? The almost weekly moral failures of leadership, the double standard, and cult-like control policies flow from a false gospel. You find yourself in the present situation because of the false gospel of progressive justification. Protestants call it “progressive sanctification,” but this is disingenuous at best.

The crux of this false gospel is elementary. Its doctrine of double imputation effectively denies and redefines the new birth and keeps “Christians” under law. It makes perfect law-keeping the standard for justification rather than the new birth. Supposedly, this is acceptable because Jesus keeps/kept the law for us, but that is NOT righteousness “apart from the law.” Protestantism suffers from a single perspective on law and sin resulting in a denial of a literal new birth into the family of God.

Any gospel stating that Jesus came to obey the law perfectly so that His obedience can be imputed to our sanctification is a false one and circumvents direct acts of love performed by the saints. Hence, when it gets right down to it, any real acts of love are really performed by Jesus and not us. I would invoke sarcasm here and note that this has become evident, but sadly, this also falsely accuses Christ of being sovereignly responsible for evil in the church.

Trust me; your episode is not God’s will. However, it is God’s will that something good comes of it. You have a choice: consider your former investments rubbish in exchange for Christ, or try to salvage whatever is left of your own former glory.

I suggest you turn away with prejudice from another fruit flowing from this false gospel: the Protestant cult of personalities that ultimately led to your present opportunity.

Paul M. Dohse on behalf of TANC Ministries.

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