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What’s Really Behind Gun Control?

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on December 4, 2015

ppt-jpeg4Anti-gun liberals are not left-wing liberal loons by any stretch of the imagination; they are merely among the metaphysical mainstream of world history.”

Probably one of the most life changing experiences I have ever had was listening to John Immel during our first TANC conference. In one of his usual observations that give dignity to life and practical hope, he noted that people always do what they do for a reason—primarily their logic. Writing people off as “stupid” or mentally ill is lazy thinking; it’s a shortcut. Sure, we have all been driven nuts by the clamoring of liberals to do away with guns in the face of what would seem abundantly obvious: terrorism thrives on the concept of shooting fish in a barrel. And obviously, crime doesn’t pay if you don’t know who is packing and who isn’t. And as far as being invaded by another country, if the public is well armed, that’s just a huge problem for the invaders. “But they will just nuke us.” Probably not because invaders want your country’s stuff, and the stuff is no good if it’s burned up.

So what’s up with these annoying anti-gun nutballs? Once again, I must refer you to Immelism: it’s their presuppositions concerning mankind. In it’s most common denominator, it’s the total depravity of man. That’s just as much a secular concept as it is a religious concept. On this wise, the Socialist and the Protestant kiss. It’s the same old social caste song and dance that began in the cradle of civilization. In the beginning there was Socialism, and it has for the most part ruled the ages. In fact, after enough misery, mankind did not finally say “no” until the 17th century, and finally made the point with muskets in the 18th century resulting in a thing called “America.”

How does the secular/religious doctrine of total depravity work? A. The masses are unable to know reality; B. Some sort of higher power preordains mediators with special knowledge to rule over the masses in the material realm on behalf of the higher power; C. The mediators, who may in some religions actually be visiting avatars who work with additional human mediators, oversee an enforcement class of people who compel the masses to obey the mediators, usually by force. This can manifest itself in a number of different tri-fold applications with the application of government easily discerned in the mix. For examples, simply see “World History.” In regard to the often-heard reasonable concern by liberals that only the “qualified” should have guns for fear that the totally depraved will be constantly shooting themselves in the foot; yes, that would be the desire to see only the enforcer class having guns because they enforce the bidding of the seers.

Simply stated, you either have a government by the government that owns mankind on behalf of the higher powers, or a government by the people and for the people who own themselves, and are directly culpable to a higher power determined by themselves. Whatever that higher power may be, it is generally agreed that the freedom of man is self evident according to natural revelation, and subsequently, it can be said that man owns man, not the government. Why do many who obeyed governments find themselves on the long end of a short rope? Because of natural laws that are self evident to all men. See “America.”

Anti-gun liberals are not left-wing liberal loons by any stretch of the imagination; they are merely among the metaphysical mainstream of world history. Government cannot own mankind if mankind is well armed. The first step to government owning man, of course, for his own good (sarcasm), is disarming mankind by any means possible. Set against this first step is the universal angst among the tyranny of seers: “If only everybody would obey us, and by force if necessary, the world would be at peace!” Only problem is, the tyrants don’t always agree because they have different higher powers. See “The History of Warfare.”

Liberal commentators don’t think you are stupid like you think they are stupid, they just think you can’t understand reality. What is self evident isn’t reality, they have the higher knowledge. If only you would humble yourself and not rely on your own understanding, utopia could be realized. And they don’t want to destroy America by any means, they want her resources so they can destroy the other mediators who worship the wrong powers of their own imaginations.

And of course, they know best, so that’s when you have the right to bear arms—to do their murderous bidding.


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