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Deb and Dee of Wartburg Watch .com: Gossip, Not Gospel; Hobby, Not Hope

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on June 3, 2015

There is a huge problem with the Christian blogosphere; it is very comfortable with hopelessness. In fact, hopelessness has become a hobby. The real world simply can’t function without solutions, but the Christian e-world seems to be exempt from that reality.

I started this blog when most blogs that address trends in Neo-Calvinism started, circa 2009. The goal was to find answers and an eventual solution to the New Calvinist movement that continues to turn the church upside down. Perhaps my solution-oriented bent comes from my entrepreneurial background; without solutions—you don’t make payroll. I never had to face any of my employees and say, “I can’t pay you this week” because the possibility was too terrifying. Trust me, it was all about solutions for many years.

The problem is simple: the recent and ongoing tsunami of spiritual abuse is due to a false gospel which shouldn’t surprise us. That was my first goal; to find the “why.” Then I found the solution.

What is more obvious than the fact that the institutional church which some call, “the evangelical industrial complex of celebrity pastors” makes the ongoing abuse possible? What is more obvious than the fact that institutions cannot function without money? Take ABWE of the missionary kids infamy. GARB churches could have brought ABWE to its knees inside of a week; yet, even in light of unspeakable atrocities against children, not one congregation pulled support.  Hence, the situation dragged on and on for roughly twenty years with little or no justice brought to bear. Why? Where are the missionary kids today? Does anybody even remember them? Oh, I forgot, their situation isn’t trending right now; that would be the latest drama everyone is feeding on: Jordan Root and Matt Chandler’s Village Church.

The discernment blogosphere could stop spiritual abuse dead in its tracks. We are talking about huge numbers and people who have immense influence.  Why would you continue to give any credence whatsoever to an institution that makes abuse possible? Churches are either directly involved in abuse, or turn a blind eye to it. Pastors who dwell in the institutional church could indeed put a stop to it as well. For example, a handful of IFB pastors could have stopped the Jack Hyles cartel from wreaking havoc on innocent lives, but they didn’t. Why?

Obviously, it’s a preservation issue of some sort at the expense of innocents who are attending church and trying to do what’s right. Instead, they fall prey to tyranny and pedophiles. There is a reason why the Protestant church now bears the same fruit of the Catholic Church while both continue to thrive. How can this be?

Let’s pause for clarification of points:

  1. The Protestant/Catholic/evangelical industrial complex of celebrity pastors is predicated on a false gospel, specifically, the false gospel of progressive justification. Protestants and Catholics merely disagree on man’s role in the progression. False gospels bear bad fruit—this should be evident.
  1. Catholic/Protestant hierarchies both claim God’s authority on earth to oversee the progression of salvation. The Catholics are more upfront about the idea, Protestants less so; nevertheless, this ministry has a cache of quotations from leading evangelicals that make the same claim. And they get that directly from Calvin and Luther.
  1. Participants of the evangelical industrial complex of celebrity pastors knowingly profess progressive justification, or unwittingly function by it.
  1. Progressive justification calls for an institution vested with God’s authority to oversee salvation. We hear all of the time that formal church membership is synonymous with being in the “body of Christ.”
  1. Progressive justification, theologically, allows for any and every kind of sin under the auspices of authority. We simply must not question God’s anointed who “stand in the gap” and “stand in our stead” before God. Our role is “humble submission” before God. If those who stand in the stead have wronged us—they will answer to God, not us. Our role is to “forgive the way we have been forgiven.”

Break point: most discernment blogs are pundits of this system. Their only hope is in the system itself. This is why they refuse to associate ideology with behavior. Regardless of what’s going on in the “church,” the goal is to somehow fix the church. Since 2009, they continue to whine, cry, and beg the institutional church to behave itself. They gather together, moaning and licking each other’s wounds, crying out to the institutional church as god rather than the Prince of Peace.  Really, it’s pathetic.

The paramount example of this sad scene is Deb and Dee’s Wartburg Watch .com. In their attempt to save the institutional church, they have become a celebrity subculture that mediates between the hierarchy and Churchianity’s sheeple herd. They are also a model for most of the other discernment blogs.

Listen, when the focus of salvation is a system, people will cling to that system at all cost. It is NEVER the ideological foundations of the system; it is ALWAYS a few bad apples that are to blame. If you suggest that it is the system itself that is the problem, you better go to that conversation in full riot gear.

And yesterday was a good example. It’s an amazing scene. In the same way that celebrity pastors get a pass from their followers, Deb and Dee not only get a pass for their illogical ways and steroidal hypocrisy, but also, as I found out yesterday, a vibrant defense from their faithful followers. Dee, and probably Deb as well, stood by while I apparently got what was coming to me. And cursory observations of their comment streams reveal that they are selective in regard to who receives this verbal abuse.

There is no room here by any means to document the full brunt of their ideological disconnects and hypocrisy, but I will touch on the basics. Let me start with explaining their intolerance of me regardless of the following: the price I paid for asking New Calvinists too many questions rates near the top of the abuse scale, so why did Deb and Dee stand by while I received my verbal beating which included blatant false accusations and baseless name calling? Because like black conservatives who are not black because they are conservatives, I am not a fellow victim because I offer an articulation of the problem and a solution.

Besides the fact that Deb and Dee are not victims of the institutional church, an articulation of the abuse problem and a solution threatens their hobby; ie., gossip mongering. For years, they have held an endless recycling of trending drama in the institutional church with spotlighted victims coming and going. They have their own Top 40 hits of the trending victims that eventually drop down to number 200 or lower. The discussion held on their blog is the musical hit of the week until people get tired of it and wait at the doors of their Wartburg castle with bated breath for whatever is trending next.

But here is the bottom line: Karen Hinkley will not find justice any more than the missionary kids, and that’s NOT ok with me. Karen Hinkley is at the top of the chart right now, and the missionary kids are not even on the chart. Deb and Dee are comfortable with that because trending victims come and go feeding their hobby and celebrity status as hopeless gossip peddlers. Their gargantuan pooling of opinions has not solved anything and has actually enabled the institutional church to continue in tyranny and abuse. They are facilitators—not advocates. They only have talk and have no solutions. In other words, they offer no hope.

Let’s put feet on this a little more. Deb and Dee see no real power in the truth or a connection between ideology and behavior. The latter has been my primary problem with them for several months. In a venture to keep people connected with the institutional church in some way, shape, or form, they offer an e-church hosted by none other than Wade Burleson who is a consummate Neo-Calvinist.

Let that sink in a little. While supposedly taking up the cause of those abused by the New Calvinists, they endorse a New Calvinist, and make it a point to expose others to his teachings.

Really? Do I really have to expound on this further? Look, I could cite the lame excuse they present for doing this on their blog, but I can’t really muster up a mental incentive to do so. This comfort with metaphysical contradictions is post-modernesque in the extreme.

Now, regardless of the fact that I rarely, actually, VERY rarely visit other blogs, and the subsequent accusation by Dee’s minions yesterday that I am a “low grade troll,” I was beckoned to Wartburg yesterday in regard to a statement that she made which leads me to the next point. Since the obvious must be discussed in our day, it stands to reason that the obvious must also have need of being articulated. This speaks to the other problem I have with Wartburg: they do not see truth as efficacious to healing.

Let me be clear and make a statement that I fully intend to stand by: Deb and Dee believe a false gospel. How do I know this? Dee said so. The statement that was brought to my attention follows:

Remember, we are all positionally holy but we are all functional sinners.

This is clearly a false gospel that denies the new birth. In fact, it is a return to the same authentic Protestant gospel that New Calvinism is predicated on. Deb and Dee cannot help people victimized by New Calvinism because they are functioning New Calvinists and that’s exactly why they are hooked up with Wade Burleson which should be more than obvious, but anyway, it is what it is.

Sigh. Ok, let’s start with the fact that the biblical definition of a “sinner” is someone who is unregenerate. Really? Do I have to explain this? Do I have to point out that Dee called “believers” functioning unregenerates? Are evangelicals that far gone? This is the exact same gospel that John Piper et al hold to. He states it plainly all of the time: Christians still need ongoing salvation that can only be found in the institutional church. Furthermore, that also comes directly from Calvin and Luther both in no uncertain terms. Deb and Dee, as well as many of their minions, are well aware of this ministry’s numerous citations that establish this as fact, but…

…they simply don’t care about the truth nor do they see it as relevant, except for the fact that it threatens their hobby and celebrity status. Clearly, their problem with John Piper is primarily his tweets, not his gospel, and they have as much said so in the past. Why? Because they believe the same false gospel.

Christians, if they are really Christians, are not merely “positionally” righteous, they are in fact righteous beings because they have been literally born again of God. In the gospel according to Deb and Dee, there is no understanding of sin in regard to justification and sin under grace. UNDER LAW (the biblical definition of a lost person) and UNDER GRACE (the biblical definition of a saved person) are not separate—“Christians” remain under law and under grace is merely a covering supplied by a perpetual imputation of Christ’s righteousness. This is the New Calvinist false gospel that Deb and Dee buy into while claiming to be champions for those abused by the “Calvinistas.” It’s otherworldly ironic.

So in the final analysis, the Wartburg Watch offers no one hope—victims are only fodder for their hobby, regardless of their motives, and they offer no true good news, but rather replace the gospel with gossip.


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  1. Andy Young, PPT contributing editor said, on June 6, 2015 at 7:20 AM

    I saw the perfect FB meme the other day that describes this perfectly.

    “Arguing on the internet is like playing chess with a pigeon: no matter how good you are, the pigeon is going to knock over all the pieces, crap on the board, and strut around like it won anyway.”


  2. A Mom said, on June 6, 2015 at 7:46 AM

    Whenever I read or hear someone refer to God as sovereign, or in control, this is what comes to my mind:

    Mr. DJ puppet-master, spinning records, bobbing his head, mixing, sweating, moving fast, controlling the music. A modern day pied piper. But this sovereign God ain’t always mixin’ music to a party goin’ on. This God also be mixin’ something horrible, painful, & tragic to be goin’ on. A sovereign God is responsible for it all – the DJ of the world.

    The reformed camp worships what seems to be a sweaty DJ, imo. No surprise these guys think they should be mixin’ the music & controlling it all. And they teach all the rest are the totally depraved ones?

    Wasn’t John Calvin the sweaty DJ spinning the records & controlling the music in Geneva? I can hear him now, “When I say move, you move! When I say jump, you jump! When I say depraved, you depraved! When I say burn at the stake, you burn!” John Calvin, the DJ of Geneva.


  3. Oasis said, on June 6, 2015 at 11:55 AM

    A Mom, love your comments. I believe you are spot on. This “sovereign” DJ god is nothing but a hateful, disgusting criminal, an abusive father to all of his Christian zombie children. He stabs me with a thousand knives, but I will forever laugh in his non-existent face.

    Oh, the rants that never were…!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. johnimmel said, on June 8, 2015 at 9:59 AM


    Thanks for the Kudos. Dee shut the conversation down after I started to offer my 76 cents worth so maybe others would have chimed in on the Peer review rational standard . . . . or maybe not.

    Anyway, I must confess that I learned something at Wartburg in my conversation with Clockwork Angel. I learned that Blight in the Vineyard is a “history” book.

    Who knew?

    And here I was thinking that I was writing about exposing the roots myths and emotional torment of spiritual tyranny.


  5. johnimmel said, on June 8, 2015 at 10:20 AM

    Argo… yes . . . good comment above.

    I think the distinction that was missing (well, among many distinctions) in the Clockwork Angel (and Law Professor on TWW) was between subject mater mastery and rational authority.

    I mean we all tend to defer to those who demonstrate subject matter mastery and in as much as we do we hold them as an “authority.” And in as much as I have invested (or anyone has invested) the time and the rational independence to acquire knowledge, there is no error in claiming expertise.

    I know it goes against our Altruist moral standard for someone to make such a claim but that doesn’t change the fact that select individuals do make the effort to acquire knowledge and the measure of that acquisition is their ability to demonstrate that mastery. And they should say so . . . Frankly, I think I do that. I think my mastery of my given subject matter is on display. People are free to take me to task on anything that they think is in error. Together our combined subject matter expertise only grows and refines.

    But this stands in contrast to conferring on select men the power to play gate keeper to ideas. Authority is not a means to validate rational conclusion . . . ever. Authorities are not arbitrators of the facts of reality.

    An academic degree is merely a designation that someone has displayed a specific mastery of an educational institutions pedagogical standards. And that standard is only valid in as much as I respect the institution bequeathing the title If I don’t give a rip about the institution then the title is irrelevant . . . which is pretty much what you said and exactly what Clockwork Angel and Law Professor said. They think my degree comes from a backwater university that no one respects ergo they are right to reject me specifically. So they are demonstrating the very thing you are pointing out: a degree or a title is only as good as our individual willingness to care about such things.


  6. A Mom said, on June 10, 2015 at 12:21 AM

    “This “sovereign” DJ god is nothing but a hateful, disgusting criminal, an abusive father to all of his Christian zombie children. He stabs me with a thousand knives, but I will forever laugh in his non-existent face.”

    Oasis, You’re comment states it clearly. Sovereign = buck stops here. Ah, nope, the buck stops with the person the action belongs to, NOT with God.

    And that’s the problem. It’s not enough to identify abuse as the solution to the abuse epidemic. Watchmen & women must go for the cure & teach abuse does not come from God. God never condones abuse. God hates abuse! If God is sovereign AND God hates abuse, then God would hate… God! This line of thinking doesn’t add up if you do the math. This is not rocket science! Sheesh.

    But some try to rationalize this crazy math by saying the abuse is good because it makes gospel people. So see how God is sovereign & good… & abusive action is “meant to be” or “God-allowed”? It makes perfect sense for Twilight Zone music to be blasting thru the speakers of these churches & blogs.

    TVC is being true to the Sovereign God doctrine. It’s all part of God’s plan, & Karen is foiling God’s sovereign plan! That is why she’s the villain. Why isn’t this clear?

    It’s all about God glorified thru the broken vessel… the more broken, the better. How many times have we heard these sovereign God guys boast they are the worst sinners? Sounds like something a mafia kingpin would boast. It’s not what I would expect from a decent human being, imo.


    • Paul M. Dohse Sr. said, on June 10, 2015 at 6:22 AM


      It’s really simpler than simple. The very foundations of Protestantism demand the present outcome. As we will see more and more in our HD series, Luther believed that good works identified with mankind while suffering identified with God and was really the good. Luther believed that human good only appears good while the works of God appear evil, but are really good. This is because as Luther also plainly said, “All wisdom is hidden in suffering.” Luther believed that Christ’s death was primarily epistemological. Deb and Dee must humble themselves and confess that they are guilty of listening to other people and not thinking for themselves. You can’t claim the very same thing that causes the abuse as your truth while claiming to be advocates for the abused. They are clueless and need to repent, then they might be able to help someone.


  7. A Mom said, on June 10, 2015 at 10:41 AM

    There are definitely different gods in “conventional” Christianity that have opposing characteristics. Which one will each of us serve?

    For instance, Does Mercedes ordain car crashes since they make cars & car crashes happen? Was it Mercedes Benz’s plan for princess Di to die? No. Only if Mercedes Benz is negligent, are they to blame. Do we see what sovereign means? It says God is negligent. Yikes!

    Cars aren’t created with the purpose of death or maiming. They are created for good. Same with people. People are created for good. If an individual does wrong, they are the one who decided that, & they are responsible. It’s not the Creator’s plan. If wrongdoing is pre-approved by the Creator, then the Creator is okay with wrongs like abuse. That’s not the Creator I believe in.


  8. Oasis said, on June 11, 2015 at 5:48 AM

    Talk about life-giving words… You never fail to deliver them, A Mom. You are right, of course… Not rocket science, but for one reason or another, many people are afraid to think too much, or too logically about contradictory beliefs and other spiritual matters, including what it means to be human. Some kind of horrifying sin, or so the men in suits imply. Threatens lifestyles, complacency, the love affair with magic and mystery etc.

    Not sure why or how any thinking person, or anyone with a heart, can conclude that a deceitful, pro-abuse, backstabbing Jesus is the real Jesus, the one we are to imitate. This is pure poison. Evil.

    But the “sovereign” presentation of God benefits abusers in many ways.


  9. Andy Young, PPT contributing editor said, on June 11, 2015 at 10:50 AM

    “How many times have we heard these sovereign God guys boast they are the worst sinners?”

    A Mom,

    “This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners; of whom I am chief.”
    1Timothy 1:15

    This is probably one of the worst misused verse among these sovereignty guys. The word translated “chief” is the greek word πρωτος (protos) and it means first in order or position. I believe it is a purposeful mistranslation to translate this word as “chief”. There is another word in the greek, αρχς (ar-cho), and it means first in rank or power. We get word like “arch enemy”, or “archangel”. If Paul meant to say that he was the worst, or “chief” of sinners, why didn’t he use “archo” instead of “protos”?

    The answer is, because he didn’t mean to say that. When you study the context, he wasn’t emphasising his “quantity” or “quality” of sinfulness. He was emphasizing his “firstness”, first in order, not first in rank or importance. How do we know this is the context? The very next verse tells us:

    “Howbeit for this cause I obtained mercy, that in me first Jesus Christ might shew forth all longsuffering, for a pattern to them which should hereafter believe on him to life everlasting.”
    1Timothy 1:16

    Notice the word “first” is the exact same word translated “chief” from verse 15, “protos”. Before Paul could have the ministry that he had, he had to be saved first. The reason why he was first is pretty clear in verse 16. So in other words, of all the other “sinners” who believed as a result of hearing the gospel from Paul, Paul had to be saved “first” so that could happen.

    It really bothers me so much that these guys purposefully misuse this verse out of context the way that they do!


  10. Oasis said, on June 11, 2015 at 7:08 PM

    Thanks for that, Andy!


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