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Let’s Pretend: Cedarville University Cares About the Gospel

Posted in Uncategorized by pptmoderator on January 10, 2015

PPT HandleOriginally published June 10, 2013

“Did you know Christians still need to be saved? Well, bless your heart, it may be too late for you, but quickly enroll your children at Cedarville where they can be saved by Dr. White’s gospel.”

Nobody wants to discuss the gospel that has been running the show in the American church for several years. Launched by a Reformed think tank in 1970, it seized control of evangelicalism in the mid-1990s. Propagators continually put forth the idea that they are the new sheriffs in town and they need time to straighten things out, but the fact is that their gospel has been running the show for almost twenty years now. Are we better off? Hardly.

We aren’t talking about mere semantics here. We are talking about the heart of the gospel. We are talking about the law’s relationship to grace. We are talking about the very definition of justification. New Calvinism keeps the believer under law, but supposedly that’s ok because Jesus keeps it for us. No, under law is under law no matter who keeps it. God will not honor a false gospel. The New Calvinists aren’t fixing anything—they are creating the mess with their backdoor antinomianism.

The new President of Cedarville College is just what the trustees were looking for: handsome; educated; an adventurist; sports enthusiast; the appearance of pure orthodoxy; the Mayberry RFD family—all the things that bring in admissions from suburbia Christianity. Hope has returned to Cedarville; the alumni can once again look at themselves in the mirror. Yes, he’s good, even being a student of New Calvinism for six years now, it took me forty minutes to positively identify him as a New Calvinist heretic. I consider him one of the best at masking his false gospel.

Dr. Thomas White and his wife were both educated at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, a bastion of Christian mysticism and New Calvinism. But a statement on his blog says it all:

When the Gospel drives everything we do, we see all of us need grace every day. We all have deceitfully wicked hearts and preaching a moralistic set of rules will never save but will only add a burden that mankind cannot bear. We should teach about theological realities such as adoption, redemption, forgiveness, and grace. We should become protectors of widows and orphans and fathers to the fatherless.

We need to proclaim loudly the biblical message that children are a blessing from the Lord, that life begins at the moment of conception, that we must fear God more than any opinion of man, and that the Gospel brings grace if one repents and believes. No matter any judge’s verdict, we must defend life now, not wait until the morning after.

For the most part this reads well, but the devil is in the details. The greatest errors are always closest to the truth. Does the gospel drive EVERYTHING we do? Does the same gospel that saved us continue to completely drive our Christian life? You know, the “gospel-driven life.” The “gospel-centered life.” Do Christians continue to need grace every day? What does he mean by “grace”? The common grace we expect from God every day, or the same grace that saved us? Do Christians need daily salvific grace? Is that what he means? Sure it is, for he goes on to write,

We all have deceitfully wicked hearts….

Is that true? Do born-again Christians have “wicked hearts”?  Yes, according to New Calvinists. That’s why we need the gospel every day.

Like with all New Calvinists, we receive the same ambiguous rhetoric from White that masks his false gospel:

….preaching a moralistic set of rules will never save but will only add a burden that mankind cannot bear.

“Mankind” is thrown in to knock you off the scent. This kind of New Calvinist deception is protocol. The “preaching” refers back to “we” and “us” in the previous sentence including “all.” That would be us, as in CHRISTIANS, the fact that New Calvinists see us as no different than the unregenerate (and therefore still under the law) notwithstanding.

Furthermore, try not to close your eyes because a shocking scene is coming:

1. Rules in the Bible are called “moralistic.”

2. And, preaching rules will never “save” Christians.

Did you know Christians still need to be saved? Well, bless your heart, it may be too late for you, but quickly enroll your children at Cedarville where they can be saved by Dr. White’s gospel.

Somehow, they will become moral and serving as well. Dr. White will teach them two different things that supposedly yield godly results:

A. They are still totally depraved.

B. They should value life and help the poor.

Really?  Dr. White also states that we should….”teach about theological realities such as adoption, redemption, forgiveness, and grace.” “Obedience” and “sanctification” and “discipleship” are conspicuously missing. And there is a reason for that.

Like all New Calvinists, Dr. White will propagate a gospel contemplationism that supposedly results in the imputation of Christ’s obedience to the believer in sanctification. That’s because we are still under the law and Christ’s obedience must be imputed to our sanctification so that we can live our Christian life in the same way we were saved: by faith alone. Synergistic sanctification is believed to be works salvation. It’s antinomian let go and let God theology.

Again, these guys have been running the show for twenty years and the results speak for themselves. One result is the GARB response to the ABWE scandal. It’s sad but true: Christians continue to pay good money in the name of a gospel that will not sanctify, or save.






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  1. lydia00 said, on January 13, 2015 at 1:42 PM

    I have been warning folks away from Cedarville for a while now. Yes, he is an Al Mohler minion. Al’s goal is to get as many of his indoctrinated minions running Christian schools and seminaries as possible.

    This serves a two fold purpose. Calvinists cannot stand personal freedom or independent thinkers so it is bad for America. And once they own the colleges and seminaries, the churches follow….as we have seen. An entire generation has been lost to this doctrine of death, helping to usher in collectivism much easier. When people believe their hearts remain wicked and they can do nothng, they are not exactly fighting for freedom are they? They would consider that a sin.


  2. Susan said, on November 2, 2017 at 9:08 PM

    The good doctor doesn’t like what you have to say so he “deletes” your posts. I guess that is the modern-day version of covering one’s ears? I would like to ask: “Then why be Christian?” Maybe the answer to that question is why even the “worst of the worst” non-believers see right through the double-speak and the cognitive dissidence and downright evil of today’s church and walk away. If I remember correctly, the early Christians were know for their love. What are today’s Christians known for? Nah, don’t answer that. I know.


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