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Elyse Fitzpatrick: Under the Law of Sin and Death and Proud of It; Part 3

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on October 10, 2014

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  1. Carmen S. said, on October 10, 2014 at 3:09 PM

    Most of Tullian’s sermons and posts are repeatedly self-quoting from his books. It’s mind-numbing, perhaps, on purpose? Elyse Fitspatrick’s quotes are similar to Tullian’s, but sold to the women’s market. If you remove yourself from the “buzzwords”, reminding yourself of their reformed twist, you might not be sucked into the emotionalism they use to hook you.

    Does reformed theology only focus on justification? You bet it does! Pastor Tullian included this in his blog post “Church, we have a problem”.

    “In his book ‘Paul:An Outline Of His Theology’, famed Dutch Theologian Herman Ridderbos ( 1909-2007) summarizes the shift which took place following Calvin and Luther. It was a sizable but subtle shift which turned the focus of the Christian faith from Christ’s external accomplishment to our internal transformation.

    Donald Bloesch made a similar observation when he wrote, “Among the Evangelicals, it is not the justification of the ungodly ( which formed the basic motif of the Reformation) but the sanctification of the righteous that is given the most attention.”

    Let that sink in for a moment. The sanctification of the righteous is something reformed theology despises. They seek to hide their disdain under charges of moralism, pietism, etc.

    Tullian even throws out “to focus on how I am doing more than what Christ has done is Christian narcissim.”

    Yes, Body of Christ, my fellow brothers and sister, there is a problem.


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