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With Permission: The David C. Bennett ABWE Expos’e

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David C. Bennett, D. Min.

1Timothy 1:20 “Of whom is Hymenaeus and Alexander; whom I have delivered unto Satan, that they may learn not to blaspheme.”

2Timothy 2:17 “And their word will eat as doth a canker: of whom is Hymenaeus and Philetus”.

2Timothy 4:10 “For Demas hath forsaken me, having loved this present world, and is departed unto Thessalonica…”

3John 1:9 “I wrote unto the church: but Diotrephes, who loveth to have the preeminence among them, receiveth us not.” 10 Wherefore, if I come, I will remember his deeds which he doeth…”

God’s men named names as the Scriptures above declare. However, it is surprising to this editor how people defend organizations and men even when it is shown how corrupt they have been. Don’t name names; just get on with the job of preaching the Gospel is the cry of today. That may tickle the ears of some but it isn’t Biblical. So if you do not desire to know what scandalous cover-ups have taken place under the guise of “all for the sake of the Gospel” then you are advised not to read any further for the names of the offenders will be mentioned.

The Association of Baptists for World Evangelism (ABWE) is an organization composed of men who have done wrong! Two of these men, Russ Ebersole and Don Davis, are still living and still serving on staff with ABWE[1]. Russ Ebersole is promoted as a speaker for ABWE[2] and the other, Don Davis, has been given another position from what he had when the Donn Ketcham affair occurred[3]. The other man is Donn Ketcham who was with ABWE as a missionary doctor until he was dismissed in 1989. Ketcham just recently turned in his medical license in Michigan. The fourth man involved in the Donn Ketcham cover-up was Wendell Kempton, then president of ABWE but now deceased.  The last is Russ Lloyd, who is a “Biblical” counselor[4][5] but was not on the ABWE staff. All of these men are guilty of covering up Donn Ketcham’s pedophilia!

Now, this paper and all the above has been said because some months ago this editor wrote an article concerning “THE ONGOING SAGA OF ABWE”. Some weeks after that article was posted on the internet the following email was received. It said “I personally do not know nor have I ever been in a church that supported Don K. I have read all the articles where ABWE has apologized to everybody but Satan. I fall to see what your treatise does to honor God or further the Gospel of Christ. You have not shown any new light on any of this so I think you should stay out of it (emphasis added by the editor). I am just a layman committed to the furtherance of the gospel.”

Well, I am NOT going to stay out of it. Here are four points answering this email regarding ABWE and the Donn Ketcham cover up.

  1. How does an organization apologize for an individual’s sin? Donn Ketcham sinned against the poor fourteen year old girl and her family. Wendell Kempton, Russ Ebersole, Russ Lloyd and Don Davis also sinned against the abused girl and her family. Three of these four men are still living and breathing and should be brought to account!
  2. Are any of the men involved in the Donn Kethcam mishandling still living today? As stated in number one the answer is yes there are men still living who were involved in this tragic affair and they should publically apologize? Instead ABWE plays musical chairs with Russ Ebersole and Don Davis. There doesn’t seem to be any attempt by the ABWE leadership to hold Russ Ebersole and Don Davis accountable for their unconscionable actions taken in protecting Donn Ketcham!!!!
  3. Does covering the sins of Donn Ketchm for twenty years honour God and further the Gospel? Again consider John the Apostle’s words in 3John 1:9 – 11 “I wrote unto the church: but Diotrephes, who loveth to have the preeminence among them, receiveth us not. 10 Wherefore, if I come, I will remember his deeds which he doeth, prating against us with malicious words: and not content therewith, neither doth he himself receive the brethren, and forbiddeth them that would, and casteth them out of the church. 11 Beloved, follow not that which is evil, but that which is good. He that doeth good is of God: but he that doeth evil hath not seen God.”

Should John have not mentioned Diotrephes simply for the sake of the Gospel? Also consider Paul who rebuked those who had sinned. According to the Bible there is to be no cover up other than the covering and cleansing that comes from confession, 1John 1: 9.

  1. Hopefully this “treatise” will shed some further light on the sordid cover-up and mishandling of the Donn Ketcham situation plus other aspects of the Good Ole Boy’s Club mentality that is so often promoted within fundamentalism and “new” evangelicalism. It is hard to imagine that if it was not a Good Ole Boy’s Club mentality that ABWE and these four men had at the time it must have then been either a cover-up (1) to protect the name of ABWE or perhaps (note the word perhaps) (2) to protect others involved in the same sort of sins. Harsh language BUT there are a lot of questions yet to be answered by ABWE and these men.

Many who are reading this already know most of the heartrending story behind ABWE’s lack of Biblical management in the Donn Ketcham saga so allow this editor to piece together a chronological diary of the unbelievable sequence of events. A much more detailed outline of events is given elsewhere.[6]

Let us begin with Russ Ebersole’s letter to Donn Ketcham’s supporting churches. Emphasis is added by this editor.

SEPTEMBER 18, 1989

This letter was written by Ebersole who had years earlier served in Bangladesh as a church planter. As a friend of Wendell Kempton’s, Ebersole was appointed as the ABWE Far East Administrator. So in that position he was responsible for the missionaries in Bangladesh.

September 18, 1989

Dear Supporting Friends of Dr. & Mrs. Donn Ketcham:

Greetings from our office here in Cherry Hill.

Recently you have received word from Dr. Keteham and the pastor of his sending church, Rev. Michael Eleveld. I know that the information contained in those letters was grievous for you to read. Our hearts have been deeply saddened and burdened through this whole experience. Because of an immoral conduct which has disqualified him, the ABWE Board, with deep regret, is terminating the ministry of Dr. Donn Ketcham.

We cannot forget, and are grateful for, the many years of faithful service rendered by Dr. and Mrs. Ketcham at the Memorial Christian Hospital in Bangladesh. And, we thank you for your important part in this ministry through prayer and financial support.

Our hearts and minds have been reminded of the pertinency of God’s Word in Galatians 6:1,2: “Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such an one in the spirit of meekness; considering thyself lest thou also be tempted. Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.”

A beloved brother has fallen! May God help us to biblically restore him and to help bear the deep burdens that he and his dear wife, Kitty, carry at this time. In consideration for Mrs. Ketcham, and at your discretion, we suggest that support be continued through November to allow this couple to become settled, find employment and begin counseling.”


  1. Not once did Ebersole mention pedophilia. In fact this was not the first immoral incident in the life of Donn Ketcham as a missionary!
  2. Note the words “immoral conduct” and “beloved brother has fallen”. Reading all the information on the MK’s web site[7] one begins to believe there was a conspiracy in the covering-up of this whole ungodly sordid affair.
  3. There is also the suggestion to the churches “that support be continued through November”. Information from other ABWE missionaries who have desired to leave ABWE on their own were not allowed such privileges. Are only the favoured given such consideration!
  4. Ebersole has compassion on the pedophile and his family in requesting church support to continue so Ketcham and family might settle in, find employment “and begin counseling”. As will be seen later this is not the first time Ketcham had to have counseling for immorality.[8] Also there have been others who have left ABWE over doctrinal concerns but they were not given such consideration as continued support. So MUST one be an adulterer/pedophile to receive such favours from the ABWE hierarchy, otherwise known as the Good Ole Boy’s Club.
  5. It is also worth noting that Russ Ebersole has not been dismissed over the handling or mishandling of this Donn Ketcham pedophile situation BUT he has been simply moved to another position! Musical chairs as one blogger put it!

Next in line is this email sent to the then ABWE lawyer, Don Davis. Not surprisingly Davis has been moved to another position within the ABWE hierarchy or better known as the Good Ole Boy’s Club. Again musical chairs! The emphasis in the email has been added by this editor.



It is important to note that this is TWENTY years after Ketcham’s service was concluded.

“Sent: Thursday, August 27, 2009 8:21 AM

> To: Davis, Don

> Cc:

> Subject: Re: MK Abuse


> Aug 22, 2009”

Dr. Donn Ketcham’s “…misconduct was serious enough early on that he was required to undergo some kind of treatment or counseling for it before he returned to the field. Immediately before he molested , he had an affair for which he was not removed from the field. And the mission claims to have been betrayed? Who was betrayed? The mission or the family? would not have been molested if the mission had removed him from the field after his affair, as it did the woman involved, and would have removed any other missionary. If that wasn’t protecting him and his reputation, I don’t know what is! From what I know and have heard, the pattern of protecting him continued even after he was finally dismissed.”

How do others outside ABWE with a clear conscience just sweep this under the carpet? How many chances does a man get? How many opportunities do a missionary, a preacher get when caught in adultery? It does seem that if you are a medical doctor, a friend or a son of a well-known personality then you receive several chances.

MARCH, 2011

Now move forward to March, 2011and read what the then president, Michael Loftis, of ABWE and the ABWE Board did.

“On March 29, 2011, ABWE President Dr. Michael Loftis requested that the Board authorize an independent investigation of the sexual abuse of missionary children by Donn Ketcham, as well as the administration’s handling of the matter.

On Monday, April 4, the Board of ABWE Ministries, Inc. unanimously decided to appoint an independent, third-party investigator to fully investigate the sexual abuse of missionary children by Donn Ketcham as well as the response to that abuse by the ABWE administration.”[9]

What prompted Loftis to request the Board to have an independent investigation of sexual abuse by Donn Ketcham twenty years after the fact!  That brings us to:

APRIL 29, 2011


Perhaps Loftis initiated the investigation due to a blog begun by some ABWE MKs! April 29, 2011 Jesse Eaton sent an email out for Michael Loftis.[10]  Only a few paragraphs will be quoted. Again emphasis is added by the editor.

“Perhaps you are aware of reports about past incidents related to a former ABWE missionary, which I would like to address. On March 15, I was informed by our staff of a blog authored by an ABWE adult MK telling of her abuse by a former ABWE missionary doctor in Bangladesh, Dr. Donn Ketcham. Other MKs have joined the blog to share their own stories of abuse or suspected abuse by the same individual. The pain of these young women and their families is heart wrenching.”

HOWEVER, from his own admission Loftis knew about this sexual abuse by Donn Ketcham in 2002 from the lips of MK’s.  He wrote “In 2002, at an MK retreat, Jo Beth and I were approached by several young women who shared their suspicions of abuse by Donn Ketcham. ABWE immediately offered to help these women, including providing financial assistance for counseling and other personal needs. I also made a request for an investigation into the matter. While nothing can wipe away what happened to these women, some women from the 2002 retreat have recently shared that they appreciated the counseling they received, funded by ABWE, and as a result have experienced healing in their lives.”

In the April 29, 2011 email Loftis continued by stating that on the plus side “The sins of one man and their shameful consequences are horrendous. Yet, they do not negate the decades of sacrifice and faithful gospel ministry of thousands of missionaries, churches, and local partners serving Christ around the world (Emphasis added).”

This is the new evangelical cry of the hour, “For the sake of the Gospel”! For the sake of the Gospel?! With this in mind should John have overlooked Diotrephes? For the sake of the Gospel should Paul have not mentioned Hymenaeus and Philetus?


What was Loftis considering from April 29, 2011 to June, 2011! Was his mind on the MK’s or his career? The question is only being asked for this editor certainly doesn’t know BUT it is interesting that in June of 2011 Loftis’ tenure as ABWE’s president comes to a close.



In June, not quite one month after Loftis’ 29th of April email ABWE announces some leadership changes. The line that the ABWE leadership put out said “…we want to make you aware that Dr. Michael Loftis concluded his faithful service as president of The Association of Baptists for World Evangelism as of June 7, 2011. The Board of ABWE Ministries, Inc., has expressed their appreciation to Dr. Loftis and his wife, Jo Beth, for their 13 years as missionaries in Eastern Europe and 10 years in leading our mission with unquestioned moral and financial integrity (emphasis added).”

“During those 10 years, Dr. Loftis brought great passion and giftedness to the cause of Christ worldwide. However, in view of the present needs of the mission and the board’s concern that a change of leadership was necessary, there was a unanimous decision that it would be best to seek a new president. These decisions have been some of the most difficult we have faced as a board. We want to assure you that these decisions were not rushed or due to any outside pressure. They were made after much prayer, deep discussion, careful analysis, and interviews with ABWE leadership. Our unanimous conclusion was affirmed by Dr. Loftis; all are in agreement that God has led us in this decision. The response of Dr. Loftis has been Christ-like, humble, and affirming (emphasis added).”[11]


Exactly what brought on this new view of ABWE’s that their present NEEDS are now different than they were one or two months earlier! Was it the mishandling of the Donn Ketcham affair?! Was Loftis’ the scapegoat, for Ebersole, Kempton and Russ Lloyd’s incompetence or something worse? This editor is just wondering how all this came about so quickly for it does seem strange a man who was not directly involved in the situation resigns and the two staff members, Russ Ebersole and Don Davis, who were involved, only PLAY MUSICAL CHAIRS!

MAY 3, 2012

My words are in brackets in the following. On the 3rd of May, 2012; ABWE stated that as an organization their “…first step in repentance is to acknowledge one’s failure. We have acknowledged that people in leadership positions made decisions that were unwise and unacceptable (and those who held those leadership positions should now be held accountable). These include:

  • the signing of a confession by the first known victim; (A confession was forced out of this 14 year old girl! This fourteen year old girl was kept from her parents during the time of signing this confession! What were Ebersole and Russ Lloyd thinking? Where are they being held accountable now by ABWE or the churches?)
  • the insistence the victim ask forgiveness of the perpetrator; (A 14 year old girl was forced to seek the forgiveness of her abuser! How does ABWE continue and how do people still defend them? Some have even suggested this 14 year old girl was as guilty as the doctor!)
  • the failure to investigate fully the first reported incident to determine if there were other victims; (Why would this not have occurred? Did Ebersole, Lloyd and Kempton have something to hide themselves? How did these men continue in leadership having made such terrible decisions in this Donn Ketcham affair?)
  • the failure to fully inform the sending and supporting churches of the specific nature of Donn Ketcham’s sin; (Why was this not done? Was Ketcham continuing to receive special treatment from the hierarchy (Good Ole Boy’s Club) of ABWE?)
  • the failure to fully investigate when MKs informed ABWE of additional victims; (Was this the real reason Loftis’ positon as President was concluded? Was Loftis the scapegoat? Was Loftis promised another position (ministry) elsewhere if he would just quietly leave? Was this just another Good Ole Boy’s Club Way of playing the game of Musical Chairs to keep the heat out of the kitchen and perhaps the heat would eventually die down?)
  • lack of notification of all appropriate authorities; (Were the proper authorities not notified in Michigan so Ketcham could continue to practice medicine and support his family? Was this just another we will watch out for one of our own! All of this smacks of protecting the guilty.)
  • by using the phrase moral failure, we failed to clearly identify the sin as child abuse (this lack of using appropriate words to describe the sin and crime that Donn Ketcham committed makes it look like there was a cover up for several reasons that only those in leadership know); and
  • the inadequate response to those MKs who sought help from ABWE (Ah, is this the real reason for Loftis concluding his “faithful service as president”?).”[12]

Here again is ABWE, an organization, repenting of the sins of those who are still alive. However, to this editor the words of ABWE come across as HOLLOW! Where is the personal admission and repentance of Ebersole, Davis and Lloyd? Kempton is dead but Ebersole, Davis and Lloyd are not!

The MK’s who began all this are waiting on the report by G.R.A.C.E. It took these females to get the attention of ABWE that all was not right in ABWE land. Before going too far ahead it should be pointed out that Donn Ketcham relinquishing his medical license is not a POINT scored for ABWE! NOTE, Ketcham would still be practicing medicine if it had not been for the tenacity of these former MK females!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well, Michael Loftis has been gone from ABWE for some time now but where has he gone? Was his departure from ABWE really of his own free choice or was he perhaps asked to leave? Only those in the know; know. But again the question is asked where has Loftis gone?

Well, in the Good Ole Boy’s Club there is always a job (ministry) waiting! It always pays to know someone who knows someone, or so it seems. Well, Loftis knows a lot of people and these are people of influence in “new” evangelical circles. Being on the board of schools or mission agencies is always a help as Michael Loftis knows for he “…serves on the board of Cedarville University and is a trusted advisor to ministry leaders and organizations in the USA and around the world.”[13]

According to Paul Dixon, Chancellor of Cedarville University, Michael Loftis has been “a trustee at Cedarville University for the past 8 years.”[14] This editor doesn’t know what other boards Loftis is a part of but be assured Loftis didn’t stand in the unemployment line long. In October, 2011[15] he came on board as the Executive Director of the DNA Global Network in Lewisberry, PA.[16] Loftis’ relationship to the DNA Global Network also identifies him as a co-speaker with another who is a “…popular national speaker at men’s events such as…Promise Keepers.”[17]  But there again this will not cause a stir in most churches today.

DNA Global Network is a new one to this editor but consider this, if a man is known by the company he keeps perhaps he is also known by the company that endorses him.



Dr. Joseph M. Stowell III, is President of Cornerstone University, Grand Rapids, MI. Joseph Stowell III comes from a General Association of Regular Baptists Churches (GARBC) pedigree. His deceased father was once the National Representative for the GARBC and a long time ABWE Board member. Therefore the Stowell name is a very familiar one in the GARBC circle.

Joe the III however didn’t follow in the steps of his father, for young Joe parted company with the GARBC some years ago. Joe’s bio says he “…serves on the Board of The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Wheaton College. He is a graduate of Cedarville University and Dallas Theological Seminary and was honored with a doctor of divinity degree from The Master’s College in 1987.”[19]

Oh, how times have changed; or rather is it the men have changed!? However, sometimes this editor wonders if all the talk about separation in days gone by was more personality rather than conviction drawn from the Word of God? Whatever, here is a once GARBC approved school (formerly known as Grand Rapids Baptist College) led by the son of a former GARBC National Representative serving on the Board of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and the Board at Wheaton! Who has changed or really has anything changed?


Then there is Joe the III’s honorary doctorate from the Master’s College. The Master’s College was once an approved school of the GARBC known as the Los Angeles Baptist College. When this change took place there was a mighty ruckus within the GARBC. Nevertheless, the dust has now settled and it seems like all is forgotten. What has changed?


Then there is the matter of Joseph Stowell III being a signatory to the Manhattan Declaration.[20] It seems to be a part of human nature, howbeit the fallen nature; that man desires to be a part of something no matter what that something may be.

For Joe Stowell III the Manhattan Declaration says a lot about him and the other signatories. This ecumenical Declaration says in part that “We, as Orthodox, Catholic, and Evangelical Christians, have gathered…to make the following declaration, which we sign as individuals, not on behalf of our organizations, but speaking to and from our communities.”[21] Does signing this as an individual rather than for their organization make it alright?


Oh, again we ask, have the times changed or have the men? Sadly it will not be troublesome to some who read this that the former president of ABWE, Michael Loftis, is now endorsed by a man who serves on the Board of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Wheaton College, and personally signed the Manhattan Declaration along with Roman Catholics!

Then there is:

Dr. Paul Dixon, Chancellor, Cedarville University

Dixon is a product of Tennessee Temple University and spent many years as an evangelist. However,  “Dixon…began holding evangelistic meetings in Southern Baptist churches years before he became Cedarville’s president…”[22] Dixon “often says, ‘God is not honored by a narrow view of the Kingdom.’ He lived out that perspective as he sought to create and solidify relationships with conservative elements of many groups, including the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC).”[23]

It is amazing that with all this getting together and the nothing really matters attitude, why do any of these groups; (SBC, GARBC, BBF, ABWE, etc.) still exist? Is there any difference? Not surprisingly, the Cedarville University Trustee Board now has both Southern Baptists and GARBC men on it. They are:

Dr. Jack Kwok

Executive Director and Treasurer State Convention of Baptists in Ohio

Dr. Dave Warren

State Representative for Ohio Association of Regular Baptist Churches

Cedarville, Ohio[24]

Is this editor missing something here? A school that was once an approved school of the GARBC now has a GARBC and SBC man on the Trustee Board! Is or has there ever been a difference doctrinally between these two groups? There must not be enough difference now or these two men could not work together on the same board. Or perhaps there are differences but those differences are set aside all for the sake of the Gospel!

After several years of viewing this cross-over it has been very hard for this editor to understand why any man would pastor a church in the GARBC when he could pastor a church in the much larger and more influential SBC, especially, if there is no real doctrinal distinction between the two!

Larry M. Brown, Chairman/CEO NTM USA – New Tribes Mission[25]

Just as ABWE has a lot to answer for in the appalling abuse of MK’s by Donn Ketcham it almost pales into significance to what has taken place at New Tribes Mission (NTM).[26] After reading about the abuse of New Tribes MKs one would think no one would seek the endorsement of anyone associated with New Tribes Mission! For instance “Investigators claim to have found more than 6,000 pictures and 250 video clips of child pornography on the computer of NTM Member Joel Price.”[27] But if you were the Chief of an organization like ABWE which also was composed of Indians that overlooked sin as NTM did, why not?

Yes, the Good Ole Boy’s Club has long arms for none other than the CEO of NTM, Larry M. Brown, gives a glowing endorsement for Michael Loftis. Believe it or not!!!! One wonders why the people in the pew are not speaking out against these organisations and the men responsible for the cover-up and protection of adulterers and child molesters over the years!

Reading the tragic stories of those abused by New Tribes Missionaries it comes down to this, the Chiefs and Indians simply overlook the abuse of MK’s all for the SAKE OF THE GOSPEL!!!! The Good Ole Boy’s Club is alive and well.


Psalm 55:14 “We took sweet counsel together, and walked unto the house of God in company.”

These were men that others trusted. These were men that others believed would make right decisions for were they not ministers, men of God. Weren’t these men that we went to church with? Were these not men that spoke from our pulpits and proclaimed the Word of God? Did we not trust them as we met together? Their counsel was to be trusted, was it not?

Psalm 55:12 “For it was not an enemy that reproached me; then I could have borne it: neither was it he that hated me that did magnify himself against me; then I would have hid myself from him.”

These men (Russ Ebersole and Russ Lloyd) were not an enemy so thought the poor fourteen year old girl who had reported her abuse by Donn Ketcham to her pastor. Now at fourteen years old she found herself alone on a plane sitting between Russ Ebersole and Russ Lloyd, flying back to Bangladesh.

These men were not thought to be the enemy when the fourteen year old girl was coerced to sign a declaration of guilt for participation in Donn Ketcham’s sin. These men were not thought to be the enemy when they coerced the fourteen year old girl to seek forgiveness from her abuser! These men, Russ Ebersole and Russ Lloyd, were not believed to be the enemy but how wrong that belief was!

Psalm 55:21 “The words of his mouth were smoother than butter, but war was in his heart: his words were softer than oil, yet were they drawn swords.”

The enemy uses smooth words! Cream rises to the top so it is said and most of these men supposedly are the cream of the crop! They rose from the ranks to positions of leadership and trust. They knew how and when to use “smooth” words. They were not negative but positive.

Sadly, Ebersole continues to be an advertised speaker for ABWE[28]. Why? Is it because his words are smooth? But the Psalmist says there were not only smooth buttery words but WAR in the heart. What Ebersole says in the churches is opposite to what he did to that fourteen year old girl.

Ebersole declared WAR on her as he sought to protect his friend, Donn Ketcham. Ebersole declared WAR on the fourteen year old, her family and anyone who opposed his friend, Donn Ketcham. Harsh words but that seems to be the evidence revealed in this SAD SAGA!

Ah, there is so much that could be said but the GOOD OLE BOY’S CLUB whether in the fundamentalist or the new evangelical circle is alive and well! But here is a QUESTION to ponder, now that Loftis is gone what should happen to ABWE?


It is most certainly not going to happen, but and if ABWE really does desire to do right, as they say they do, ABWE should sell its assets and close its doors! That is what should happen.

However, ABWE will not do this so then what? Here are a few suggestions.

FIRSTLY, Russ Ebersole and Don Davis as ABWE staff should make a public confession of their sins of cover up and protection of this adulterer/paedophile, Donn Ketcham! Surely these two men realize by now that they did wrong to the fourteen year old girl, her family and others!

Secondly Russ Ebersole and Don Davis should be unceremoniously dismissed without any financial payout. Oh, by the way, how much do you think ABWE paid Loftis before his departure for his years of good and “faithful” service? Good luck if you can find out!

Thirdly the money that has been given by churches and individuals for the Wendell Kempton Hospital should be given back to the donors OR the name of the hospital be changed. This name change should be given over to the girls who were the impetus in getting ABWE to admit there was sin in the camp! The name for the hospital would be whatever these former MK girls decide upon.

Hear the outcry?

There are some who will read this and will be literally incensed at such a suggestion. Nevertheless, consider why the hospital in Africa should not be named after Wendell Kempton.

Firstly the hospital should not bear the name of THE man who was THE CHIEF and in charge of the mission INDIANS when this sordid Donn Ketcham sexual abuse of a fourteen year old girl was mishandled through cover up, lies and deceit.

It cannot be emphasized enough that Wendell Kempton as Chief of these Indians (Russ Ebersole, Don Davis) knew exactly what was going on and that Kempton MUST have approved the whole cover-up/protection of this adulterer/paedophile. Be assured; NOTHING in ABWE LAND happened without Wendell Kempton knowing it was happening! He was the Big Man at Cherry Hill during the time of Ketcham’s adultery/paedophilia cover up and therefore a multi-million dollar hospital should not bear his name.

Thirdly, some years before Donn Ketcham began abusing the 12 year old girl, Ketcham was committing adultery. Ketcham’s adultery would have certainly been known by Kempton! Instead of doing what was right and Biblical, the Chief (Kempton) and the Indian (Russ Ebersole) just relocated Ketcham and family for a time while the nurse he had the adulterous affair with was sent home![29] Figure that! If all this doesn’t get one’s blood boiling nothing will!!!!


Nevertheless the reality is; it is a wait and see situation as to what the final G.R.A.C.E. report says. For as G.R.A.C.E recently said “an investigation of this magnitude, spanning over 20 years and involving dozens of individuals, is not one that can be completed in as short a time as most would wish.”[30]

What a sad state of affairs that this cover-up/protection spanned OVER TWENTY YEARS! A BIG THANK YOU to those courageous girls for their resolve and steadfastness during this whole ordeal. THANK YOU!

It is with great anticipation that the final G.R.A.C.E. report will not go lightly on ABWE and those responsible for the cover-up/protection of Donn Ketcham. Hopefully, the G.R.A.C.E. investigation and final report will demand each one involved in this reprehensible deed be dealt with appropriately and there will be closure (if possible) to this sad saga for the girl, her family and those others who were affected.























[23] Ibid.








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  1. Jo said, on June 6, 2012 at 8:51 PM

    David Bennett….Thanks for the details in order as well as the links. Having heard this horror story only about 3 weeks ago, it is helpful for me to see if I’ve overlooked reading something. I am particularly interested because I experienced my own cover-up with a pastor and deacon board, plus my daughter went to Cedarville.

    I have a questions that I don’t think have been asked: Why did the 14-yr-old girl fly alone to the US? A mini-vacation with friends, grandparents, etc? I just find it strange that she was alone. Who met her at her destination and where did she stay? How did she come to talk to the pastor and ‘confess’? Secondly, why did 2 MEN accompany her back to Bangladesh? Two men and a very young girl give a very trashy and suspicious appearance. Third, am I correct in understanding that her parents really never knew the details until years later? Thus ABWE gave themselves control and authority over this child to the exclusion and deception of her parents? I’ve said it before: God help us.


    • pauldohse said, on June 6, 2012 at 9:11 PM


      Yes, I think such is the case, but maybe Dave will chime in here. I found this piece very helpful. His work here is certainly much appreciated.

      > —–Original Message—– >


  2. pamelaebennett said, on June 7, 2012 at 7:59 PM

    The 14 year old girl was visiting her sisters in the USA during the summer holidays. She told her pastor what was happening to her by Dr. Donn William Ketcham in Bangladesh. Her pastor rang ABWE and they took over. They took this girl on an airplane back to Bangladesh with no woman to assist. When they arrived in Bangladesh she was not allowed to see her parents but had to stay at the home of Russ Ebersole’s son in Bangladesh. I might add her parents did not even know the reason they were bringing her back to Bangladesh. This can be verified on the bangladeshmksspeak blog. Full stop.


    • pauldohse said, on June 7, 2012 at 9:04 PM

      DISGUSTING. And these guys still work for ABWE.

      > —–Original Message—– >


  3. Jo said, on June 14, 2012 at 3:44 PM

    Thank you, Pamela and Paul. I’ve been out of town and just saw your reply.


  4. Patricia said, on June 15, 2012 at 8:47 AM

    This article should be presented to every GARBC church, many members think the GARBC and the once approved agencies/colleges/organizations are the same as they were in the 1950’s.

    I believe that since the GARBC gave their “seal of approval” to ABWE, they have to answer for their part pf being responsible for propping up an organization that would inflict such horrific injury on their own families, and prop up a pedophile and continue to cover up the ungodly actions and response by the leadership at ABWE.

    As we all have seen over, and over, and over the “good ole boys” club was and continues to be a group of men that were applauded for their “Whose Who in WHOVILLE” but their prideful positions perpetuated lies, deceit, cover up and unbelievable hurt. The churches associated with, supporters of ABWE and in the GARBC trusted in the leadership of these organizations and associations and were deceived by the lack of full accountability and Godly response!

    I believe that since they are responsible for the “seal of approval” at that time, the GARBC needs to come clean and take responsibility for their part in this issue of lack of accountability and discernment. They encouraged churches to support this organization, when did they learn about the sin in the camp at ABWE and when did they act on the information.

    Let me put it more plainly: WARNING! We no longer can recommend supporting the mission agency called ABWE, we need to have an accounting of their practices methods, and their response to obvious sin in their camp!

    REALLY? So many board members shared so many positions on the boards of colleges, agencies, mission boards, but no one in the leadership of the GARBC knew? REALLY? Either they were completely USELESS or, they too were OK with the cover up!


    I do note the comment in the above article, WHY have so many men in leadership positions in the GARBC that have been aware of the tactics mentioned: A missionary leaves ABWE due to theological differences, or methods and practices differences and ABWE pounds their supporters with less than kind information. This has happened so often that you would think the GARBC leadership would look into that much repeated scenario, they have to be aware of this, it has happened to often to go unanswered,

    I am aware of a few Pastors in the GARBC that have gone to ABWE and asked why this is repeated over and over, and I am also aware that some of these same pastors have responded with, “we know these missionaries” we choose to continue to support them.

    THANK GOD FOR THESE MEN OF GOD! Not one of them is serving on any board, they are busy taking care of THEIR flock!

    To those of us watching from the edges we got the answer when the brave ladies of the blog shared the REAL hea tbeat of that mission agency, the men held in high regard in the GARBC.


    If ABWE and the many men in shared/boards in leadership in the GARBC where NOT brought to their knees begging God for mercy for their apathy for the most vile sinfulness in their ranks and deceit in the cover up than I can see why any other sinful acts would pale in comparison to what these ladies of the blog have experienced..

    Just makes you wonder just WHAT sinful act WOULD bring a fast, complete and RIGHTEOUS response!

    I am not impressed with the resolutions of last year. Press Releases, Spiritual Jargon, comes easy from ABWE and GARBC. In the “REAL” world when you back a product, put your “SEAL OF APPROVAL” offer a warranty, you are legally, ethically and morally bound to that warranty.

    I do not see this any different. Real men of God, would not have to have a blog to bring them to act. Real men of God are not motivated by the inner circle of the GARBC or the boards of the once approved agencies. Real men of God act because the Holy Spirit prompts them to do the right thing.

    ARE THERE ANY REAL MEN OF GOD IN THE GARBC OR ABWE? The length of time that has already past with out any real decision and action on these matters speaks VOLUMES.

    Hanging in the balance, and found wanting!


  5. Don said, on July 9, 2012 at 4:36 PM

    And, this cover up is not the only issue with ABWE as we tried to recover funds sent to a missionary, but not given to the missionary. After his resignation due to health reasons, it came to our attention that while on furlough he did not receive the support our church sent him. When I as pastor brought this to the attention of the ABWE office, a snippy reply of, “Well, you know we have expenses too!” After insisting the funds be returned to our church, a check finally came in the mail. However, had the missionary never informed us of this issue I doubt ABWE would have done so!

    Cover ups continue, and this is not an isolated case!


    • pauldohse said, on July 9, 2012 at 4:58 PM

      Don, Lovely. Susan and I were recently on the verge of joining a GARB church due to the fact that I was fairly impressed with the pastor. But in light of how wretched this denomination has become–don’t think so. I am presently SBC, so the devil you know is better than possibly finding out the other one is worse.

      > —–Original Message—– >


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