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It’s Not Complicated: Protestantism is Basic Dualism/Platonism/Gnosticism

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Always Ask, “Why?” The Deletion of Counterpoints

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ppt-jpeg4Always ask, “why” if you want to know the reasons people do what they do. First, you have to know that logic drives behavior. Sure, you can argue that lust often drives behavior beyond logical bounds, but that truth is grounded in what people believe about lust in general. In other words, what people believe about feelings will determine how they react to them.

So, a very common trend in social media discussions follow: when someone is clearly losing an argument, they merely delete the thread, or block the one winning the argument. Why does that happen? What is the logic behind that action?

First, you have to understand that most, if not all, social media discussions are fencing with the thoughts of experts instead of swords. For the most part, individual reason is excluded as a valid epistemology. Has it come to the point where people who use personal logic to argue a point are deemed out of touch with reality if not outright mentally ill? Yes, I think it has come to that point.

Again, don’t confuse the use of logic in a debate with individual logic. I am not saying logic isn’t used; I am saying individual logic is not used because it breaks the epistemological caste system. What’s that? Commoners can’t know reality, and must depend on the “authority” of experts. A good example is the video below.

In this video, we hear John MacArthur Jr. clearly state that individual epistemology is insanity. We hear him state clearly that the knowledge of reality must be found in some authority outside of the individual. But this is also clear: all individuals who have ever lived will be judged individually and not by some authority outside of them that they submitted to. Many religions claim they are the one saving authority, so, one must ultimately make a decision based on inner reason or make a lucky guess and hope they win the eternal lottery. Yes, you can say Christ is that one authority, and that is fair enough if not the truth of the matter, but the problem follows: many religions claim that Christ has appointed His authority to them. Therefore, one must evaluate Christ based on their own individual understanding.

Let me close with the main point at hand. Contributions to online debates are going to be deleted if you argue from a standpoint of personal reason. Your ideas are considered to be without merit based on that alone. Furthermore, you will be considered mentally ill and out of touch with reality. Online debates are fencing with thoughts of experts outside of us that have been granted authority by God, god’s, the universe, or some other powers that be because some authority says that they have been given their authority. Because they say so on behalf of the authority.


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