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I Repent of Supporting Calvinism

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on June 16, 2015

Yes, I have seen the light, and will now repent of supporting Calvinism. It’s funny how one’s search for the truth is highlighted with lightbulb moments here and there along the way. The most recent drama trending among the discernment blogs is the story reported by Fox News here.

When the couple shared what the church did, and the fact that they were looking for a new church, the lightbulb moment occurred. By “exposing” what the church did, and announcing that they were looking for a new church, they are sending a clear message that the problem is with that particular church, and not the ideology that led to the behavior.

In case anybody hasn’t noticed, there is a whole bunch of misbehaving going on in the Protestant institutional church. By focusing on the behavior, which by the way is both similar and rampant, we facilitate the survival of the ideology that is causing the abuse. It would seem that all of these churches are behaving according to the same playbook; that’s because they are.

Said another way: by separating the behavior from the doctrine, the doctrine that is causing the abuse is getting a pass. Like all discernment blogs, I am guilty of this as well. I have two blogs that detail what happened to me and my family at Clearcreek Chapel. I now see that those blogs are actually promoting Calvinism.

How? The blogs point the finger at Clearcreek Chapel and not the ideology. Really, it was all a misunderstanding; I thought I was a Protestant, and really didn’t know what a Protestant is. By thinking I was a Protestant and hanging out with Protestants, I found out the hard way what a Protestant is.

How we underestimate the power in Jesus’ words: “Beware of the traditions of men.” Ya, no kidding.

It’s the tradition, stupid, not the behavior. Stop supporting Calvinism.