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The Protestant Ruse, Donald Trump, Death, and Taxes

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on October 9, 2016

ppt-jpeg41Is it possible that the vast Protestant industrial complex is one of the biggest scams ever perpetrated on mankind? It’s not only possible; it’s a fact. And it’s not because people are stupid—stupidity is actually a human anomaly—people are logic-driven and the logic that drives their behavior and beliefs often poses as stupidity. Moreover, the accusation of stupidity is often an analytical shortcut.

However, this does not exclude lazy thinking. While the genocidal plight of the masses is truly tragic and criminal those who occupy the mass graves of human history bear some responsibility; they weren’t paying attention. And as they kneel on the side of the hole with the bulldozer parked at one end peering down at their peers at the bottom, some still writhing, they always wonder how they got there because they didn’t know. One always bears some responsibility for not knowing because nothing happens in a vacuum.

Due to the fact that it is trending, and won’t stop, one example among the myriads has posed itself for a post continually…so I type. Yes: this whole thing about corporate fat cats like Donald Trump not paying taxes and thus skirting their civic duty while expecting the little people to pay all of the taxes. The only way this nonsense can be sold to the public is via our low information society. And Americans are very guilty of assuming that these residual issues and their rhetoric do not ultimately lead to the use of bulldozers to dig mass graves.

Now we must interpret “low information.” This by no means—means that information is not available because we are in the Information Age. It means that willing intake and critical thinking is at an all-time low. And again, historically, this is what fills up the mass graves.

So, back to our prime example at hand; this whole idea that corporate fat cats can use legal loopholes to avoid paying all taxes. That’s impossible. A: in business, there are many taxes that are mandatory and have no exemptions, and B: that obviously comes out of what a company owner or corporate officer would normally take as income. One example of this would be Social Security taxes that businesses must match. Businesses MUST also pay into things like workers compensation and Medicare. These are set tax fees that are unavoidable and have NO exemptions. Businesses, by law, must also collect taxes for the government via payroll deductions which means companies must hire administrators for such purposes. And depending on what kind of business we are talking about, the profit margin may not be there after taxes and regulations.

Federal income taxes are one example of where business owners can get relief, and as Trump pointed out in the last debate a business owner would be stupid in not taking advantage of such exemptions. Hillary Clinton then seized upon the opportunity to make Trump look like someone who thinks all of the burdens of taxation should be on the little people and worse yet for things that benefit society as a whole. This is Hillary knowingly exploiting a low information public. But for what purpose?

With that said, Trump is either a very poor communicator or knows the American public doesn’t have the informational wherewithal to understand a rebuttable on such matters. Either way, it is now time for us to examine how such examples lead to societal mass death in religious and secular venues.

I work in the caregiver industry. America spends massive amounts of energy and money to assist millions with the activities of daily living (what we call “ADL”). This money comes almost completely from the mandatory taxation of American businesses. An improper balance of taxation and regulation will positively leave millions without care and people will die. In other words, few Americans can afford things like dialysis and breathing treatments out of pocket, but even for those who can, without a healthy business culture the medical infrastructure would not be there anyway. And in additional words, political positions on business taxation and regulation are a matter of life and death…literally.

And in even more words, high unemployment should cause people who depend on Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare for activities of daily living to have the following experience: their whole lives should be flashing before their eyes because it is.

Such people, those who I serve, cannot afford to be ill-informed on these matters, and if they vote according to the presuppositions of others they eventually do so to their own detriment. The present system has the money to be over-the-top generous; even with the waste and corruption. According to my firsthand experience, disabled clients get just about everything they ask for whether newer medical beds or a plethora of other medical and ADL devices not to mention assisted care and long-term care facilities.

There is one reason and one reason only that America takes care of it’s disabled better than any other country in the world ever has: capitalism…period. Yes, capitalism is a very powerful concept. The overall unique American experience is not historical happenstance and you cannot separate capitalism from American fundamentals—they go hand in hand.

Sorry, now we have to define capitalism. Yes, I know, time for thinking and that is hard. Most Americans do not know how to define capitalism, and most Americans also vote. This is also a cardinal illustration.

“Capitalism: a way of organizing an economy so that the things that are used to make and transport products (such as land, oil, factories, ships, etc.) are owned by individual people and companies rather than by the government.”

~ Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary

Now perhaps we come to the crux of the post. Any proposal that one is pro healthcare while demonizing mythical corporate tycoons who pay no taxes is a stunning contradiction. This is a lie deliberately told to people known to be ill-informed. And buyer beware because any idea that government should run businesses goes hand in hand with what we call “socialism” which was the historical norm until America came along.

“Socialism: a way of organizing a society in which major industries are owned and controlled by the government rather than by individual people and companies.”

~Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary

And further apologies because although I am going to keep this simple, we are now going to discuss why people would think commerce should be controlled by the government. It all boils down to the ability versus inability of mankind. Man is either able or unable…that is…to do good. It’s basically a moral question. And, the latter requires a social stratum or moral class who should rule over the great unwashed masses. Don’t get lost here, no need to, this is simple math. If man is morally unable, the only hope is that something good can guide him through the dark morass of reality. So let’s have a conversation.

“Ok, so how would the difference between the masses and the needed guides be calculated? How should the ruling class be defined and determined?” Answer: historically, this is defined by KNOWLEDGE; specifically, a theoretical grasp of reality. It has always varied from culture to culture, but the family lineage one is born into can determine it or one who has shown himself or herself as an apt knower of things regarding reality according to whatever the system is that determines such. But all in all, we are talking about a social class stratum that determines who rules over whom. Social strata is always a result of presuppositions concerning mankind with the linchpin being ability or inability.

In capitalism, social strata are earned and determined by individual accomplishment. In socialism, social strata are predetermined by authority—usually via miseducation and conquest if necessary…for humanity’s own good of course. Now let’s have another conversation.

“But Paul, why would anybody jeopardize the care of the disabled by being anti-capitalistic?” Answer: because the disabled are limited in how they can contribute to the government’s ability to rule over others not to mention their limited contribution to society as a whole. Socialism sees them as takers and not givers. Their elimination becomes a moral obligation for the sake of the collective good. I would point to a cursory observation of history, but few Americans have such.

America was the first nation predicated on mankind’s ability, and the historical results plainly speak for themselves if you know history. And there is only one group better than socialists at rewriting history; Protestants.

Breakpoint: if man is unable, his only hope is an elite ruling class who must control the masses for their own good. Their access to information and resources of any kind must be limited. Any empowerment of the individual endangers humanity as a whole. Again, the metaphysical math is pretty simple, and the Bible does strike a balance in all of this, but what the Bible states in regard to all of this is not the subject of this post.

Hence, all class warfare evolves from the ability/inability of man question; government either protects the individual’s right to pursue happiness or assumes mankind is only happy when his evil desires are satisfied. America has forced socialism to change its tactics because straightforward open conquest of the individual by pain of death has been eliminated. The new strategy is to be voted into power by creating class warfare; ie., “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer” etc. Teach those greedy cooperate bastards a lesson by voting us into power and we will make them pay their fair share of taxes, your education, and a fair wage.

Um, the real goal is to put American business out of business because it’s capitalism predicated on individualism and not socialism.

And, religion has always been socialism’s collaborator in this endeavor with Protestantism being no little example. Sure, shortly after the American Revolution Protestantism became a hybrid of European tradition and individualism, but Protestantism is now returning to its European roots and utter rejection of individualism. As the renowned evangelical John MacArthur Jr. recently stated, Protestantism is indeed predicated on the inability of man. This is why pro-Americanism is presently only taking place in churches that are still confused, but those churches are quickly diminishing in number. Let me point out that before America, Protestant history was defined by the burning stake, wars, the renaming of treason as “martyrdom,” and doctrines written in blood. In fact, incidents like the Salem witch trials provoked the American Revolution. Protestantism has always been about the inability of man contrary to anything Americana.

This is where I must submit that even though Americans are dumbed down by design, they may understand some things that are apparent and this might explain the Trump phenomenon. In my book, the guy is not someone who I would want to hang out with, but to some degree, do Americans understand the critical role that business plays in our societal wellbeing? Asked another way: do Americans understand capitalism more than I give them credit for? Trump’s ridiculous character aside, does the bottom line follow: he is perceived to be a successful capitalist and his followers think successful capitalism is critical to saving America? They may not know enough to verbalize it that way, but is it otherwise apparent?

Finally, as born again Christians whose nation yet remains in heaven along with our king, should our vote be moral or practical? I only pose the question and it is far from being rhetorical…because a vote for Trump may not be a vote for Trump the man, but a vote for capitalism…

…which is a matter of life and death for many.