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A Little Uptight and In the Fight

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on May 23, 2011

A visitor of PPT sent me a mp3 link the other day.  It was a recording of The Heart of the Matter Programwith Pastor Ralph Ovadal—Ovadal pastors Pilgrims Covenant Church in Madison, Wisconsin.

The title of this particular show is “They’re No Puritans! Profiles in New Calvinism.” Ovadal’s guest was Rev. Steven Hamilton who pastors Lehigh Valley Free Presbyterian Church in Allentown Pennsylvania. Hamilton’s church is part of the Free Presbyterian Church of North America. From what I can gather, both camps are (for lack of a better term) KJV only and anti-contemporary Christian music.

Let me be clear: after researching these two churches; would I attend / join either? Answer: Yes, I would give up my NASB, Casting Crowns, Mercy Me, Kutless, and Sunday jeans for SANITY. That’s what the present-day Evangelical landscape is right now—pure insanity. Most leaders whom I used to respect have certainly lost their minds. Extremism Light  is looking pretty good to me right now.

That aside, the recording is a lengthy and decent evaluation of New Calvinism. In regard to their complaint along with Dr. Peter Masters that New Calvinism is worldly—that’s true by any sane person’s estimation. The pastors reiterate instances of absurd behavior by some of the more well known leaders in the movement. They also talk about well documented, over the top compromise by the who’s who of the Evangelical world, especially John MacArthur Jr. They are obviously not impressed with the stature of men—calling John Piper, “dangerous.”

Moreover, their doctrinal contentions hit the mark. They note the movement’s distortion of justification and sanctification, and Hamilton calls out the movement for being antinomian.

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