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Another Protestant Misnomer: Inerrancy

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on July 7, 2015

Gospel T Copy_0This seems to be Protestant misnomer week here at PPT. I am fond of writing about the fact that everything that has ever come out of authentic Protestantism is a lie except for “Jesus Died for Our Sins,” and even that is a half-truth used in the commission of felonious theology.

This does not mean to say that every person who thinks they are a Protestant has no grasp of the truth; no, no, it means to say that they are misinformed and confused enough about true Protestantism to be saved. That’s a good thing, but one’s best life now is to properly understand what they call themselves.

To name a few misnomers that we talk about here at PPT, we have, elder authority, not in the Bible, we have church membership, not in the Bible, we have church discipline, not in the Bible, we have legalism, not in the Bible, we have Christian self-righteousness, not in the Bible, we have the church as the bride of Christ, not in the Bible, we have tithing, not a New Covenant concept; to name just a few. In this post, we will address the whole idea that Protestantism was founded on the inerrancy of Scripture.

This is not true. Not even close.

Protestantism was founded on the Redemptive Historical interpretation of Scripture. Sure, Protestant academia claims Grammatical Historical interpretation, but that is only for the purpose of coming to a Redemptive Historical conclusion; this is a classic example of Protestant doublespeak.

If you call yourself a Protestant, shouldn’t you know how the original Reformers interpreted Scripture? Here is a free booklet that explains all of this in detail; enjoy. It is an ebook that you can view and upload for free. Here is the link: Gospel T. ebook

Good luck in your journey to have your best life now by understanding what you call yourself.