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Denial of the New Birth

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The aforementioned evangelical Dr. Michael Horton, even in contrast to Christ’s call to glorify God with our lives,1 insists that one attempts to BE the gospel with such a message rather than preaching the gospel:

The question for us all is whether we believe the church is the place where the gospel is regularly proclaimed and ratified to Christians as well as non-Christians.2

Before we go on to examine the rest of this excerpt to make the primary point, it is a worthy aside to point out the shocking contradiction offered by Horton in contrast to what the apostle Paul wrote to the Galatians. In 3:15ff. (English translations) of that letter, Paul stated “the promise” or if you will, the gospel, had in fact already been ratified at the time of that 1st century writing. In contrast, Horton exemplifies Protestant audacity by suggesting the gospel continues to be ratified to believers via the church. As we continue to observe over and over again, the plain sense of Scripture is all but totally at odds with Protestant orthodoxy and behavior following.

1Matthew 5:14-16

2Micheal Horton: Christless Christianity; p.117ff.