Paul's Passing Thoughts

Acts Lesson 42

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Tuesday Night Bible Study
December 30, 2014
Study of the Book of Acts

Tonight’s Text – Acts 16:16-34

Brief review

I. Encounter with the possessed girl

A. Greek mythology
– The Python – slain at Delphi
– Home of the Oracle (Pythia)

B. Similar power to that of the Oracle

C. Following Paul and Silas
– Being grieved
διαπονεω (dee-ah-poh-neh-oh) – To toil through

D. Authority over demons – Luke 9:1, Mark 6:7

II. Reaction of the girl’s masters

A. “Drew them” into the marketplace
ελκυω – (hel-koo-oh) – to drag. To pull out by taking hold of.

B. A public place

C. What customs?

III. A night in the Philippian jail

A. Continuous praying and “hymning”

B. Prisoners continuously listened to them

C. Reason for the jailer’s fear
– Compare with Acts 12
– Immediate concerns for his life.
– Not considering eternal consequences.

D. An opportunity for the gospel.


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