Paul's Passing Thoughts

Acts 14:21-15:6 | Lesson 38

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Tuesday Night Bible Study

October 21, 2014

Study of the Book of Acts

Tonight’s Text – Acts 14:21 – 15:6Brief review

  1. Retracing their steps
  2. Confirming and exhorting

To perseverance

To produce maturity


  1. Ordaining elders

(Refer to “The Desire for and Qualifications of an Overseer, Part 1 and Part 2” on Paul’s Passing Thoughts)


        χειροτονεω (kee-ro-toh-neh-oh)

                χειρ (keer) – “hand”

                τεινω (tee-no) – “to stretch.”


Casting a vote in an election

– No apostolic authority

– Laity selects their elder


  1. Reporting to the Assembly in Antioch

Opening the door of faith to the Gentiles

– Most important aspect

– Not expected to happen.


III. Contention with Circumcision

  1. Men who came “down” from Judea

– From Jerusalem

– “They of the circumcision”

– Authority to teach this doctrine?


  1. Pharisee sect teaching similar doctrine

– Law fulfilled by circumcision

– Under law vs. under grace




Lesson 38