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Sundowner Rebellion

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Every long term facility is unique in regard to the residents who call those places home. That is, in a manner of speaking; to be more precise, many never accept long term facilities as their home and will let you know it often. At least half, if not more, of long term facility residents would rather be living at the home taken from them before they were placed in a long term facility by their families. Those facilities receive the lifelong fruits of the resident’s labor in exchange for end of life care. For better or worse, most residents feel imprisoned at long term care facilities. Now, because of COVID-19, they are imprisoned within the prison.

Before COVID-19, long term care facility prisons were a good place to be as far as prisons go. Many have really good food, spacious courtyards, activities, visiting medical specialists, and in-house nursing care. Family and others were free to visit at any time. Right now, all of that is restricted and residents are actually confined to their rooms 24/7. It’s solitary confinement. Before all of this, there was a joke circulating around that prisoners in correctional facilities have more rights than long term facility residents. Humor is funny because to some degree there is truth in it; unfortunately, there is no humor left in that particular joke.

So, has the isolation policy worked to prevent COVID-19 in long term facilities? No, not at all. And isolation has done more to kill residents than COVID ever could. Isolation policies at long term care facilities has been a colossal disaster. COVID outbreaks are dominating a majority of facilities. ER doctors and nurses would be horrified if they could see the protocols being played out in real time. Many units that were entirely occupied by residents of the “independent” classification are now all either heavy one-person assist or two-person assist. It is very unlikely that they can be restored to independent status. That’s what isolation does. Especially in latter life, mental and physical heath will deteriorate quickly. The body is made to work and do things, and we are social beings. Isolation first breaks the will and well-being of the residents, and than comes the COVID. The results are not good.

The biggest mistake was restricting families from the facilities. Family members who visit their loved ones in the facilities are a certain type of individual; they more than likely would have helped the situation greatly on many levels. Family restriction was/is a policy monstrosity on apocalyptic levels. Experts can be really, really stupid, and government often makes stupid look good.

And before I move on, I might mention that courage is a peculiar thing and prevalent in humanity. For the most part, it is the specialists who won’t go near the facilities. I won’t reveal which specialist was portrayed yesterday, but labels cannot trump neglect when it gets to that point. Abandonment by aides and nurses is only about 25%. Several have caught the virus more than once and the second time is worse. This past week, I worked with two nurses who almost died from it. Both were young, healthy, and a little less cocky, but not much.

This article is about a particular unit where the residents took a stand. I said every facility and units within facilities are unique, and in this particular unit, there is an unusual amount of sundowners. They are defined this way:

While most people are “winding down” or relaxing as the day reaches its end, those with sundowner’s syndrome become increasingly active.  Sundowner’s syndrome has links to dementia, a condition that affects memory, personality, and the ability to reason. It is also known as sundown syndrome or sundowning.

The symptoms of sundowner’s syndrome typically occur between the hours of 4:30 in the afternoon and 11:00 in the evening.

These include:

        • confusion as to the location and identity of people
        • mental confusion that does not respond to reasoning
        • paranoia
        • sleep disturbances, such as inability to sleep at night, possibly leading to excessive sleep during the day
        • sudden changes in behavior unexplained by any other trigger
        • trouble speaking and thinking clearly
        • visual hallucinations
        • wandering
        • yelling or aggressive behavior

In regard this unit? Yes, all of the above. Yes, at about 4 or 5 pm, they all come out of their rooms and start wondering around. Creepy? Definitely. Like nothing I have ever experienced before? No doubt. But wait, they are all in isolation and confined to their rooms, right? Well, good luck with that. As the other aides and I watched the nurses try to instruct them to return to their rooms, we could only smile and shake our heads; not going to happen. Then, several of them went to the dining area and sat down at the tables. Some sat quietly, others, not so much. Requests to return to their rooms was met with comments like, “You think you’re hot sh** don’t you sweetie?” I mentioned to the nurses that at least they were practicing social distancing. They didn’t seem to be amused.

There wasn’t anything we could do. It was a sundowner rebellion. Perhaps there is something to be learned from their example.


The Book of Revelation and Present Events

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Our home fellowship recently started a study in the book of Revelation to help us keep our sanity in the present circumstances. It helps to remember that as Christians, we await a kingdom on earth that will be ruled by Christ and Israel will be “the head and not the tail.” This is a subject I have studied for years, and have recently taken another look and challenged my previous understanding.

I will not go into detail here, but will share what I believe the landscape looks like. I am not one who believes America is bad because Christians need to suffer as a means to enter heaven. That Protestant attitude has given us Charismatic theology and sorry, the argument for triple imputation is just as logical as double imputation. If Christ came to live a perfect law-keeping life so he can impute it to our sanctification, which by the way, I reject, he also came to overcome death and sickness. Plainly, part of his life was healing sickness, and if his whole life fulfilled the law perfectly, well, you do the math. I reject both theologies, but merely want to once again point out how illogical Protestantism is in a myriad of ways.

So, America is a good thing. I am fortunate to be an ambassador here for God’s kingdom. No government has been a greater force for good than America. God likes good things. He loves justice, and God’s kind of country/government “rewards good and punishes evil.” World history reflects core spiritual matters; you cannot have one without the other, what we see on a historical level is a fight between individualism and collectivism. Neither will get you into heaven, but both have a huge impact on how we experience life. Unlike Martin Luther, I don’t think embracing suffering is the epitome of virtue and the key to salvation.

Here is the question: How close are we to the coming of Christ when he judges the world and establishes God’s kingdom on earth? Let’s consider that a few elements, or signs seem to be taking place in our day. The Antichrist will be a “lawless” leader. What we clearly see today are leaders who are above the law and surrounded by other leaders who lack intestinal fortitude to do anything about it. Presently, outright in-your-face lawlessness is ruling the day. Will Donald Trump prevail? And even if he doesn’t, will he make a comeback that will radically transform America?

The Antichrist will be much like a Barak Obama who thinks he is above the law, and has the audacity to take gaslighting to an all new level. It doesn’t matter how ridiculous his political theories are, it’s just the verbiage that will be on the placard at the top of your cross. His intent is to compel you to obey, by force if necessary, and to fulfill your preordained purpose of serving the state. Of course, for you own wellbeing; everyone should obey their purpose in life. Tyrants are always looking out for your best interest as defined by them. They know best. It’s tough love.

The Bible is clear: Christ returns “at a time when you think not.” Christ returns during a time of peace and prosperity. A time when people are saying, “peace and safety,” and, “Where is the promise of his coming?” By the way, morality isn’t necessarily mutually inclusive with peace and prosperity. At any rate, is Donald Trump the leader who ushers in that time of peace and prosperity? In addition, does the Antichrist come to power by pretending to believe in the same policies?

I do not believe socialism can usher in the coming peace and prosperity that will precede the lord’s return. I believe Trump, or at least his policies and statecraft, will prevail. There will be a calm before the storm that will usher in Christ’s return. The Bible is also clear: the Antichrist will lead a church-state on steroids; a church-state like no other ever seen in the history of the world. This will arise quickly out of the time of peace and prosperity; probably due to the first major crisis to come upon the world that the Bible describes as, “the beginning of birth pangs.”

This is why I believe the Trump populist movement will prevail; stay tuned.




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On the Job Against COVID-19: A Nurse Aide Perspective; Parts 1 and 2

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Furries and the New Calvinists

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Chapter 11: Christian Furries?

There is a significant “Christian Furry” movement to consider in the midst of everything we have discussed in this book so far. What shall we make of it? It would seem, in light of everything we have discussed, that church has enough problems of its own without including furry baggage. Bad press about church is nearly a weekly event in America. For churches that believe the Bible is God’s documented truth, its imperative for avoiding all appearances of evil[1] would hardly be descriptive about allowing a furry program in your church. Yet, this chapter will explain the surprising history that reveals why the Christian furry phenomenon should not surprise us.

The short answer follows, and we will observe the details moving forward in this chapter. The medieval church was driven by an anti-humanity ideology, and the Fandom is also driven by anti-humanity ideology. Presently, the evangelical church is moving back to medieval theology. Accordingly, the Christian furry movement within the church should not surprise us.

Regardless of the bad press, to a large degree, the American church is still seen as this country’s moral compass. There is a reason for that. After the American Revolution, and until 1970, the American church was a tremendous force for good in our society. The American church is still living off that reputation. The American Revolution fundamentally transformed the church because it integrated Enlightenment Era ideas with church dogma. Frankly, enlightenment ideas concerning presuppositions about mankind are much closer to the Bible than medieval church dogma.

The elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about is what Martin Luther and John Calvin believed about humanity. The Protestant Reformation was really a clash between medieval ideology and the Renaissance. Luther and Calvin were hardcore disciples of Saint Augustine who was not only a church father of his era, but a forbearer of presuppositions regarding mankind that shaped the Dark Ages.

Without getting too technical, suffice to say Calvin and Luther believed that mankind is 100% evil and incapable of doing a single act of good. This is the total inability of mankind ideology that shaped the Dark Ages. Furries not only believe that mankind is inept, but they also believe animals are better. Beside that, seeking deeper spiritual awareness through nature in general, and animals in particular, is far from being a foreign idea in the church. The famous evangelical Francis Schaeffer was known as the first “evangelical tree hugger” and was arguably an outright pantheist.[2]

The inability of man ideology is an ideology that binds many philosophies together that seem to be strange bedfellow. But this should, by no means, seem strange to us. The logical conclusion of this ideology is that mankind must be ruled over by a wise minority, or some kind of enlightened elitist class. This was the premise for the long enduring church state construct that dominated human history until America came along. We must remember that Protestantism arose in the midst of a church state (Catholicism) and was designed for the express purpose of operating in a church state era. In fact, the John Calvin Institutes of the Christian Religion was written to, and for, the king of France. It argued against the Catholic charge that Protestantism was an anti-church state movement.

The American Revolution completely destroyed the longstanding historical church state worldwide. The emergence of Marxism in the 19th century was no coincidence; it filled the void left by the destruction of the church state albeit in a secular form. We have previously observed the Marxist roots of the Fandom.

Though Marxism is hastily regarded as the atheist enemy of the church, they have a mutual ideology that often units the two: their mutual disdain for humanity. Luther and Calvin not only dismissed human morality entirely, but even a human ability to reason. Luther famously stated that human reason was an ugly whore who desrved to have feces rubbed in her face.

Reason is the Devil’s greatest whore; by nature and manner of being she is a noxious whore; she is a prostitute, the Devil’s appointed whore; whore eaten by scab and leprosy who ought to be trodden under foot and destroyed, she and her wisdom … Throw dung in her face to make her ugly. She is and she ought to be drowned in baptism… She would deserve, the wretch, to be banished to the filthiest place in the house, to the closets.[3]

Therefore, it should be no surprise that the Fandom has been swept into the church via the New Calvinist movement. The New Calvinist movement officially began in the early 1970s and is a return to what is sometimes referred to as “reformed theology.”[4] This theology has a strong emphasis on “the total depravity of mankind” and other medieval church themes. To the dismay and bewilderment of many, this movement, which has all but completely taken over the evangelical church, is in the process of embracing Marxism and progressive politics.

Certainly, New Calvinist leaders would have many disagreements with progressive politics, but the problem is cultural exposure to individualism for the past 200 years. Freedom and individual upward mobility have become a way of life in America and the envy of the rest of the world. The left’s endeavor to take over education and indoctrinate America has failed; freedom is a natural need created in the soul of man by God.

Hence, though the church is by no means fond of Marxism, they see it as a means to burn down individualism with the hope that the church can negotiate with what emerges out of the ashes. New Calvinists know they have a better chance of cutting a deal with progressives for the express purpose of returning to the church state of old. New Calvinists want their orthodoxy to be enforced by the state; this is the endgame entirely.

This is not to suggest that the Fandom is in league with this scheme, but to only show why the Fandom finds acceptance within the church and the New Calvinist movement. Furries would quickly and readily embrace a total depravity of mankind ideology.

With that said, the presence of the Furries within the church is certainly not going to lesson the ongoing scandals that have become routine there. Regarding any limits the church might implement in its relationship with progressivism, there are none.

This includes the Furries and everything mentioned in this book they bring with them, as if the church has need to increase risk to the wellbeing of children.

[1] 1 Thessalonians 5:22


[3] Martin Luther, Erlangen Edition v. 16, pp. 142-148

[4] The Truth About New Calvinism: Its History, Doctrine, and Character, Paul M. Dohse, TANC Publishing 2011.