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Obtaining Assurance of Salvation

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ppt-jpeg4“You can state it that way, and the Bible does in a few places, but that is really just another way of stating what Christ really did. It’s not the whole story. What Christ really did, and understanding it, is key to having assurance of salvation. And by the way, as we shall see, church is no friend of that understanding.”

The Bible states that all fear comes from the fear of God’s judgement. So, people don’t fear death per se, they fear the judgement that comes afterward. This is the general, core principle, and we see it clearly in realty. ALL psychological problems, whether deemed medical or the product of bad thinking and doing, have an element of fear or paranoia. A person may be diagnosed as Bipolar, but anxiety will also be present…always.

Enter condemnation—condemnation is the consequence of God’s judgement. Those under God’s enviable judgement are also under condemnation. This word is very central to the discussion of a Christian’s assurance. If you are a Christian, and you lack assurance, it is because of condemnation. Where condemnation does not exist, 100% assurance of salvation is present. lack of assurance necessarily means condemnation has crept in.

Now comes the thesis of this post: condemnation is not yet completely vanquished by God; our fight for assurance is a fight against condemnation. While the Bible tells us that in reality, objectively, there is NOW…NO condemnation for those in Christ, condemnation can still harass us because death has not yet been vanquished by God. Death is still alive. The Bible states that it will be the last enemy defeated by God.

These are the basics, and lend understanding to God’s beautiful awe-inspiring plan of salvation. God’s plan of salvation is a logically consistent complex tapestry that employs all aspects of reality including individual identity, family, religion, and government. Any question of Bible doctrine is determined by how it fits with God’s true plan of salvation.

For example, is the Trinity a correct Bible doctrine? Yes, because it fits with how God transformed mankind from living creatures to being His very family members. Angels are living creatures created by God, and it can certainly be said that He loves them, but they aren’t family. No Trinity, no family. No family, no salvation. And by the way, this is family in the literal sense. Can I make a logical argument for the Trinity? Yes, it is efficacious for becoming part of God’s family and becoming part of God’s family is synonymous with being saved.

God is a Father and the words He speaks are life. His words are His seed, the seed of life. God came to man with Promises, and those who believe those promises and embrace them as their identity are fallen upon by the Holy Sprit and God’s word (His seed) is infused into them. This results in a love for God’s truth. This results in holding God true and every man a liar. This is true of the father of our faith, Abraham, and is true for us just the same. We are saved by believing God’s promises, and nothing else.

God made a promise to Abraham AND “the seed,” Christ. To Abraham, God promised that He would make Abraham a great nation that included Jews and Gentiles as one metaphysical body. He promised Abraham that the nation would dwell in a city built by God where pure righteousness will dwell. We and our father of faith look for that city. It is the hope of things not presently seen because we believe God’s promises. Yet, that hope forms how we live presently.

To the seed, Christ, also, “the Word” because He is, “the seed,” He promised the following: He would die for the sins of mankind, and would not be left to corruption in the grave. God, through the Spirit, would resurrect Him from the grave, and establish the new birth. Those who believe the promise are fallen upon by the Spirit and die with Christ, and are resurrected with Him, and thereby become heirs of the promises and the commonwealth of Israel.

“Heir” is another key word here. “a person legally entitled to the property or rank of another on that person’s death.” You see, it is not technically correct to say that Christ died for our sins. You can state it that way, and the Bible does in a few places, but that is just another way of stating what Christ really did. It’s not the whole story. What Christ really did, and understanding it, is key to having assurance of salvation. And by the way, as we shall see, church is no friend of that understanding.

The Old Testament is a will. A will is not executed until there is a death. The New Covenant is the fulfillment of the Old Covenant promises. That’s what makes the New Covenant “better” while the Old Covenant is “passing away.” Christ died to END that covenant and fulfill its promises. let’s look at the Old Covenant will.

The Old Covenant will was administered by Angels on Mount Sinai. It was deliberately instituted about 400 years after God’s promises to Abraham and Christ because salvation is by the promises and not the law. The law was instituted by God to increase condemnation. The apostle Paul said it was instituted to “increase sin,” but that’s another way of saying the same thing; an increase of sin leads to increased condemnation which leads to increased fear of death because death has to do with God’s judgement. A review of all the events at Mount Sinai puts an explanation mark on that point.

However, the law, or the will, also offered life. The law also offered instruction on how to love God with all of your heart, soul, and mind, and your neighbor as well. This was the gospel of Moses under the will: “I put before you on this day death and life, choose life.” Meanwhile, as a believer in the promises and therefore infused with the seed of God, ALL of your sins were imputed to the will. In this way, it was said that you were “captive” to the will because all of your sins against the law were held captive by the law. “All sin is transgression against the law.” The will was said to be a “protector” against sin’s condemnation until Christ came.

Accordingly, all the believers under the will were held captive in a place called “sheol” until Christ died. When Christ fulfilled that promise, “he ascended on high, he led captive a host of captives, and gave gifts to men.” Those gifts were poured out on the ekklesia (“called out assembly”), and made Jews and Gentiles one body with Christ as the head. This was part of the promises made to Abraham and Christ.

Here is the important part: Christ’s death fulfilled the will, but also by fulfilling it, ended it. And since all sin was imputed to the will, sin is no longer merely covered by the law by way of imputation, sin is ended. “The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law.” Why would the Bible say that? Death is a sting because of sin’s condemnation, and the law condemns. If you are an heir to a will, and the testator dies, that will is fulfilled, you receive the goodies, and the former will no longer applies to you.

However, remember, the will is “passing away” and for believers has been replaced with “better promises.” That is, those that have been received. In this way, the will, is a “ministry of death.” That’s because the Sprit still uses it to “convict the world of sin and the judgment to come.” Sin→condemnation→fear→hopelessness→death→judgement all go together. The bible calls this sequence, “under law.”

ALL sin is still imputed to the “ministry of death” as an objective criteria for the question of sin and condemnation: if the ministry of the will has been ended for you, that is, to increase condemnation to compel you to flee to Christ,  there is no condemnation because for you, the will has been fulfilled by Christ. This doesn’t make the Old Testament will any different than any other will except the volume of heirs. If you discover that you are an heir long after the death of the testator, you are still entitled to the inheritance.

Are all people born into the world under the old will? Well, are all born “under law”? Are all born “under sin”? Well, then all are heirs of the Old Testament will. Sadly, some understand that they are in God’s will and do not care to contact their attorney in order to collect the inheritance. “How will we escape if we neglect such a great salvation.” Literally, God sees all of this as a rejection of what He has offered as “something to be despised and trampled underfoot.” Interestingly enough, in the Bible, the promises are said to be to those who are “near” (Jews) and those “far away” (Gentiles). To the “invited guests” (Jews) and whoever you find to fill the wedding banquet hall (Gentiles).

Those who want to collect on God’s inheritance by believing the promises are said to be “under grace.” This is better understood as, “under love.” This is because under law and under love are two totally different state of beings. “Grace,” is defined as God’s love in action. In every place you see the word, “grace” in the Bible, you can replace it with the word, “love” and it will make perfect sense in the context of the sentence. Salvation was the ultimate grace and act of love, and believers partake in grace as well. To always interpret the word “grace” as a salvation event is a serious interpretive misstep.

When you are under grace, what you know about the law should be the foundation of your assurance. Death means you will see God, but it also means you will see your literal Father who has no law for which to judge you. And if He has no law, there is no condemnation. The old you that was under sin, the law, condemnation, and judgement, died with Christ; you now stand before your literal Father—no father worth his salt condemns his children; in fact, the Bible says NO loving father does.

Instead, we are told that we will be judged based on how we built upon the foundation of our faith. Some sort of rewards will be given accordingly, and our efforts that fall short (“wood, hay, and stubble”) will be consumed with fire. Note that wood and hay are not worthless materials by any stretch of the imagination; I think eternal value is the issue. You may make a beautiful piece of furniture out of wood for someone who otherwise could not afford it. The wood will pass away, but not the act of love that made the furniture; that’s eternal.

That brings us to the subject of love. The practice of a Christian has not changed: as under the old will, we obey love and life; our faith works through love. It’s an altogether different state of being: faith→word→love→courage→joy→life→eternal reward. As 1st John states, “perfect love casts out fear because fear has to do with judgment.” As children of God, we can experience the loving chastisement doled out by real fathers who don’t condemn their children and provoke them to wrath, but we are never subject to a condemning judgment by the law. Hence, “where there is no law there is no sin.”

Nevertheless, the Christian is still harassed by condemnation. The Devil, sin, and religion, all wage war against the Christian with condemnation. To the degree that these attacks are successful, the Christian will lack assurance. For certain, if a Christian misunderstands the relationship of the law to the new birth and does not understand the covenants, their assurance will be a hot mess and their sanctification woefully anemic. A Christian who is sure of their salvation will lead a powerful life. This is not to be confused with religionists who base their assurance on a false hope.

Assurance is based on the right gospel, the right knowledge, and practicing love that displaces fear. The law is fulfilled by love.

Church orthodoxy is predicated on the “Christian” remaining under the law and its subsequent condemnation. Church orthodoxy has a single perspective on the law. That means the following: when a Christian does a good work, or an act of love, if you will, they have no way of knowing what their motives are. “Am I doing this to justify myself before God, or am I doing it strictly out of love?” If there is only one relationship to the law, condemnation is always running in the background and it is impossible to discern motives. This is why the church doctrine of double imputation states that Christ obeys the law for us and thereby excludes the possibility of practicing love through the law.

In contrast, a Christian can always know their motives if they understand that being under law is a different relationship to the law than being under grace. While under grace, it is impossible to justify yourself with the law. This is because the true Christian knows they are justified by believing in the promises of God and the law can justify no one, nor can it give life. That’s why Christ did NOT live a perfect life so that a perfect law-keeping  life could be imputed to the Christian life. The law is not the basis of righteousness to begin with nor can it give life. The law can only condemn, and we are no longer under its jurisdiction.

All that’s left is the possibly of loving while there is NOW…NO condemnation. The true Christian understands that the new birth is a demarcation between two different persons that are under two different jurisdictions and two different relationships to the law. One is dead and no longer subject to the written code; one was enslaved to sin, and the new person is enslaved to righteousness. Those who are enslaved to righteousness are free from the condemnation of the law.

Hence, the Christian is free to aggressively love God and others through knowledge of the law with no fear of condemnation or concern that they have ill motives. In fact, the apostle Paul told us to outdo each other with love! In other words, try to be better than other Christians in regard to loving God and others.

Church orthodoxy opens the door wide for condemnation. Under law and under grace are not two different relationships to the law according to orthodoxy, but under grace is a covering for remaining under law. If under law is not completely vanquished, there is no real biblical new birth. If law and justification are not mutually exclusive, all remain enslaved to sin and its condemnation under the law. Clearly, church orthodoxy says so-called Christians are under both; this is not true, you are 100% one or the other. Under grace is not a covering for remaining under law. And if you function according to that ritualistic system, condemnation will have a strong foothold.

Unfortunately, since church orthodoxy keeps all people under law, which is central to its double imputation soteriology, many look to church commitment for assurance. Being committed to church and patted on the head by pastors and elders give many a false sense of security. Apart from church ritual, actually referred to as “church ordinance” and “the sacraments,” their assurance would be shattered. Others are condemned by the weekly preaching and seek relief from church sacraments. The condemnation leads them back to Christ, supposedly, which leads them to live a “lifestyle of repentance” by returning to the cross (“ordinary means of grace”) for more Jesus. For those supposedly not under condemnation, weekly preaching is very condemning. The complete absence of condemnation makes church orthodoxy impossible while the doctrine of double imputation depends on it. One must remain under the law’s condemnation for perpetual pardon through Christ found only in the church.

A proper view of justification will also answer all other types of theological questions. Is there more than one resurrection and judgment? Yes, because we know at least one resurrection involves plenary condemnation, so that resurrection cannot include Christians. There are many more examples.

The Christian’s level of assurance is directly related to condemnation. When a Christian is experiencing lack of assurance, condemnation is present and active in some way. Condemnation always fills a void where love is lacking, will definitely seize the opportunity to pounce when a Christian’s behavior is unbecoming, and will have success always in error concerning the gospel and its relationship to the law.




The Coronavirus: Let Us Sin Boldly

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ppt-jpeg4I will start this post by sinning with sinful thoughts. I live in Ohio and am following the Coronavirus pandemic closely with my own research. However, thinking for myself and not relying totally on the new experts of our day, medical bureaucrats, is not the initiatory sin I speak of in my arsenal of total depravity, which all commoners are endowed with.

Ohio Department of Health Director Dr. Amy Acton is predicting a surge in Ohio that will see at least 6000 new cases a day, and perhaps as many as 10,000, by April 15th. The sinful thought follows: percentage of increase has leveled off in the past five days (18%, 17%, 14%, 16%, 14%) leading one to ask the unthinkable: Has Ohio already flattened the curve? Yes, we realize the numbers are, in reality, much higher, but we are talking about the consistent rule being used to measure percentage of increase. Has a leveling off occurred? We don’t know for certain, but the point here follows: to even hope for that based on objective criteria is sin. It is the cardinal sin of “false hope.”

By the way, that notion, in and of itself, redefines “hope” which are things that have not happened yet. Have you ever noticed that experts get a pass when they are wrong about projections that strip people of hope? If people have “false hope” bad things can happen, but somehow, false alarmism has no consequences. Where’s the balance?

Regardless of the math, one must not be tempted to blaspheme with such a question. If such pandemics are so easily defeated, what do we need Dr. Amy Action for? Furthermore, in all of this, we also see how precious the medical hierarchy is; even doctors are frowned upon if they question the unction of the medical bureaucrats from on high.

Of course, I speak of medical doctors clamoring about the dramatic results they are experiencing by treating people with hydroxychloroquine. Unfortunately, some underling doctor was chewing on a ham sandwich and it invoked a thought, which led him to grab a bottle of the 70 year old drug, dust off the bottle, and give it a try. On that day, a day that will live in infamy, the medical bureaucracy has been threatened.

Indeed, regardless of the dramatic results, the medical bureaucrats have denounced the proclamations of the doctors as “anecdotal” and not the result of “controlled studies.” Some sort of result without “control”? Oh my, we can’t have that!

Dr. Stephen Smith, founder of The Smith Center for Infectious Diseases and Urban Health, said on “The Ingraham Angle” on Wednesday night that he is optimistic about the use of antimalarial medications and antibiotics to treat COVID-19 patients, calling it “a game-changer.”

“I think this is the beginning of the end of the pandemic. I’m very serious,” Smith, an infectious disease specialist, told host Laura Ingraham.

Reports like this from frontline doctors have been pouring in, while large pharmaceutical companies have offered to donate millions of doses. The bottom line is this: the fight with Coronavirus should be a first round knockout, but the fight is being dragged out to additional rounds for purely political reasons. Just yesterday, it was discovered that massive stockpiles of N95 masks are being sold overseas resulting in skyrocketing infections of American healthcare workers.

Coronavirus has been described as this generation’s WWII, and I fully understand the Greatest Generation dismissing that as ridiculous, but there is some truth to it. Opinions about severity aside, the pandemic is being used to take America down by insiders and outside enemies.

Why is America hated by both? It is the first nation in history to be driven by individualism and not collectivism. And by the way, if our children were educated to know the difference, there wouldn’t be a Democrat party. The basis of all reality is presuppositions about mankind and all actions are driven by those presuppositions. This is the ability of mankind versus the inability of mankind.

Those who argue that this makes man the center of the universe instead of God then proceed to tell you what God says about mankind. And, whatever that presupposition is drives everything. And, watch, those who advocate God-centrality ALWAYS preface that with those who supposedly rule for God on earth. In past history, there have been those who said, “Oh yes, I believe in God-centrality and that’s why I answer to Him and not you.” Many were burned  alive on a stake accordingly. There is only one thing worse than not being obedient to God, being disobedient to his so-called “anointed” authorities.

People who hold to collectivism don’t always employ the name of God but some other superior power that they represent such as Mother Nature etc. Recently, a British royal stated that Coronavirus is Mother Nature punishing mankind by sending us to our rooms. Church claims that it is a judgment from God for not doing what the church says. But, in all, the issue is what some authority says God said.

At least in America you have the freedom to be appointed by God; just go to seminary or a liberal university and obtain a degree. It also gives you authority to speak for the state, Mother Nature, or another authority of your choosing.

“The Fall,” something that is not in the Bible, at all, by the way, is a basic notion of philosophy in religion and the secular realm. Mankind is fallen, and degree of fall determines the metaphysical pecking order. This is why caste systems saturate human history. As Americans, because of our pedigree, we look back at history and find the deification of kings and emperors bizarre, but those practices are the direct result of collectivist ideologies. Japan in the 1940’s is a contemporary example. Today, not so much as the last emperor of Japan unwittingly ordered two servings of a nuclear bomb.

America was not founded on perfect individualism, and therefore, there is a caste system, but it is based on individualism to the point that one’s position in the caste system can be earned. In other words, caste is based on upward mobility and not predeterminism of some sort. What you bring to the table as an individual determines your place in the caste system; not what family you were born into or other things. And of course, there is communism that considers the state to be the supreme power of authority. In socialism, the sole purpose of the individual is to produce for the state and one’s ability to do so determines their human value.

Those who believe in human ability will want more freedom and less government; those who believe in human inability will be afraid and look to the government as a protective parent that replaces the parents that raised them. Those who believe in human inability will see individualism as a direct threat to their wellbeing. This is where the hate comes in; you are burning their safety net with your self-reliant arrogance. People often remain in abusive relationships because they believe their abusers: “You couldn’t survive without me.” This is the same kind of unhealthy relationships people have with governments.

Herein is the problem for collectivists: the American idea has survived for too long and proved too much; hence, individualism can not be beaten with contrary ideas. It must be completely burned down with the hopes that collectivism will rise from the ashes.

Capitalism and open markets have always funded individualism and always will. Socialism, the economic engine of collectivism, insists that the economy supports the state first and whatever the commoners have left should only support their ability to serve the state. That might mean little more than three meals a day if you are lucky. Anything more than that is “selfish consumerism.” The sole purpose of any individual is to support the state and this determines the individual’s sole value as a person. Collectivists are ok with this because they get a safety net in return, that is, supposedly. A cursory view of history reveals the folly of that misinformation. At any rate, socialism is marked by the promise of “free” necessities in return for appointed work. Foolish collectivists think they can have any job they desire with the payment being free necessities. People have fallen for this ploy over and over again throughout history.

While it is true that Coronavirus is a real pandemic, it is clearly being used by many in an attempt to burn down American capitalism resulting in the rise of a collectivist safety net. In addition, while the economic system of collectivism is socialism, the politic is globalism. If the present containment policies continue, America’s GNP will be cut in half resulting in forced dependence on other countries. That’s the collectivist end-game.

Take note, what is going on with this pandemic is a real and present threat to American capitalism. And, no capitalism equals no representative republic. It may not be WWII, but it is the closest to a like struggle that we have ever had since.

With all of this said, here is some shameful hope that plunges the depths of total depravity: Donald Trump is a master of international finances and a consummate individualist. This is why he is so despised: for the collectivists, he is the worst possible person to be in charge at this time of grand opportunity presented by a pandemic. Democrats wake up every morning obsessed with defeating individualism and obtaining their goal of collectivist globalism, which always promises utopia, and delivers medieval suffering instead.

Simply stated, I cannot see Donald Trump letting the above happen on his watch. I cannot see him allowing his accomplishments of the past three years slip away. With that said, EVERY aspect of this pandemic speaks to his America first policies. If he guides us through this and the economy rebounds, the I told you so list is going to be a deathblow to the Democrat party. Trump will control the Whitehouse, Congress, and the Senate.

Let us sin boldly in hoping so.


Coronavirus and the Under Law State of Being

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ppt-jpeg4“Salvation is a transformation from one state of being to another.” 

The Bible makes it clear that there are only two groups of people in the world: under law and under grace. According to most church doctrines, you are both if you are saved. You cannot be both, you are 100% one or the other. Clearly, Protestantism, in particular, teaches that you remain under law as a state of being, while your state of being is covered by being under grace. Under grace is a mere “legal declaration” or “positional sanctification.” No, both under law and under grace are states of being and you are one or the other; you cannot be both. Salvation is a transformation from one state of being to another.

With that said, we become habituated with under law thinking even though we have a new state of being that is practiced with under grace thinking. One state of being is driven by law, while the other state of being is driven by love. Those under grace should retrain their minds to live according to under love (grace) thinking.

One example is the way we perceive people. Do we see the big picture of their life, or do we see them through the prism of a handful of faults? The latter is under law thinking. If someone faults us, do our minds immediately take an inventory of their other faults, or do we find patience in the list of their positives as set against the fault? The latter here is under grace thinking.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t any law in love. For example, the Old Testament Sabbath law was a law of love. How so? It demanded a day off for slaves and beasts of burden like oxen that plowed the fields. Those under law practiced that because it was the law, while those under grace (love) practiced it because they wanted to, out of compassion. For those under grace, the law informs them regarding love. Those under grace learn from the Bible because it informs their propensity towards love. God also uses the law to compel those under law to do what is right; this is God’s way of loving humanity in general, also known as “justice.”

What us justified by new birth folks ought to do is keep a manual of examples we see daily and document them. I will submit one accordingly; the present-day Coronavirus pandemic.

First, in order to articulate this example, we will need to note another element of under law thinking: sin’s desire to control others, and the subject of authority. There is a problem with the recent pandemic. Some simpleton decided to try taking some hydroxychloroquine of the shelf to treat the virus week one, and the results were amazing. Others followed in using it and the results continue to be amazing. So, it would seem, a silver bullet has emerged early on. Love loves it when that happens.

The experts do not like that. If the solution is that easy, why do we need them? Though hundreds of firsthand medical testimonies on the ground strongly suggest a knockout blow in the first round in our fight against Coronavirus, this does not bolster the cult-like worship we have regarding medical bureaucrats and their lust for controlling our lives. Regardless of overt cause and effect testimonies, medical bureaucrats are dismissing these testimonies altogether because the results don’t come from “controlled studies” that can take up to one year.

This is a classic case of under law thinking. And it is interesting how control, authority, and death are always part of under law thinking. It would be much better for people to die unnecessarily than for medical bureaucrats to have their usefulness invalidated to any degree.

It’s a good example, and those justified by new birth should always be on the lookout for more examples.


“I Told You So” Says The Bible

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ppt-jpeg4The Old Testament book of Daniel is a kissing cousin to the New Testament book of Revelation. Daniel wrote that “knowledge will increase” in the last days and people assume that refers to technology. No, it’s not referring to technology, it’s referring to knowledge of the Bible. There is little doubt that the unfolding of history lends understanding to what has been in the Bible for about 10,000 years.

First, let us understand what the so-called “Bible” is, which is a word that is not in the Bible. God has been content in the past with his truth being a collection of letters, books, oral tradition, and the commonsense we are all born with. Living life God’s way is also like a stone memorial of sorts regarding his truth. It was the church’s idea, in the 4th century, to compile God’s documents in a book and it was eventually dubbed, “The Bible.” Of course, the church also claimed authority over these documents, which is laughable.

The interpretation of oral tradition, books, letters, the teachings of prophets, and later, the apostles, was an individual endeavor practiced in private homes considered to be “households” of God because families live in households. Here is what Jesus NEVER said to the apostles:

Ok guys; so, what we need to do is document everything I am teaching in one book and distribute the book among purpose builds where followers of our religion will gather to get more and more salvation on the installment plan. The Bible will be used for that purpose; to show everyone what I have done that they cannot do in order to drive them back to the cross to get more salvation at church. And see, your authority over salvation on my behalf is going to be passed on to an institution called “the church.”

Apparently, though this was Jesus’ plan from the beginning, it took the church 300 years to get the plan in place.


Nevertheless, the Bible does contain what God wanted documented to some extent. But remember, in the Bible, God warns that no one should take away from God’s word or add to it. What does that tell us? Right, it’s going to happen. But, the Bible also states that we have a way of knowing the difference through study and discernment. Did God superintend what is in the Bible? Not to the point of excluding our participation in discerning truth individually.

So, all of God’s people, through a series of events, ended up in Egypt for like 400 years. When they went to Egypt, they were a clan, but they became a nation that didn’t assimilate into the culture so the Egyptians made them slaves.

So, God led the Hebrews out of Egypt as a nation. Along the way to the land where he wanted them to live, he regulated what they were allowed to eat and not eat. People see Old Testament dietary laws as things thundered from heaven by God who apparently has control issues. Now we know why God regulated the types of animals that could be eaten and not eaten. It’s very much about the transmission of diseases.

Also, the Old Testament is a wealth of information regarding many reasons that globalism is a very bad idea, and not “racist.” Because other countries have really, really bad ideas, and America was founded on Enlightenment ideas which encourages guiding our lives according to what is “self-evident” (God-given individual commonsense), we really need to have a CIA version of something that would watch for the beginning of pandemics. Name one pandemic that started in America. The beginning of most pandemics are caused by what people in other countries eat.

The Bible told us so.

God also addresses sex ideas in the Bible extensively. Again, we see these regulations given to Israel as coming from a divine killjoy. The problem here is a God that doesn’t know how to party. Actually, God throws the most awesome parties you could ever imagine. But his party favors are good ideas. Those are in the Bible also. But, God tells us in the Bible that multiple partners and having sex with animals is generally a bad idea. So, people didn’t listen to God’s counsel on sex, and we have things like HIV.

The Bible told us so.

The ideology of anti-humanity is emerging more and more in these last days. By the way, according to the Bible, what is the “last days” and are we in the last days? According to the Bible, the last days begin with the ascension of Christ and end at a time only God knows. So, yes, we are in the last days. At a time known only to God, a rapture will occur described as the imminent disappearance of all Christians on earth followed by seven years of God’s wrath on the earth. That seven years will be followed by Christ doing government right from David’s throne in Jerusalem.

During my recent research on a book project, my eyes have been opened to the recent emergence of anti-humanity movements particularly expressed by the environmentalist movement. The ancient practices of worshiping creation and animals as opposed to God are grounded in that ideology.

The Bible told us so.

God has pushed back against that ideology. The Bible says that God so loved humanity that he gave his only Son that we may have everlasting life. The Bible says the demarcation of all reality is love/life versus hate/death. There is no neutral ground; you either stand with the haters, though unwittingly, or you stand with those who know how to love life according to God’s knowledge.

Christ, through his family and acting diplomats on earth, preach no different message in our day than Moses: “Choose life!.” He is coming back unannounced and pleads with you to be ready for his return.

The Bible tells us so.



Democrats Seen From the Eyes of a Child

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I grew up between two political parties, that is, Democrat and Republican. My parents were Republicans residing in a Dayton, Ohio suburb, and my grandparents, who I was very close to, were staunch Democrats living in the Shawnee Forest region of Southern Ohio. My grandfather was president for the boat doc operating engineers union. They were the guys who unloaded barges going up and down the Ohio river and delivered the contents to factories and steel mills. As a young boy, I spent a lot of time during the summer going to work with my grandfather and was dubbed, “the grandchild.” Later in life, right after graduating from high school, I went to work for my grandfather and was still referred to as “grandchild,” which was my official nickname.  I literally grew up with the men that worked there. Whenever I went to work with my grandfather during my childhood, I would ride with the cement truck drivers for awhile, then the tug boat guys, and sit with the heavy equipment operators in their cabs as they unloaded the barges. Near lunchtime, I stood on top of the levy waiting for the first dump truck driver to appear at the top of the hill. The first one would stop and open the passenger door and I would make the long climb up the cab ladder to enter. This always meant a free lunch at McDonalds or Burger King, food my grandmother considered to be a vice like smoking and drinking. The lunch she packed for me would end up being fish food in the Ohio River. All the workers who adopted me for the day took opportunity to proclaim their opinions about life, women, and politics. And so my summers were.

Meanwhile, my winters were spent in the upscale suburbs of Dayton, Ohio with my elitist Republican parents. I was 9 years old when they had a Barry Goldwater party and my older brother’s band played “Louie, Louie” and other 60s hits. I remember those attending complained about the drummer being too loud. I remember Goldwater lost because he ran on a war plan that would destroy North Vietnam inside of a week and put an end to its aggression towards South Vietnam. Goldwater didn’t like Communists, and promised to make North Vietnam a “mudpuddle.”

This made Americans afraid of a nuclear war with Russia who was backing North Vietnam. Nevertheless, carpet bombing with B52s brought North Vietnam to its knees, but incredibly, instead of using that as a means to end the war, North Vietnam was allowed to use it as a bargaining chip for “peace negotiations.” Thus began the politically correct idea that winning a war is immoral. Lyndon B. Johnson won, and Goldwater lost because the fear card was played. Johnson did not run for a second term because he had no chance of winning due to his abysmal job as president. During his administration, the Democrats passed a law that allowed the government to borrow money from the Social Security trust fund and use it for social programs to buy votes, an overt criminal act. Thus began the two-tier legal system in the USA. In contrast, if you are a CEO that borrows from a company pension fund, there is no faster track to being locked up in prison.

Whenever my parents would drop my little brother and me off for the summer, there would be a political argument in the living room. I remember one night very well; it was pretty ugly. So, my grandfather retreated to the basement to add more coal to the furnace. Per the usual, I went with him. I remember that basement well; it was where my brothers and I watched grandpa and his friends “clean” (butcher) the spoils of their hunting trips. I see that night so clearly; as my grandfather shoveled coal into the furnace, I asked what all the fuss was about. He said, “Democrats are for the working man.” My age was a single digit, but regardless of how much I adored my grandparents, I knew better, and you should to.

My logic as a child was peculiar; I totally related school yard bullies to Communists, and figured if Democrats didn’t even know that, neither did they know anything about money. When I went to Shoup Mill elementary school in Dayton, the Democrats legislated forced integration through busing from inner-city schools to suburban schools. Except, during that time in Dayton, the only “inner-city” was the West side of Dayton, now all of Dayton is considered inner-city. This has been the result of Democrat leadership of Dayton throughout the years. I have a property in Dayton once appraised at 76,000 dollars; I would be lucky to get 40 for it presently despite the fact that it was built in 1993, the same year that conservative Mayor Mike Turner was elected mayor of Dayton.

Montgomery county liberals made his life absolutely miserable regardless of the fact that he returned Dayton to its former glory of the 40s, 50s, and 60s when it was known as the “Gem City.” Turner eventually lost to Democrat Rhine McLin in 2001. McLin was known to be a drug addict and utterly corrupt. During city council meetings aired on cable TV, she was overtly inebriated. She narrowly defeated Turner with the usual weapon of identity politics. Yes, Dayton was returned to its former glory by Turner, but guess what? Right, the less fortunate “working class” had been left out. Sound familiar? Well, since making sure the less fortunate have received their fair share since 2001, what is the state of Dayton today? The whole city is a ghetto with boarded up residential properties and businesses on every side of the city.

But, back to busing. It’s hard to believe today, but the North side of Dayton where Shoup Mill elementary was located, was once considered affluent. Several children arrived to attend school with us from the West side to partake in our white privilege. Actually, the school became a hotbed of racism with both sides being equally guilty. Yes indeed, elementary children were burdened with the politcal conflicts of their parents. I had a freind who was a mild mannered child, and also huge for his age. We stuck together and avoided the mainstream fray of things, until tyranny came looking for us because I guess silence is taking sides. I was shocked at the violence my freind delivered on those who misinterpeted his kindness as weakness. Regardless, I made the equation in my mind: my freind was a Republican and the rest were Democrats.

And here we are today. How can it be? Almost 60 years later, Democrats are using the same exact pair of tactics: fear and identity politics. Let me tell you a fact: racism was not on the cultural radar screen in the 80s and 90s. I was in my twenties during the 80s, and interracial dating was commonplace and nobody thought a thing of it. Also during the 80s, at one point of time when my brother and I owned a business together, everyone of our technicians were black and no one thought a thing about it. Everyone was enjoying the prosperity of the Ronald Reagon years and didn’t have time for drama. Certainly, race issues were not trending. When Barak Obama was elected, racism began to dominate our culture once again. In the 80s and at least part of the 90s, the prevailing thought was that America had grown out of the issue. Think about this: in the very year that America elected its first black president, racism made a comeback.

Enter the Coronavirus pandemic. Once again, Democrates have made everything about fear and identity politics. The virus stimulous package, as any child can see, should be focused on what it is intended for: to give financial relief to Americans who are suffering just because Asians like to eat everything they can find crawling and walking while alive. For some reason, the bill won’t pass. Why? Here we go again, “The Republican bill only benefits corporate America and not…’the working man (or woman).'” I have had to suffer this mantra from the time my grandfather said it to me in that basement until now. When will this mindless charade end?

There are three things that are different. Conservative news reporting, real hate, and Donald Trump. Because of conservative news reporting, last night, what is really going on with the Democrats was revealed. Their version of the bill included funding for many, many, many other things than financial relief for those effected by the Coronavirus. In fact, EVERY pet project they have tried to pass unsuccessfully in the past two years was included in their bill. Yet, they are stating that the working people of America are left out of the Republican bill and accuse the Republican version of being a corporate slush fund.

No, that’s not true, the issue is the carte blanche passing of several other bills without due process. The issue involves another Democrat mainstay: making use of every tragedy to forward an agenda. Before the advent of conservative news outlets in the 90s the Democrats could get away with it. Even a child can see this, and the continuing use of the same old 60 year old mantra by the Democrats does not speak well to the average Democrat’s ability to think.

The second thing is real hate. I remember, like yesterday, sitting in my second grade classroom when the announcement came over the intercom that President Kennedy had been assassinated. Be sure of this: Democrats and Republicans alike were in mourning. Everybody was an American first and a Republican or Democrat second for a long time after that. Not so today. Be equally sure of this: if President Trump were assassinated, the Democrats would be celebrating in the streets.

Thirdly, about Trump. Since that evening in my grandfather’s basement, I have waited for a Republican like Trump. I knew America needed a Republican like my elementary school friend. My friend was kind, fair, and a likable person to be around, until a bully showed up. Yes, I was shocked at how much my friend hated bullies, but I came to understand that love for freedom and fairness can be exhibited in an equally emotional defense for it.

When I was a child and young adult, I loved my Democrats in Southern Ohio as much as my Republicans in Dayton, Ohio.  Democrats were once well-meaning liberals; but they have become freedom hating tyrants who cannot be reasoned with.

Even a child can see it.



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