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Five Damning Facts About Calvinism

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on October 28, 2022

I. It’s daily re-salvation by preaching the gospel to yourself every day.

II. Its progressive justification defines “Christians” as under law—the biblical definition of a lost person.

III. Forgiveness for “present sin” that “removes us from grace” can only be found through membership in a local church under the authority of elders who forgive sin on God’s behalf.

IV. John Calvin’s three categories of elect include those who are temporarily elected and therefore receive a greater damnation. Therefore, entering the “race of faith” gives one a chance that the non-elect do not have, but a double portion of eternal suffering if one is not of the “perseverance” category.

V. Any act of love performed by a “saint” is works salvation. All works must be imputed to the “believer” by faith alone. Moreover, the focus must be living by faith alone well enough in order to “stand in the judgment covered by the righteousness of Christ and not a ‘righteousness of your own.’” That must be the focus, not loving others. Calvin believed all acts of love performed by the “saints” fall short of perfection, and are therefore unacceptable to God.

Calvinists can talk about love all they want to; their soteriology excludes the possibility.

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  1. jason johnson said, on November 7, 2022 at 9:24 PM

    VI. Calvin rejected the allegorical method of interprettinf OT prophecies, without which over half the Messianic prophecies don’t soubd like they are even about Jesus, which has done irreperable harm to Christianity’s persuasiveness. And it has brought about Judaizing heresies as prophecy mongerism of Judaizers always look for prophecies to be fulfilled in favor of unbelievers Ukrainian-Khazaars falsely claiming to be Jews, because they read them too literally as pertaining to Jews and the Middle East Syria-Palestina not allegorically to Christians and Heaven.


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