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Trump is an Immanent Threat to the Condemnation We All Deserve

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on May 22, 2022

Susan and I don’t watch the news much. She used to start her morning by watching channel 7 news. She pretty much got sick of hearing, “How can you start your day with that?” If you want to throw a bucket of cold water on “This is the day the Lord has made, rejoice and be glad in it,” just turn on the news.

My news epiphany happened last night as we were laying in bed watching FOX news. It occurred to me that Brian Kilmeade was having way too much fun reporting the latest news. The sparkling gleam in his eyes, I believe, sparked the epiphany.

EVERY news network out there is guilty as hell. You see, good news doesn’t sell. Because we live in an under-condemnation realm, good news makes us fearful that we are being set-up for a fall. Good news is a cruel trick being played on us by a wrathful god. In fact, when our life is good, we feel guilty and our alms are “pay it back” or “pay it forward.”

Receiving bad news is our reasonable service to mankind. After all, we all deserve hell. The least we can do in this life is pay penance by being unhappy. As I have watched the political pendulum swing back and forth between bad policies and good policies over the past 55 years since I was old enough to understand politics, I must ask: do Democrat’s get a turn because of Republican guilt?

Let me get back on track here, FOX news was all too happy to report on the Russian hoax and anything else that prevented TRUMP from executing the true function of a representative republic. Because, good times and good news do not sell. A functioning representative republic is bad for ratings, and makes political shills like Carl Rove irrelevant. Trump gets this, and it is behind his reference to people being “tired of winning.” Actually, due to the realm we live in, winning politicly makes good people feel guilty.

The mainline Protestant religion adds to the grief. Do you want to know the crux of their “good news” gospel? Here it is: “daily salvation.” There you go, get up every morning needing salvation. So, yes, statistics show that there is no percentage difference between the churched and unchurched in regard to depression and anxiety. Who knew?

True salvation is a once and eternal escape from condemnation in this realm and the realm to come through Christ.

The news has no vested interest in good news, it doesn’t sell. They need and want Joe Biden. It’s OK with the news networks and many Republicans that the election was stolen.

Trump is an immanent threat to the condemnation we all deserve.


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  1. Argo said, on May 22, 2022 at 10:06 AM

    Very therapeutic post. I found it very helpful. Thanks, Paul.


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