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Adults Get the Government They Deserve

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on February 15, 2022

Hang on a tick. Let’s back up.

American’s are all revved up over the Canadian trucker “Freedom” convoy. Yea, I get it. We think we see political solidarity and want to support their cause, because we, American’s, are living through similar oppressive political realities. We want to link arms and sing Oh Canada with our freedom loving like minded patriots from up north.

But let me do  . . . me. I’m going to poke the bear, or break some icons or butcher a holy cow.  You get the idea.

So a brief (familiar) history to anyone over fifty: For the whole of my adult life I’ve listened to Canadian smug condescension over their “free health care,” their kinder gentler version of western democracy, their choice to spend money on the poor and social services instead of emulating the gauche American military industrial complex and the divinely inspired care of the vast natural resources.

Never mind that any of those hoity-toity French wanna- be’s, who need more than a pap smear flood across the US border, pay the CD to US exchange rate run by capitalist (sort of) American doctors so they don’t die. Never mind that Canada hides behind US military might so they don’t need to do any national defense heavy lifting. Never mind that Canada is never on the world stage shaping global politics.  Never mind that it’s easy to preserve the Canadian hinter land because no one wants to live anywhere between Quebec and British Columbia. And never mind that anyone with any talent flees to Hollywood. (Please can you guy’s take the Biebster back and keep him there?  I happen to like Ryan Reynolds so he can stay.)  So, like every other “kinder gentler” Western democracy the socio-economic system only “works” because it rides capitalist coattails.

This begs the question, how then does Socialism really work? 

Socialism is vaunted as a compassionate alternative to greedy Capitalism. Socialism is a benevolent middle ground between the “excess” of Capitalism and the “misplaced harshness” of Communism.

But is it?

Beyond the global effort to mischaracterize capitalism, Socialism is no different than any Marxist socio economic variation because they all have the same moral premise: From each according to their ability TO each according to their need. Or said another way, the state is morally justified to seize the production of one man and give it to another. Or said another way, the first mortgage on every individual life is to pay whatever the state demands. Or said another way, Man is first, last, and always state property. Or said another way, Man is a state slave.

How can any social system that presumes the state right to enslave be kinder, or gentler or moral?

Let me expand this point because people have been indoctrinated to believe that socialism has a fundamental virtue because “some” government redistribution is good.

If you learn nothing else from this article engrave this principle on your mind: Every argument that concedes the premise is an argument over how much.

If you make potato salad and concede that mustard goes in the recipe the only thing left to fight over is HOW MUCH mustard is in the recipe.

If humans are free to reject the reality of gender then the only fight left is how much reality can human’s reject.   

If man must pay one dime to the state to justify his existence then the fight is over how many dimes he must pay to the state to justify his existence.

Once you conceded the premise the argument is only and forever HOW MUCH.

So if you concede the premise that “some” government redistribution is good, the only fight remaining is HOW MUCH redistribution will the government perform.

It sounds virtuous when the socialist says—in the name of compassion— they just want to take 2% of your production, but if the state owns 2% of the individual then how can you object when the state insists it owns 30%, 60%, 100%? How can you object when the state insists it has the right to jab you with a vaccine?

You can’t because you have already conceded that the state owns people. Every other government fight is over the percentage of slavery. Despots are smart enough to know they will eventually get to a number they can’t justify so they are merely looking for the tipping point where enough people are enslaved and resistance for the remaining population is imposable. So herein is the fraud underneath Socialisms kinder gentler face.  Socialism is merely the early stages of the slide into totalitarian rule. Socialism is the pot slow boiling the frog. Socialism is the small drops of socio-economic poison driving the population towards despotism.   

And speaking of enslavement by degree, let’s talk about Canada.

If the state is morally correct to take the productive life of others for grandmas healthcare it is morally correct to lock people in their house in the name of grandma’s health. If it is morally correct to lock people in their houses, it is morally correct that the government jab people with whatever toxin they choose in the name of public health.  So fuss all you want but the policies enacted by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are the logical conclusion of Canada’s root premise: Canadian’s are slaves to the state.  

Wait, John, they didn’t know that what they voted for meant Justin Trudeau’s tyranny.

A )  Bullshit!

B )  Never forget, adults get the government they deserve.

If they didn’t know who Justin Trudeau was then they deserve what they got. There is zero excuse for failing to understand Justin Trudeau’s unabashed Marxist aspirations. And make no mistake, Canada has a long history with romancing Marxist’s dictators and has elected sundry Marxist officials throughout its history.  

Here is the barest review of the Canadian love affair with all things communist. 

Pierre Trudeau, Justin’s “father” (a major Canadian political player) was an admirer of all things Marx and an open supporter of Fidel Castro.

Even with the free love movement sweeping through the world in the late 1960s it was imperative that an aspiring Canadian Prime Minister have a family so Pierre (53) married Margaret when she was 23. He picked a woman thirty years younger for a reason.

What was that reason?

Pierre had no children with any of his other paramours—Margo Kidder, Liona Boyd, Kim Cattrall, and Barbara Streisand—among the many, many names rumored to be etched into his bedpost.  A 53 year old man and notorious playboy with no children (even rumored) it was logical to assume that he was infertile.  How do infertile men get children they don’t adopt?  They find sperm donors. In the 1960s sperm donation was done the old fashioned way.

Just look:

Before I move on I need to clear something up. It turns out that the first picture (Fidel holding a child beside Margaret Trudeau is NOT Justin, but rather his older brother.

However, does she look like a woman standing beside a strange man who also happens to be a brutal dictator?  Or does she look like a lover proudly standing beside the man who fathered her children?

That is a rhetorical question.

I’m not saying that philosophy is genetic, but I am pointing out that Pierre Trudeau’s ideological pedigree is so deep and so unequivocal that he was willing to have a Marxist leader father his children so he could ascend to the position of Canadian Prime Minister. Consider the ideological commitment this represents which also means there is zero possibility that Pierre Trudeau’s ambitions, policies and actions were a secret.

Now, in spite of Google’s effort to burry anything disparaging about Justin Trudeau ten search engine pages deep, this is what I learned in an hour of research.  And this is the barest review of Trudeau politics or Canadian political history but there is plenty more.

To be clear, this means that for decades Canadians have been enthusiastic in their embrace if the underlying Marxist premise and sold themselves into state slavery. Only the willingly blind can fail to understand who and what the Trudeau’s (Pierre and Justin) represent and who Canada has voted into power over the span of 70+ years.  There is zero excuse for Canadians to misunderstand who they voted for or what Justin Trudeau intended to do was Prime Minister.

They accepted the “soft” slavery of Socialism fooling themselves that “western style checks and balances” on government protected the people. And now they are living the consequence of their delusion because all arguments that concede the premise are really fights over how much.   There is no middle ground between water and poison.  A little bit of poison will still kill you, only slower.  Canadians have been sipping larger and larger doses of socialist poison and now they have an unapologetic Marxist forcing them to drink the whole bottle.

Now Canadian’s are shocked?

Now they decide who they elected is “going too far?”

No, No. Canadian’s, in their smug moral condescension, have made a 70+ year Socialist Faustian bargain and now the devil thinks enough people are enslaved that it is too late to resist.  The lockdowns, vaccine mandates, the social media monitoring, the social credit scores, contact tracing, are the inevitable conclusion of the socialist premise: men are slaves of the state.

And this is the real lesson of Canada’s Freedom convoy.  There is no kinder gentler social economic middle ground. The choice is binary: Freedom or enslavement. Man’s life is his own or he is owned by the state. There is only individual liberty or collectivist tyranny. There is only Capitalism or the inevitable slide toward totalitarian rule.

Will honking horns and waving flags be the undoing of a Marxist thug or the entrenched Canadian communist ruling class? 

Don’t be childish.

Dear Americans we should know better.  Parades never win wars. Our last election was preceded by rallies and parades the like of which had never been seen and yet, our political class, from the local to the federal level participated in the most brazen electoral corruption since our founding and to my knowledge not one person has gone to jail.

As you read this article, the Canadian government is increasing its resolve to crush the political dissent. The stakes are far too high to let this protest persist. It will not take long before the guns come out and people either disband or perish. Make no mistake this fight will be resolved with force. Speaking of which, history makes it clear there is only ONE way to halt the slide into tyranny. Spoiler alert children playing patty cake, honking horns and waving flags are not even close to the right answer.

Never forget adults get the government they deserve.

John Immel

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  1. lydia00 said, on February 17, 2022 at 11:55 AM

    This was brutal truth. I had similar thoughts early on because of being pelted by democrats for so many years about Canada’s wonderful healthcare system. Well we have certainly gotten close to it. The last two years should have proved to everyone just how horrible our healthcare system is because it’s so closely tied to government.

    But you ask how much? Well here is just one of a thousand ways it’s too much.


  2. Strawman Burner said, on February 22, 2022 at 9:02 PM

    The problem is though if Canada gets away with shutting down people’s bank accounts for protesting the government then the US will try it too. So like it or not we kinda have to support the Canadian people, in word at least.


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