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Nursing May Not Go Well With Church

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on January 5, 2022

I don’t see nursing and Protestantism fitting together well. Protestantism focuses on the weakness of the individual and subsequent need for seeking ongoing mercy from God. Nurses hardly see weakness as a sin. One does harm, the other invokes needed care.

Protestantism focuses on the inability of mankind. Nurses can’t do that; nursing demands perfection. Someone in nursing school may do really well on a test, say they only missed three questions out of 100 on a test. That’s pretty good. The only problem follows: theoretically, three people could be dead.

In nursing school, we are learning that the initial introduction to a patient must establish trust. What do you think of this as an introduction?

“Hi, my name is Jake, I am the RN that will be working with you pre, and post op. Say, I am seeing on your chart that you are a fellow Baptist, and so am I (does this establish trust via the Christian label?). So, as you know, this is all in God’s hands and I am just a totally depraved sinner saved by grace. By no means put you trust in me, a mere sinner. We want God to get all the glory on the results, so I won’t be very diligent because I don’t want to please God ‘in my own strength.’ I will do the assessment, and then we will pray.'”

Indeed, Protestants should pray much.


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