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Yes, Elitism Versus Peasantry is the Issue. But What is the Orthodoxy of Elitism?

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on September 22, 2021

I am happy that people are catching on to what is really going on in our society right now. It is the age-old problem of social caste and elitism. In EVERY element of life, it is “Rules for thee, but not for me.” In the words of elitist Leona Helmsley, “We don’t pay taxes; only the little people pay taxes.”

People find anti-capitalism among the mega rich and mega famous confusing as well. Didn’t these people become rich through a free market economy? Yes, but here is their problem with capitalism: it funds individualism. To the degree capitalism raises the economic status of a rube, it lowers the status of an elitist. When a movie star sees a serf pull up to the light beside them in a $50,000 vehicle, that diminishes the status of the movie star. It really boils down to that.

This is why the difference between a Republic and a Socialist government is directly relational to the size of the middleclass. Presently, you have to admire the genius of what the Democrat party is trying to do; by eliminating the middleclass, they will achieve Marxism by default. That’s the endgame entirely. I contend that this is primarily behind the hatred for Donald Trump; his economic policies empower the middleclass. Having financial means empowers the individual.

But, we must remember: all actions are driven by ideology, and the difference between ideology and religion is a fine line. Here is the key; you must understand how the elitist defines wisdom. To the elitist, all wisdom, and depth of wisdom, is determined by an understanding of how totally depraved humanity is. Often, elitists are immoral. Right, because their moralism is equal to wisdom; hence, their actions are irrelevant, while what they know about their actions is the real test of their morals. Therefore, trusting the abilities of the individual is the epitome of evil. Trump also fits into that category. This is the core cause of so-called Trump Derangement Syndrome.

So, the wise person knows that we are all totally depraved, and therefore, also according to wisdom, the wise person knows that we must depend on government and religious institutions to MANAGE evil. Being evil is not the point: your moral temperature is determined by your willingness to be managed by the “experts.” The orthodoxy is total depravity, and the priesthood is expertism.

Accordingly, if our children were educated about world philosophy over the past 100 years, there wouldn’t be a Democrat party. Neither would there be an institutional church. Ironically, an understanding of world philosophy in general, and Platonism in particular by the framers of the American constitution spawned the American Revolution. Somehow, the essential need for this understanding to continue did not formulate. Benjamin Franklin once said that we have a republic, “…if you can keep it.” Unless people understand the ideology that drove human history until the advent of Americanism, our ability to keep this republic is unlikely.

There is a good question here. “Don’t the elitists understand they will not be elitists without capitalism, individualism, and the freedom of upward mobility?” No. Elitists think they are elitists by virtue of who they are, not how they got to where they are. And, it’s really more about having power over others than the money. Wanting to control others is really one of the main pillars of sin itself. The primary essence of sin is control-lust. The Bible states this explicitly. Sin is not necessarily the breaking of a law, it is a failure to love God and others. It is individual focused. It is earned self-esteem through person building according to a truthful assessment, and helping others to build wisely is what we call, “edification.”

I see a lot of social media buzz about elitism of late, but unfortunately, the primary complaint is that elitists are “hypocritical.” This misses the point entirely. John Kerry is not a hypocrite because he bemoans carbon footprints while jetting around the world in a private jet. You see, a limited carbon footprint by elitists jetting around to save the world is a far cry from the great unwashed flying around the country and the world for no good reason other than some selfish purpose. The little people don’t need to be flying anywhere, they need to be home or at work supporting those who are saving the world from its total depravity. Nether should they own cars; they should ride a bicycle to work or take public transit. Yes, there will still be a need for planes, cars, and jets, but not for the little people. They need to lead simple obedient lives that only have one purpose: to support the state or any other institution that attenuates evil. All of humanity is seen through the prism of evil.  

It really all starts with presuppositions about mankind. If people are basically unable, the ability to use fear to control people will be greatly enhanced. The principles in this article can be applied to everything we are presently experiencing in our culture.

We must go far beyond understanding elitism; we must understand the ideology that drives it, and make individualism the driving force in our own lives. America stands or falls on this principle alone. And what of God? Well, this is a simple thing: you will stand before him ALONE to give an account of the sum and substance of your own life.

And trust me, you will get little credit for blindly following the dictates of tyrants and religionists.


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