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Forward by Jon K. Uhler LPC

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on July 26, 2021

If you’re like me, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “What are Furries, and what’s the big deal?” Well, that is what I thought too, when the topic was raised during the sex offender treatment groups I conducted while working on the Psychology Staff for the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections.

It was over the course of 11+ years working in a clinically intensive capacity with the full range of sex offenders (including SVPs (Sexually Violent Predators), that I had the opportunity to review thousands of criminal histories, interview and evaluate the risk levels of hundreds of men who had sexually offended, that I began to hear about Furries. It was during those groups that pedophiles repeatedly described Furries as one of the most strategically useful methods of gaining direct hands-on access to minors, while enabling the offender to hide 100% of his identity. Because the sex offenders knew I was intrigued about what Furries are, and how they could be used to groom and perpetrate minors, they were happy to disclose the “dirty little secrets.”

That was how I learned about Furries and came to understand what the vast majority of adults do not understand: Furries and the “Fandom” are a sexual predator’s most strategic Trojan Horse. They provide the perfect opportunity for a sex offender to directly access minors, while naïve parents smile approvingly and encourage the encounters. After all, who wouldn’t want a big furry wolf to give their child a big hug and have them sit on his lap for a photo, right? Just like Disneyland, eh? And, no worries that the Furrie is letting the kids know how they can “stay in touch” online, right?

What became clear, both while working with the sex offenders who had used Furries as grooming tools, and while combatting those pro-pedophile adults who hide 100% of their identities on social media, is just how intent Furries and their apologists are toward ensuring the general public remains ignorant to: (1) the porn-saturated deviant nature of the majority of the adults who participate in the Fandom, (2) how Furries are used to introduce minors to the most deviant of sexual activities and perversions, such as BDSM, Kink, and bestiality (rebranded as Zoophilia), (3) the real dangers of sexual predators concealing 100% of their identity in order to gain direct access to minors by using Furry suits, and (4) how much they hate anyone who would dare expose them. And, that is why I am so appreciative of Paul Dohse’s dedication to unmasking the dangers of Furries and the Fandom.

Paul’s approach to the subject is both comprehensive and scholarly, yet very readable and digestible. In fact, I would liken him to an investigative journalist, who has dug deeper and uncovered more than anyone I know on this subject. He has found there is a very dark underbelly to Furries and the Fandom, which contains very dangerous and even criminal elements, that do not take kindly to anyone who would shine the light of truth onto this darkness.

More than any other deviant group, it is the Furries who will aggressively and ruthlessly descend upon anyone who dares unmask them. Like a school of piranhas, they will quickly swarm, targeting the persons employment, place of work, professional license, professional associations, social media accounts, engaging in public smear campaigns, slander, doxing, trolling, and even making subtle or not-so-subtle threats against the person, their family, and their property… even to the point of making terroristic threats and sending them “glitter bombs” in the mail, as a means of intimidation, as they let the person know they have their address. I have experienced my fair share of such “swarms,” but Paul has experienced even more. By publishing this book, he is exposing more material than has ever been revealed about them. As such, he has placed himself in real personal danger, in order to get this information into the hands of good people who care about child protection. For that, we owe him a debt of gratitude. 

I am grateful for his dedication toward ensuring the truth surfaces about the dangers of Furries and the Fandom.

Jon K. Uhler, LPC, CCTP, CSOTP

Founder and Director,

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  1. Captain Obviously You Guys said, on July 26, 2021 at 5:52 PM

    It amazes me that boomers didnt know furries were perverts who have orgies in fur suits and thought they were pokeman fans or something. How dumb can you be? Everyone in the younger generations knows this and constantly makes fun of furries. Only an old boomer would even listen to a furry trying to defend themselves. Younger people will just call them faggots and freaks. Or is it not a boomer thing but a fellow pervert thing? Maybe the people now being like “oh my God, that’s what furries are?” are just afraid they’re gonna be outed as furries because they are furries.


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