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The Book of Revelation and Present Events

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on November 19, 2020

Our home fellowship recently started a study in the book of Revelation to help us keep our sanity in the present circumstances. It helps to remember that as Christians, we await a kingdom on earth that will be ruled by Christ and Israel will be “the head and not the tail.” This is a subject I have studied for years, and have recently taken another look and challenged my previous understanding.

I will not go into detail here, but will share what I believe the landscape looks like. I am not one who believes America is bad because Christians need to suffer as a means to enter heaven. That Protestant attitude has given us Charismatic theology and sorry, the argument for triple imputation is just as logical as double imputation. If Christ came to live a perfect law-keeping life so he can impute it to our sanctification, which by the way, I reject, he also came to overcome death and sickness. Plainly, part of his life was healing sickness, and if his whole life fulfilled the law perfectly, well, you do the math. I reject both theologies, but merely want to once again point out how illogical Protestantism is in a myriad of ways.

So, America is a good thing. I am fortunate to be an ambassador here for God’s kingdom. No government has been a greater force for good than America. God likes good things. He loves justice, and God’s kind of country/government “rewards good and punishes evil.” World history reflects core spiritual matters; you cannot have one without the other, what we see on a historical level is a fight between individualism and collectivism. Neither will get you into heaven, but both have a huge impact on how we experience life. Unlike Martin Luther, I don’t think embracing suffering is the epitome of virtue and the key to salvation.

Here is the question: How close are we to the coming of Christ when he judges the world and establishes God’s kingdom on earth? Let’s consider that a few elements, or signs seem to be taking place in our day. The Antichrist will be a “lawless” leader. What we clearly see today are leaders who are above the law and surrounded by other leaders who lack intestinal fortitude to do anything about it. Presently, outright in-your-face lawlessness is ruling the day. Will Donald Trump prevail? And even if he doesn’t, will he make a comeback that will radically transform America?

The Antichrist will be much like a Barak Obama who thinks he is above the law, and has the audacity to take gaslighting to an all new level. It doesn’t matter how ridiculous his political theories are, it’s just the verbiage that will be on the placard at the top of your cross. His intent is to compel you to obey, by force if necessary, and to fulfill your preordained purpose of serving the state. Of course, for you own wellbeing; everyone should obey their purpose in life. Tyrants are always looking out for your best interest as defined by them. They know best. It’s tough love.

The Bible is clear: Christ returns “at a time when you think not.” Christ returns during a time of peace and prosperity. A time when people are saying, “peace and safety,” and, “Where is the promise of his coming?” By the way, morality isn’t necessarily mutually inclusive with peace and prosperity. At any rate, is Donald Trump the leader who ushers in that time of peace and prosperity? In addition, does the Antichrist come to power by pretending to believe in the same policies?

I do not believe socialism can usher in the coming peace and prosperity that will precede the lord’s return. I believe Trump, or at least his policies and statecraft, will prevail. There will be a calm before the storm that will usher in Christ’s return. The Bible is also clear: the Antichrist will lead a church-state on steroids; a church-state like no other ever seen in the history of the world. This will arise quickly out of the time of peace and prosperity; probably due to the first major crisis to come upon the world that the Bible describes as, “the beginning of birth pangs.”

This is why I believe the Trump populist movement will prevail; stay tuned.



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