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The Mask Police Kicked Me Out of a Store: Hindsight is 20/20, and law versus love.

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on September 15, 2020

The attached photo is of me at work. Yesterday, after 9 hours of wearing all of that stuff, I stopped on the way home in Dayton, Ohio to eat. I ate at Golden Corral. Actually, their mask policy makes a lot of sense. By the way, I am not an anti-masker, but I am anti-stupid, and anti-control freak, and anti-tyranny, but back to Golden Corral.

In the middle of a pandemic, you don’t want food servers who are not wearing masks. That’s stupid. Yes, yes, I know, masks don’t completely stop aerosols, but masks limit the projection of the aerosols and that’s better than nothing. Prepared food is usually under a shield on the pickup line, and as the waiter or waitress is coming to your table with the food, they are not breathing directly onto your food because of the mask, and they are moving. That’s important.

At Golden Corral, they only require a mask at the food bar, and I think that’s a very good idea; you don’t want everyone and their uncle projecting aerosols around food in the middle of a pandemic. The food bar has a clear shield in front of the food, so it’s the same principle as my picture; you have a shield plus a mask. In the middle of a virus pandemic, limiting aerosols around food in a restaurant is a good idea. Please note, the PPE equipment I am wearing in the photo is not 100% foolproof, but it decreases the risk significantly. That’s a good idea.

Also, they are keeping all of the plates behind the food bar at Golden Corral and extra cooks are putting the food on the plates that you tell them to, and the reason for this is obvious. Golden Corral had already started putting spoons, knives, and forks on the tables as needed before the pandemic. This all makes good sense.

After I ate, I went up the street to visit a Good Will store, and that’s when things started getting sketchy. I didn’t notice any sign going in, but was quickly confronted by a mindless fool working two jobs for a single wage, and the single wage being woefully unfair for the job of mask police. People willing to confront the general public for minimum wage have issues. Anyway, I declined and was confronted by a second employee (perhaps a manager) and things started getting confrontational. I told them I would leave and not come back to patronize that store. End of story.

As the saying goes, hindsight is always 20/20; after reflecting on the incident, I regret I didn’t handle it differently. I should have asked, “Oh, do you want me to wear a mask to prevent the spread of COVID?” Of course, the answer would have been, “yes,” with me replying, “Ok, fine, let me go out to my car and I will be right back.” I think you know where this is going. I would have returned into the store wearing all of my work PPE, and asked for a trashcan to dispose of the outer gloves upon entering. Then, I would have confronted both employees about their irresponsibility in properly preventing the spread of the virus. I would have dressed them down on every detail.

First, if you enter the realm of infected aerosols without wearing medical goggles, all bets are off. If you liken it to preventing pregnancy, you cut the condom in half or skip every other dose of the pill. It’s just, plain, stupid. Unlike my work situation with masks (an N-95 respirator with a surgical mask covering it), the right goggles and a shield are pretty much 100%. Infection through the nose and mouth is a much deeper conversation. The N-95 respirator, a surgical mask over it, and a shield, might protect you; “and you feel safe because you have a cloth mask on? Well, bless your little heart.” That’s another form of the word, “patronize.” I could have done both kinds of patronizing; I could have had a V-8.

Mask, masks, masks; that’s what the law does, because it wants to control others rather than love them. Law versus love are two different mindsets and two different worldviews. It’s a matter of emphasis. Love emphasizes facts that will really edify people. With the law mindset, biblically speaking, under-law thinking, any kind of standard will do because obedience to control freaks is the endgame. No logical standard is needed because the target market is lazy thinkers and business is booming. Thinkers lacking in herd mentality, because they care about outcomes that will truly help people, are a threat to the collective herd mentality and those who want power.

Here is how you also know that the mask thing is under law: all that matters is your obedience, not whether or not you are wearing the mask correctly, right? The mask police will NEVER pull you over for the mask not covering your nose, right? Protecting others is not really the motive; obedience is the motive.

If you refer back to my picture, you note the head covering and yellow gown. Masks don’t emphasis the real problem with this virus: transmission from surfaces, which is extremely difficult to control. Look, people are going to obey and wear a mask in the store, and leave by touching the front door handle that everyone in the city has touched, not to mention everything they touched in the store, and then a couple of hours later they are going to touch their faces. Well, bless your heart, at least you wore a mask.

Fact is, the best thing for me to do is work a full shift without removing any PPE because this greatly decreases the risk of surface transmission. On the back of my nametag, I have a cheat cheat for properly donning and doffing the PPE.

So, what is the law of love in all of this? What are the facts that edify? Social distancing, and NEVER touching your face BEFORE you properly wash your hands or use hand sanitizer. And, proper diet. But, here is what under-law thinking does: it will always under-emphasize what really edifies and replace it with nonsense. Under-law thinking doesn’t want to love anybody, it only wants to control them. This dynamic manifests itself on every level of life from schoolyard bullying to statecraft.

And, let’s not forget a hallmark of love: liberty. Love educates, and then allows people to decide for themselves. Love makes allowances for how people are different. You have heard of the violent kerfuffles taking place in public over people not wearing masks. This shouldn’t surprise us; division and strife are always the fruit of under-law thinking. Trust me, my experience yesterday could have easily escalated into a volatile situation; it was quickly moving in that direction.

Laws, even those that must be enforced because they fall under what is self-evident to all, should be based on love. Tyranny is law without liberty, and can only thrive in a society of lazy thinkers.


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