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Jesus and the Woke Pastors

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on July 14, 2020

192597-blessed-are-the-peacemakersThere is a huge difference between Christianity and religion—religion is totally invested in the present world while pretending otherwise. Religion is just another political party seeking to fulfill its control lust. Religion always functions within an institution—institutions function on authority and the institution’s infrastructure speaks to that authority. This is why the measure of a church’s success has always been measured by its splendid buildings and number of followers. Institutions can be seen as organizations that support individualism, or organizations that control individualism. Philosophy and religion are defined according to their definition of mankind.

The following problem arises with tyranny: even though mankind is seen as totally depraved, there is a wisdom caste system that demands the wise rule over the unwise for the express survival of mankind even though mankind is supposedly not worth saving. “Wisdom” is defined by knowing how totally depraved mankind is. Therefore, the wise ruling elite get a pass for all their evils because after all, “We are all just sinners saved by grace,” but yet, the elitist knowledge of good and evil (the goodness of God as set against the evil of man) is efficacious for the survival of mankind.

Many people buy into this worldview, but forget to ask, “Why bother at all if humanity is so corrupt?” Meanwhile, here is the dirty little secret: elitists seek to control the great unwashed for service to their own needs. Elitists are necessary to lead mankind to its sole purpose and calling: to support the state. This is why EVERY Communist country has NO middle class. Communist-like tyranny has always been in league with religious institutions for this reason: it’s the exact same ideology.

But, whether secular or religious, it will ALWAYS lead to the masses serving a minority elite and defined as man’s sole purpose for living. Justice becomes irrelevant because the producers (the great unwashed who support the state) are a dime a dozen. However, don’t you dare slight the elitists. Thousands of illustrations could be cited here, but note city counsels that want to abolish the police, but expect citizens to pay for their private security. That sounds really nuts until you understand the ideology behind it. Once you understand the ideology, it makes perfect sense.

In every Third World country that once had a relatively high quality of life in all social classes, it all starts with causing division between classes or races. Victims are created for purposes of revolution. This usually starts with low achievers who are readily open to blaming others for their failures. It also includes young people who are not taught respect for elders; a strong sense of moral superiority then fills the void. No matter the state of any part of the world, the ignorant young person could somehow do it better. In the minds of many young people who are untaught, if they were made ruler over the whole world, it would result in utopia. Feel-good intentions are the ultimate youthful wisdom. This is the Achilles heel of youth, and always exploited by tyrants.

Jesus came to usher in a totally different approach. He came to invite all people to be a part of God’s literal family. What Jesus propagated is a unified cooperative body that functions apart from authority. When someone does something to avoid consequences, that’s not love. Jesus taught, and invited people into the kingdom of God. The key to unity was persuading people to agree on the truth. Christ never compelled anyone to follow him through authority or force. If He did, His kingdom would obviously be in charge presently. Christ wants love, not ritual sacrifice for prevention of condemnation.

Jesus was often confronted by the religionists of His day this way: “By what authority are you doing these things?” It was all about authority and still is. Unlike Jesus, religionists cannot stand to be disagreed with nor disobeyed. Why? Well, if only the world would do things the way Christians would do them, the world would be a utopia. In addition, doesn’t it make sense that all government laws should be based on “Christian values”? It’s interesting, I once heard a pastor say the world is like a man with cancer refusing to accept a shot that would cure him. Well then, wouldn’t a government mandate to force the individual to take the vaccine be a good thing? Obviously, the institution we call “church” and government both think they know what’s best for the commoners.

Here is another interesting observation. Former governor and Christian Mike Huckabee was on a Fox News program last week. In times past, he has said things like, “Man’s law is not above God’s law.” This time, he talked about how anyone who rejects God’s law is trying to replace God with themselves. This implies that, ideally,  non-religious people should be excluded from any policy decisions. After all, if they don’t agree with the church’s take on the Bible, they are attempting to replace God, right? Furthermore, is there really a strict dichotomy between “man’s law” and “God’s law” as if man is totally incapable of making laws God would agree with?

Nevertheless, certain people who see themselves as humanity’s elite and church leaders have something in common: the great unwashed must submit to and obey those who have the authority over them for the survival of mankind. This is why James Madison stated:

“Because experience witnesses that ecclesiastical establishments, instead of maintaining the purity and efficacy of Religion, have had a contrary operation.  During almost fifteen centuries has the legal establishment of Christianity been on trial. What have been its fruits? More or less in all places, pride and indolence in the clergy, ignorance and servility in the laity, and in both, superstition, bigotry and persecutions.”


“Because…what influence in fact have ecclesiastical establishments had on civil society? In some instances they have been seen to erect a spiritual tyranny on the ruins of civil authority; in many instances they have been seen upholding the thrones of political tyranny; and in no instance have they been seen as the guardians of the liberties of the people.”

Of late, we have learned that despotic revolutions always take place in history by the same pattern: division and disunity between the people, elimination of local authorities like the police, anarchy that creates a void in the rule of law, and that void being filled by those who incite the revolution, and lastly, the disillusionment of the useful idiots deceived by the revolutionary leaders.

But, it all starts with creating disunity in the populous. The apostle Paul instructed the early ekklesia not to get involved in the political squabbling of that day, and for certain, not to partake in any discussion or activity that causes disunity in the populous. Jesus began his Sermon on the Mount with, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God.”

Today, much of the church, or the “woke” church, is supporting the idea that America is systemically racist, and any rejection of that idea is racist, in and of itself. Any disagreement with the idea that America is racist proves that those disagreeing are racist.

Tommy Boy

Furthermore, the idea has its origins with Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa, both organizations that support the overthrow of the American government. Like BLM and Antifa, the woke church claims the idea of “all lives matter” is a racist slogan. Woke pastors refuse to disavow the mode of operation used by these two groups because their violence is “a symptom, not the disease.” And, until everyone is equally angry about “systemic racism” as the rioting, the rioting is a mute point even though the rioting has resulted in unimaginable tragedy. Ironically, the vast majority of victims have been black people. Yet, the woke church is unfazed by the contradiction.

Can this position possibly bring about peace? No, because you cannot bring about peace with an illogical argument. America is not founded on a system of racism, and even if it was, it doesn’t function that way. Among the thousands of proofs, the most glaring is the fact that our country recently elected a Black president for two terms, and I might add, not a person who was very pro American. If you would like more irony, their is no criticism of Barak Obama for his obvious failure to make the situation better. In other words, a Black president was unable to break the system of systemic racism? Why? And where is all of the discussion of that? During his first term, he controlled the House and Senate, and was surrounded by a radical leftist cabinet.

But the woke church quickly reminds us that it is not about any improvements that America has made in recent history per se, but about Black people disproportionately killed by the police. Actually, statistics show that police have killed more White people than Black, and in either case, the percentage of shootings when compared to police encounters with the public is barely calculable due to the low percentage. Clearly, BLM and Antifa have demonized all police officers accordingly and the church refuses to call them out on it. That’s because the first step is the creation of civil unrest through deliberate propagation of class envy or race-baiting, and the second step is the elimination of local civil authority. If nothing else, it is hard to imagine Jesus being in favor of spending time on those endeavors. Jesus can call on a handful of angels and have the world to be any way he wants it. Nevertheless, woke pastors would have us to believe Jesus is in league with BLM and Antifa.

The woke church stands by the BLM/Antifa narrative with the same caveat: if America refuses to come to grips with its systemic racism, let it burn to the ground. This has been stated to me by many, many woke church people claiming to be Christians. Indeed, sometimes peace comes as a result of violence, but is this the kind of peacemaking Jesus was talking about? I doubt it.

Moreover, would Jesus advocate rampant injustice for the sake of bringing about justice? Would he advocate an escalation of injustice for the sake of justice? The burning down of Black businesses is a mute point until White people repent? Really?

Once again, like much of history, we see church siding with tyranny. Why is this? Because the importance of unity is confused with authority. We are here as ambassadors representing God’s kingdom for purposes of spreading the gospel, but over time, the disrespect for the church authority begins to wear thin on church leaders. They have this in common with secular tyrants. Justice is not the issue, authority is the issue; justice is just an excuse. Beside that, no country has ever stood for justice and rule of law more than America.

Iran was once a free country and a decent place to live. Women were very progressive and had many freedoms. But, indeed, the Shah wasn’t perfect. Cultural kerfuffles were instigated and grew into revolution. Radical Islam was totally behind the unrest from the beginning, and now the Iranian people are among the most oppressed people in the world. The youth of Iran were exploited according to their visions of grandiose moralism and the idea that the revolutionaries just wanted to tweak their existing cultural experience. Hardly, the whole system was torn down and replaced. This is the exact same thing from the exact same playbook unfolding presently in America, and per the usual, the church or some other religion is backing the tyrants.

As the useful idiot of every tyrant that comes down the pike, the church supposes it will be rewarded for backing the revolution. Supposedly, the musings of elitist woke pastors will become the law of the land. There is a reason why pastors remain silent in the face of churches being shut down, and burned down; they are up with the cause. Tyranny has a food chain: the revolutionary elitist leaders and their useful idiots; the church elitist leaders, and their useful idiots, and at the bottom we have the future producer class.  For years, parishioners faithfully tithed trillions of hard-earned money to the church only to watch their leaders stand by while churches are burned down, shut down, and their symbols torn down or spray painted.

This is the same nonsense that was going on in religion when Jesus showed up on the scene. Religion was about authority and not love. Religion wasn’t about peacemaking, it was about political revolution in an endeavor to obtain authority.

Woke pastors have no understanding of who we really are in Christ and what we should stand for. We don’t stand with subjects of another kingdom and encourage them to obtain peace through violence. Nor do we encourage them to obtain justice with the compounding of injustice. The woke pastors would have us believe Jesus agrees with injustice as a means to an end.

At the very least, we should be sure how Christ defined peacemaking because this approach to peacemaking is, at least, suspect, and Christ connected a proper application of peacemaking with being in the family of God.


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  1. lydia00 said, on July 18, 2020 at 7:12 AM

    Just to piggyback on your topic, the Bible of this movement right now is the book, White Fragility. I don’t normally pay attention to these things but it’s everywhere so I checked it out.

    My goodness! It’s Calvin! It’s Calvin’s doctrine of total depravity. You are born a racist, you always being racist, you are subconsciously a racist and don’t even know it, if you claim you are not a racist, it proves you are definitely a racist, there is nothing you can do to stop being a racist, you must constantly focus on what a racist you are and all you can do is follow the Philosopher Kings and obey.

    That’s it. In a nutshell. And it fits perfectly for woke pastors.


    • Paul M. Dohse Sr. said, on July 18, 2020 at 12:55 PM

      I agree, it’s all logically consistent. We have been predicting this for 10 years, and here we are.


  2. lydia00 said, on July 18, 2020 at 7:19 AM

    People who are making emotional arguments and demands while censoring anyone with a different opinion using mob attacks online and in person consider statistical facts to be evil.

    On the BLM livestreamers threads, anyone who disagrees with the majority of commenters is threatened with doxxing and a call to their employer. They even have websites where they send people’s names/profiles and their people check those and look for them. Then it begins. The goal is to make your life worthless by teaching you an expensive lesson.

    They are even doing it to each other now. That is how this stuff evolves.


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